Natural Ways to Nourish Your Skin

Natural Ways to Nourish Your Skin

If you spend a lot of money each year on high-end beauty products, and hours searching for the “latest” purchase to solve your skin woes, keep in mind that there is more to beautiful, glowing skin than just slathering it with products. Indeed, your skin can be affected just as much by what you put in your body, as what you put on it.

That’s where natural strategies for healthy and younger-looking skin come in handy. From absorbing the right nutrients and getting enough sleep, to staying out of the sun and keeping hydrated, there are plenty of cost-effective and simple things you can be doing to look your best without spending a fortune. Read on for tips you can try today.

Natural Ways to Nourish


Firstly, if you want to have beautiful, clear skin, you need to ensure that you are absorbing plenty of nutrients. You can get them by eating a varied diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, but also through what you drink. Tea, in particular, is great for the skin, particularly if you consume a variety of blends.

Zen Cleanse Organic Tea, for example, features things like dandelion root, hibiscus, cranberry, burdock root, spearmint, ginger, and milk thistle. These ingredients make the tea an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are beneficial in reducing the risk of sun damage and skin cancer, which in turns means that you have a reduced risk of getting wrinkles, spots, and pigmentation.

The antioxidants found in tea can also work to protect your skin from UV radiation. This then prevents cell damage, and helps your skin to look younger and stay clear for longer. It will also have better density and elasticity, as well as suffer less from inflammation and redness (which tends to be associated with the build-up of free radicals in the body with age).

Many teas, like damiana leaf and calendula, as well as juices and smoothies, are also chock full of Vitamins C, A, and E, which skin loves. Vitamin C promotes healthy and resilient skin, and also boosts the production of collagen, which drops as people age and are faced with UV light exposure and air pollutants. If your body doesn’t get enough Vitamin C, you are more likely to end up with wrinkles because of the loss of collagen. Vitamin C also helps to ward off age spots and skin discoloration.

Vitamin A is important when it comes to the maintenance and repair of skin, as well as providing relief for potential skin issues like acne, dry or flaky skin, psoriasis, and related ailments. Vitamin A also helps to heal scrapes, scratches, wounds and other damage to the skin. Vitamin E happens to be another great antioxidant which helps the body to fight free radicals and stop skin from aging prematurely. It is also even believed to be effective at preventing certain types of skin cancers.


Something else you can do to help your skin look and feel its best is to make sure you get enough sleep every night. The term “beauty sleep” is in fact a relevant one, since hitting the hay early enough can have a big impact on the health of your skin. The body’s cellular renewal processes work during the night, when the body is asleep. As well, not getting enough snooze time lowers your circulation, which leads to pale and washed-out looking skin.

Use Sunscreen

Avoid Extreme Sun Exposure

We have all heard over and over again that too much exposure to the sun can cause damage to the skin, but this is something that often gets ignored. However, if you really want lovely skin, it’s important to wear sunscreen every day, especially when you are in the outdoors for extended periods of time or during the hottest parts of the day.

Keep in mind that the majority of wrinkles form due to sun exposure, and that it’s much easier to prevent skin damage than it is to try and fix it later on. Even in winter, when the sun’s rays aren’t so strong, you should guard against UV damage. Wearing sunglasses can also help, as they protect the sensitive under-eye skin that is the thinnest, and where most signs of aging show up first.


Adding moisture is so important to keep your skin healthy.  Applying body butters after bathing is a great way to lock in moisture and give your skin a healthier appearance.  Try out private label body butter.

Drink Plenty of Water

Lastly, remember that there are many different health reasons why you need to drink enough water every day, and one of those is that it makes a difference to your skin. Water helps to clear toxins from your system and thus reduces blemishes and inflammation. Good hydration can also make your skin appear fuller and reduce premature aging. In addition, drinking around eight glasses of water per day will help to transport oxygen, and all those essential nutrients, to the skin cells.

