Extreme Couponing 101 – Where to Find Coupons

Extreme Couponing 101

Where to Find Coupons


There are many ways to get coupons and several of them are free!  Remember as a couponer, you’ll want to get between 4-6 copies of your favorite coupons.  this is so when you head to the store to get FREE toothpaste, you’ll be able to get 4-6 tubes instead of 1.


Sunday Paper

Tucked neatly inside each Sunday paper are “Coupon Inserts” which will contain Smart Source (SS), Red Plum (RP) or Proctor & Gamble (PG).  Before you order a subscription to your paper ask them two questions- Do they offer a Sunday or weekly only subscriptions?  and Do they offer a discount if you buy multiple copies of Sunday’s paper?  Remember, it’s a huge benefit to have multiple copies of coupons!Coupons


Other stockpiling Sunday paper options:

  • Pick them up at the dollar store for an even $1.
  • Ask local coffee shops if you have have theirs (maybe offer to recycle papers for them as a trade).
  • Have friends and family save them for you.  Most people won’t mind helping out.
  • Go to recycling centers and get them (before to ask the attendant if this is allowed before you start “dumpster diving”).
  • Get to know the newspaper carriers, they may be willing to give you inserts from papers that they don’t sell, also ask the convenience store clerks too…the store only has to turn in the top portion of the first page of the paper for credit.
  • See if your work subscribes to a Sunday paper and ask if you can have the insert.

Embracing Beauty Coupon Databases

Grocery Coupon Database

Retail Coupon Database


Printable Coupons







These are coupons that you can load directly onto your store card.



Organic Coupons

Some of these will be mailed, some printed, and some loaded to your store card.


Muir Glen

Earth’s Best

Organic Valley

Knudsen Juice

Simply Organic

Mambo Sprouts

Cascadian Farm

Delicious Living

Horizon Organic

Applegate Farms

Brown Cow Farm

Barbara’s Bakery

Stonyfield Farms

Earthbound Farm

Dreamfields Pasta

Seventh Generation

Morning Star Farms

Back to Nature Foods

Newman’s Own Organic


All You Magazine

$100+ worth of coupons each month, plus frugal articles, recipes & more!  Sold at Walmart or you can click here to buy All You at a discount!



The little machines in the grocery isle with a red blinking light that hands out coupons.


Catalina Coupons

You know those extra strips of paper you get with each receipt? Those are Catalina Coupons and can be very valuable.



Found sticking to the product itself.


Grocery Store Websites

More and more grocery websites are offering printable and downloadable coupons directly from their site.


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  1. Rather than throwing out expired coupons you can send them to service members who are stationed overseas. My daughter is in the USAF in England, they can use expired coupons up to 6 months after the expiration date. Just a thought

  2. Ihaveahippyname says

    I want to coupon because I literally only have 10 dollars each month left over for food, but it’s confusing to me where you can use what coupon and how every store has different policies like some have the no coupon if it already is a store sale item.

  3. Thanks for sharing this information, the organic coupons from Simply Organic will work for us. Thanks

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  7. Download PerksConnect for your smartphone. I’ve saved so much money because you get a discount almost everywhere!

  8. Jessicka717 says

    the website is called troopons

  9. Try retailmenot, savings.com, bradsdeals and mefindcoupon.com. These sites test their codes and don’t display non working codes.

  10. Hey guys, I really don’t know where all of you are from but I always have sunday inserts (coupons). Just email me at kennythienle85@gmail.com if you’re interested

  11. You have shared a great list of sources/websites to get coupons. Before reading this post I was only familiar with Wativ.com and Couponcabin.com

  12. JohnCarter says

    Good coupons found on http://www.goldencoupons.net

  13. Those are some great suggestions. 🙂 So far the only place I have been getting valid coupons from is:

  14. Clay Morgan says

    You can also get coupons sent directly to your Chrome browser using Coupon Express: http://getexpress.co/2

  15. Try Ibotta for great discounts on your groceries you already buy. Its FREE and you get CASH ! No points, no nonsense here. It’s so easy! I love it!

  16. Shelby roberts says

    I want to start couponing i watched extreme coupons every day so i can learn how to do it but i dont know how to get coupons or start coupon i need help

  17. Jerry Lee Aukes says

    Trying to find out who won

  18. I already coupon quite a bit but its nice to have the encouragement to continue.

  19. Cheryl Patterson says

    I would love 2 have coupons 2 save money with. Please send me lots of coupons. Thank u.

  20. Dee Slavings says

    Is there any way to get coupons nailed to u

  21. Mary Ann says

    Ive couponed in the past but need to get back to it.

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