Save on the Caress® Forever Collection at CVS + Giveaway

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Caress Fine Fragrance

Have you heard about the new Caress® Forever Collection?  A friend told me of it last month but I didn’t get around to trying it till I recently remembered to pick one up while at CVS.  I chose a bottle of Caress® Mystique Forever and it’s great.  Not only does it smell great initially upon using but it’s designed to deliver bursts of perfume every time your skin is touched for up to 12 hours.  Isn’t that crazy?  That way you can go on smelling great all day long.

The Caress® Forever Collection uses Fragrance Release Pearls which are teeny tiny invisible beads in the body wash to release bursts of perfume with every touch of your skin. It’s the world’s first body wash with breakthrough fragrance touch technology. Not only that but it lathers well and leaves my skin feeling extremely soft!

There’s a deal going on right now where you can grab a bottle for yourself at a discount!

B1G1 Free CaressPlus this week at CVS (thru 4/16/16), Caress® body washes are Buy One, Get One Free. So you can pick this one up (or two!) and try it for yourself.

Prices will inevitably vary a little at each store, but here’s a deal scenario for you with the prices from my local store.

CVS Deals (Thru 4/16)
Buy (2) Caress® Body Wash, 13.5 to 18oz, $5.99 B1G1 Free
(2) $1/1; 50¢/1 Caress Bars 6ct+ or Body Wash 12oz+, exp. 4/17/16 (RP 3/20/16)
= Only $1.99 Each!


Of course I hate to tell you these things without giving you a chance to WIN a way to try them yourself!  Comment on my post telling me why you’d like to try the new Caress® Mystique Forever Body Wash for a chance to receive a free sample AND a $20 CVS gift card!  You can see the terms and conditions of the giveaway HERE. Good Luck.

5 Work Out Clothes for Women

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NYFifth Apparel for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t know about you but I dread working out.  It’s not so much the excising that bothers me but the getting ready to go part.  I never know what to wear!  My sweatpants have seen better days.  I happen to be in the minority of women in the US who choose not to wear leggings so that knocks out 99% of the pants on the market.  Sigh.  Enough excuses, I’ve set off to find 5 attractive work out clothes for women who want to feel confident in what they’re wearing and comfortable too.  Here are my favorite choices from this morning’s internet scrolling. 🙂

Champion Women's Active Shorts

  • 1. is a supplier for activewear and headwear and I have been surprised by their affordable prices!  It’s been a while since I’ve bought work out clothes but many of the pieces I found were under $20.  They have hundreds of name brands…and they also do screen printing and embroidery!  I am loving these shorts from Champion.  Navy, tagless, 5 inch inseam, and they are only $9.31 (as low as $8.46 if you buy several).

Dri Mesh Ladies Tee

Under Armour Women's Socks

  • 3. My holey socks had to go and these cheery socks from Under Armour might even make working out fun…maybe.  I love the tight band that goes around the middle of the foot.  I think all socks should be made with that.  It’s so comforting. 🙂  These are $14.00 from Amazon.

Raglan Tee

  • 4. This Raglan Tee looks comfy enough to wear on a hike or watch the big game in.  This comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes and prices begin at $9.70 on Amazon.


  • 5. If you’re like me and hate working out when it’s cold out, here is a beautiful hoodie that will eliminate that excuse.  It’s colorful, cute, and will keep you warm while you warm up!  It also comes in many sizes and colors.  Prices start at $14.55 on Amazon.

What about you?  What are your favorite work out clothes or accessories?

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Be Your Own Beautiful + Walgreens Deal!

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Be Your Own Beautiful

Some of my favorite brands are on sale at Walgreens during the month of April – Dove, Simple, and Vaseline. These are some of the brands that make me feel great, and they can help you feel beautiful from head to toe, too!

During the Be Your Own Beautiful event this April, you can stop at the beauty counter at your local Walgreens to test out select skin care products and pick up coupons. Plus, you can get 2,000 Balance Reward Points ($2 reward) when you purchase any 2 participating Dove Personal Wash, Dove Men+Care Personal Wash, Simple, or Vaseline products through 4/30.

Here are some of the coupons and samples to look for:

  • Samples of Dove Revitalize Body Wash
  • In-store testers of Simple Micellar Wipes and Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Lotion
  • Tear-pad coupons for $1.50 off 1 Dove, Vaseline, or Simple skin care products
  • $1 off 1 coupon for Dove, Dove Men+Care, Vaseline, or Simple skin care products (see your beauty advisor for coupon)

Some of the products highlighted in this event:

  • –  Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash “Provides softer, smoother skin after one shower”
    I would have to agree with this as Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash is a product I have been using for several years. My dermatologist recommended it in college as a way to combat my dry skin while avoiding sensitivity issues. It is still my go-to body wash, 10 years later!
    Benefits: Hypoallergenic, improved lather rinses cleanly and quickly, #1 dermatologist recommended
  • –  Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body Wash – “Hydration for Healthier, Stronger Skin”
    Benefits: Ultra-light formula rinses easily and cleanly. For best results, use with Dual Sided Shower Tool.
    Dove Men+CARE Body Wash hydrates with Micromoisture for healthier, stronger skin and rinses off easily, leaving skin feeling comfortable and refreshed.
  • –  Vaseline Advanced Repair Pump “Clinically proven to moisturize to heal very dry skin in 5 days”
    Benefits: Relieves even stubborn dry patches, appropriate for sensitive skin, absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel.
  • –  Simple Micellar Water “Our most advanced yet gentle cleanse”
    Benefits: An effective yet gentle cleanser, instantly boosts skin hydration by 90%, removes makeup and unclogs pores, no rinse required.
  • –  Simple Micellar Water Wipes “For makeup free, instantly hydrated skin”
    Benefits: Removes makeup and instantly hydrates, unclogs pores, gentle cleanse, no residue.
    Contains micelles, smart cleansing bubbles which attract and gently lift impurities and makeup out.
  • –  Vaseline Deep Moisture Jelly “Instantly increases skin’s moisture by 250%”
    Benefits: Infused with Vitamin E, keeps skin moisturized for 18 hours, suitable for people with eczema and sensitive skin. Great for especially dry areas like hands, elbows and heels.


Be Your Own Beautiful Walgreens

Certified dermatologists Dr. Nussbaum and Dr. Luftman have provided some tips to keep your skin in tip top shape:

“Seriously, your skin care routine doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, sometimes simpler is better. All you need in the morning is a gentle cleanser and a moisturizing lotion with SPF (yep, even on cloudy days). Then, wash away the day with that same gentle cleanser and a moisturizer before bed. To round out your routine, add in facial wipes with micellar water for those in-between touch ups and a twice-weekly exfoliating cleanser. See? It really is that simple.”

For more tips from certified dermatologists Dr. Nussbaum and Dr. Luftman, visit:

Now who is ready for a giveaway??? 

I’m giving away a $50 Walgreens gift card!  To enter, go to then come back here and comment what product you would like to try or what healthy skincare tip you found to be most important to your skin. Good luck! The giveaway ends June 1, 2016.  See all the giveaway details here.

Offer Details: *at select stores, while supplies last. Valid 4/1-4/30/16.

Get Your Style Fix with Walgreens

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Get Your Style Fix

For the last five years, my kids have been top priority and my looks have gone to the back burner. I admit that I haven’t done much with my hair or clothing except on special occasions. It just didn’t seem possible to achieve the style I wanted while focusing on being a mom and I always resorted to a pony tail or a braid if I wanted to get really fancy. But what if it was actually pretty simple to get all dolled up and look cute quickly all while staying within your budget?  It’s possible!  I’m living proof.  Whether your style is bouncy curls, smooth straight strands, or you simply need to add some more shine, you can find all the products you need at And make sure to check out the sale we have shared with you below for some April savings on these products!

Here are some directions for a textured look that is really quite simple to achieve! It is perfect for my morning routine as the kids are waking up, and a bonus that I don’t have to have a hot hair tool out as they run around.

1. Cleanse & Condition with TRESemmé® Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner.
2. Prep hair for styling by applying Nexxus® Diametress Lavish Body Gel Spray to towel-dried hair.
3. Style hair by making a few loose braids and letting it air dry. Then, remove braids and tousle hair with your hands.
4. Finish the look with Nexxus® Comb Thru Touchable Hold Finishing Mist.
Tip: Revive your look with Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo. (I’m loving this stuff!)

Get Your Style Fix at Walgreens

And guess what?! There’s a great sale going on at Walgreens from 4/3/2016 – 4/30/2016. You will get 2,000 points when you buy any THREE (3) of participating TRESemme, Dove, Nexxus or Suave products with card.*

Looking for volume? Walgreens has put together a short video with steps on how to achieve a voluminous look. This is next on my list of styles to try!

*Offer good 4/3/2016 – 4/30/2016. Excludes trial size. Due to state and federal laws, points cannot be earned or redeemed on some items, and points will not be earned in a transaction where store credit or redemption dollars are used. See full terms and details at

Save on Suave at CVS! Plus $50 gift card giveaway!

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Am I the only one who loves a new shampoo?  The smell, the luxurious lather, the smooth shiny hair.  I love it, love it!  Suave Professionals has a new shampoo and conditioner that I am crazy about.  They’re both infused with coconut oil.  If you’re like me and needed a new shampoo give this a try and stop by CVS soon to save BIG on it!!

How can you save?
If you’re visiting CVS between 2/28 and 3/5/16, stop by the hair care section and get $4 ExtraBucks Rewards when you spend $12 on participating Suave Professional products—and take advantage of a few other offers to help you restore your hair to its full, shiny glory!

Additional offer from 2/28 – 3/5, buy 1, get 1 50% off with card on participating Suave products.

Check your local paper on 2/28 for more additional savings on Suave products at a CVS near you.

What’s new?
Suave is always been a good option to take your hair to the next level! And now Suave is introducing a new line that’s really exciting, especially for those who love coconut oil in their beauty regimens.

Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion products are now at your local CVS. You’ve probably heard people singing the praises of coconut oil for tons of different at-home spa treatments—and that reputation is fully earned because this stuff definitely nourishes. Discover the weightless wonder of perfectly moisturized hair, with a product that is salon proven to repair damage as well as Ojon Damage Reverse…but at a fraction of the price.

Suave Coconut Oil Shampoo

Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Shampoo:
• -Gently cleanses while delivering lightweight moisture.

Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Conditioner:
• – Moisturizes without weighing hair down for visible damage repair in just three uses.

Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Shampoo & Conditioner:
• – Visibly repairs damage in just three uses and provides weightless moisture for luscious, healthy-looking hair.
• – Is salon-proven to repair damage as well as Ojon Damage Reverse (*Ojon, Damage Reverse and Rare Blend are registered trademarks of Ojon Corporation)

Grab these new invigorating Suave Professional Coconut Oil products from 2/28/16- 3/5/16 and get $4 ExtraBucks Rewards when you spend $12 on participating Suave Professional products.

Suave Coconut Oil

How to Win the Giveaway – $50 CVS gift card
Visit to check find out which regimen you would like to try and that best suits you! Then to enter the contest, comment below and tell me what your hair type is (curly, straight, frizzy, dry, etc.).

Sally Hansen 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2016 Nail Art

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Sally Hansen Fashion Week

Sally Hansen is proud to be the exclusive nail partner for 3.1 Phillip Lim and to create nail looks for the Fall 2016 fashion show during New York Fashion Week. “For Fall 2016, I was looking at a lot of Japanese influences so it was important to me that the nails were precise and simple. We went with graphic combinations of neutral and metallic creating a beautiful optical illusion effect,” explained Phillip Lim.

Phillip Lim Nail Art


“3.1 Phillip Lim’s new collection was inspired by Japanese craftsmanship, elegant lacquered wood, samurai sword embellishment, and even lipstick packaging. The location is intimate, secretive and lit by red light, evoking an underground performance or fight club. I thought immediately about a tradition I had once heard from the Heian period in Japan when ninjas would paint the symbol of their clan on their thumb. I wanted the nail look to feel symbolic and to have a striking contrast, hence the use of metallic with the beige shade, but to also work with the palette of the collection – a traditional autumnal array of olive green, mustard and burgundy. We did a circular optical illusion in Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Commander in Chic and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Gilty Party on half of the girls and an oval shape in Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Camelflage and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Gilty Party on the other half. The oval shape was inspired by the hardware on the bags and belts.” – Madeline Poole, Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador

Phillip Lim Sally Hansen Nails

Commander in Chic (which happens to be my favorite nail polish color ever!!), Gilty Party, & Camelflage are part of Sally Hansen’s award-winning Complete Salon Manicure collection that infuses trend-setting shades with an expert-quality formula to deliver salon-caliber results. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure delivers seven salon manicure steps in one bottle. Chip-resistant strength joins gel-quality shine. Runway-ready color meets nourishing benefits. Plus, with a built-in base and top coat, it’s all you need to achieve a professional manicure at home.

Sally Hansen Nail Art


Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador Madeline Poole is a nail artist working in New York and LA. Trained as a painter, Madeline discovered the world of on-set manicuring, immediately recognizing that it was a culmination of all of her talent, interests and expertise. Her unique ability to craft innovative nail designs, impeccable execution, and emphasis on skin care has made her one of the most sought after names in the beauty industry. As part of her collaboration with Sally Hansen, Madeline helps set the artistic direction for a new generation of modern nail looks and collections globally with her fashion-forward vision.

To recreate this nail art yourself you can pick up the colors Commander in Chic, Gilty Party, & Camelflage on Amazon.

Nail Art Supplies

If you need nail art tools you can get a handful of them here for $3 and under shipped!

TRESemme Reverse Wash + CVS Deal

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Tresemme CVS

While it may be challenging to keep up with all of the trends out there, there’s a brand new one that you’ll definitely want to try called reverse washing by TRESemme. Instead of the standard shampoo then condition, you condition then shampoo.  Crazy, right?  That way, you’re washing away the weight and giving your hair some enviable va-va-volume.

Tresemme Reverse Shampoo

The new TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume collection is made especially to give you more volume by flipping the cleansing process.

  • Step 1: Condition first to soften
    The TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner reinforces the hair’s natural protective layer using the Fiber Polishing technology. It protects the hair during ashing to leave it smooth and polished. It’s even safe for color-treated hair!
  • Step 2: Shampoo to wash away weight
    The TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo gently cleanses and removes excess weight from hair leaving an ultra-light conditioning layer on the surface of the hair. Your hair has bounciness and volume, along with static control. This step is also safe for color-treated hair
  • Step 3: Style to complete the look
    All of these are optional steps which help you customize your beauty routine.
    – The TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Hair Maximizer contains Fleximax Volumizers and Fiber Polishing Actives to provide bounce, frizz control, smoothness and manageability. It’s a revolutionary approach to styling used pre-blow dry to give lift and a touchable finish.
    – The TRESemmé Beauty-Full Touchable Bounce Mousse uses Fleximax Volumizers to create root lift and light hold and leaves hair with a touchable bounce.
    – The TRESemmé Beauty-Full Flexible Finish Hairspray is an ultra-fine spray that holds the finished style and provides a professional, flexible finish maintaining the hair’s natural movement and softness

This process creates a salon-quality experience at home!  My hair is generally limp and stick straight and I was surprised that it actually did give my hair body!

Try it for yourself today by picking up products from TRESemme’s NEW Reverse Wash System, available at CVS, and take advantage of a great offer where you’ll get $5 ExtraBucks Rewards when you spend $15 on participating TRESemme products, WITH CARD.

Get $5 ExtraBucks Rewards at CVS when you spend $15 on participating TRESemme products: *Offer Valid WITH CARD 1/31/16 – 2/6/16. ExtraBucks Rewards offer limit of 1 per household WITH CARD.

Visit for additional hair care inspiration.

National Polka Dot Day Ideas

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National Polka Dot Day

Today is National Polka Dot Day!  Disney’s famous and fabulous Minnie Mouse has sported polka dots for years and now you can too!  Here are my favorite polka dot clothes, party supplies, accessories, and home supplies.  I hope you love them as much as I do.  Happy National Polka Dot Day!!


Polka Dot Chiffon

Women’s Polka Dot Chiffon Top $6.87 + Free Shipping


Polka Dot Dress

Polka Dot Dress $37.99 + Free Shipping


Polka Dot Shirt

Polka Dot Shirt $14.99 + Free Shipping


Green Polks Dot Dress

Vintage Polka Dot Dress $31.99 + Free Shipping


Ruffled Polka Dot Shirt

Ruffled Polka Dot Shirt $23.99 + Free Shipping


Polka Dot Hoodie

Polka Dot Hoodie $27.80 + Free Shipping


Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Tote

Minnie Mouse Tote Bag (also available in black) $19.99 + Free Shipping


Polka Dot Suitcase

Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Suitcase $84.99 + Free Shipping

Polka Dot Sunglasses

Polka Dot Cat Eye Sunglasses $9.99 + Free Shipping


Polka Dot Earrings

Polka Dot Fabric Button Earrings $7.50 + $2.50 Shipping


Polka Dot Art Print

Gold Polka Dot Art Print $18.00 + Free Shipping


Polka Dot Cell Phone Case

iPhone 6s Polka Dot Case $7.85 + Free Shipping

Polka Dot Balloons

Polka Dot Balloons $2.34 + Free Shipping


Polka Dot Party Hat

Polka Dot Party Hats $2.29 + Free Shipping


Polka Dot Tablecloth

Polka Dot Table Cover $3.19 + Free Shipping


Polka Dot Dinner Plates

Polka Dot Dinner Plates $2.29 + Free Shipping


Polka Dot Measuring Cups

Polka Dot Measuring Cup Set $13.33 + Free Shipping

Rootie Kazootie

Last but not least, the classic children’s book, Rootie Kazooti, who features Polka Dotty.  We love this book!

Keep Going With Depend

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Depend. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

You sneeze… and then wince. You need more than a tissue to recover from that sneeze. Most of us who have been pregnant go through bladder control issues. Situations like pregnancy, childbirth, and diabetes cause us women to experience bladder leakage. In fact, 1 in 3 American women. That’s 51 million.

Depend has heard our situation. Just because this is a delicate issue doesn’t mean that we should ignore the need. In support of the need for functionality and femininity, Depend introduces it’s Silhouette Active Fit briefs. They have a moderate-absorbency that features a thin design for comfort and less bulk. It’s still from Depend, though, so there’s the trust we all know.

A part I love about the new design is the lower rise to make the Silhouette Active Fit briefs look more like real underwear. It feels less like a diaper too since it comes in black and beige. The material is also cloth-like fabric which is smooth under clothes.  These are great to wear with jeans, skirts, sweatpants, and even yoga pants.  No fear, Depend is here! 🙂

In order to undermine the bladder leakage stigma, Depend is entering their second year of Underwareness, which is a social movement and charitable cause to make support a normal option for women. #Underwareness is encouraging people to show support for women with bladder leakage by making a $1 donation for every photo and video shared, up to $3 million through 2014, to fund charities advancing the research and education of bladder leakage.

Women shouldn’t feel ashamed or less feminine for wearing protection against bladder leakage. Mothers have earned the right to a pass for supportive underwear, and those women with diseases which keep them living normal lives shouldn’t be prohibited more. We women deserve to live life confidently… right down to our underwear!

Here’s good little coupon to help you save money while staying active!