Nail Wraps Review – Sally Hansen, Jamberry + More

I’ve procrastinated writing this post for far too long because I spent weeks writing it in my head EVERY day.  I wanted this post to be perfectly detailed and totally unbiased.  I took detailed pictures every day.  Seriously.  I spent far too much time thinking, analyzing and worrying about this post….that I never wrote it.  As the old proverb goes, “Perfect is the enemy of good.”  Without further ado, here is my not perfect but hopefully helpful post.

Nail Wrap Comparison

As I said in my first post here, I’ll be judging them based on the following aspects:

  • – Style/design
  • – Ease of application
  • – Shape of wraps
  • – Cost
  • – East of removal
  • – Chemical components
  • – Durability

– Style/Design

I chose the designs that I personally liked so yes, I liked them all but allow me to go into a little more detail.

  • – Sally Hansen (white) – I love the script but due to the shaping of the wrap, which we’ll get to in a minute, I had to turn the wrap (and script) upside down.  I still like it though!
  • – Jamberry (gold) – I like this wrap because I can wear it on my bare nails or over top of another wrap or polish.  While I like the diversity of it, the stripes made it easy to tell if it wasn’t EXACTLY straight (and unfortunately it wasn’t).
  • – OPI (rattlesnake) – I adored this one!  The complexity of the colors and shimmer make it look much fancier in person than the picture captures.  When running your finger over the wrap you could even feel the snakeskin texture.
  • – Kiss (black) – I wasn’t a huge fan of this one to begin with, it’s a touch gaudy for my style but I did like it.  The 3D gemstones have a metallic look to them.
  • – Essie (grey) – This is another one that looks better in person.  The grey is a flat color while the pink behind it is fabulously shimmery.  This wrap is also textured.

Based on style/design my favorites are OPI & Essie.

Nail Wrap Brands

– Ease of Application

  • – Sally Hansen (white) – Came with orange stick and nail file.  Just peeled off and pressed on.  Easy peasy!!  After applying the nail wrap I used the enclosed nail file to remove the excess and it came off right away.  Very simple.  These wraps were very thin and were easy to stretch to get a good fit.
  • – Jamberry (gold) –  This package only came with the wraps themselves.  If you’ve ever tried Jamberry wraps before you know that it’s kind of a complicated system.  I’ll skip the details here and let you google those on your own but I’ll say that this wrap took the longest to apply.  I’ve used Jamberry wraps several times before this application so you’ll have to trust me, I did apply them correctly and took my time to make sure they were done right.  This was by far the hardest to apply but not so difficult that I wouldn’t do it again.  They were also the thickest wraps of the ones I reviewed.
  • – OPI (rattlesnake) –  Came with a small nail file.  This went on just like the Sally Hansen ones and were super thin and stretchy too.  Easy as could be.
  • – Kiss (black) –  Came with a nail file.  These wraps were slightly thicker than the Sally Hansen and OPI ones but not as thick as the Jamberry wraps.  The gemstones made it difficult to press the nail wrap down so it took more time than a few others but not as long as Jamberry.
  • – Essie (grey) – Came with a plastic orange stick and nail file.  These went on the same as the Sally Hansen and OPI wraps.  Very thin, stretchy, and quick and to apply.

Shape of Wraps

My nails naturally have a square-ish shape so my reviews are based on my personal experience.  If you have different shaped nails, I’m sure you’ll like different wraps.

  • – Sally Hansen (white) –  As I mentioned previously, I had to turn this wrap upside down to get a good fit and while I didn’t like that for this particular design I do love the fact that one side of the wrap was rounder and the other was more square.
  • – Jamberry (gold) –  Jamberry is the wrap that I had to cut the most.  They’re wraps are very round on all edges and that’s something I wish they would change.  However, they also had more wraps so I had more size options to search through to find ones that really fit from side to side.
  • – OPI (rattlesnake) –  This fit my nail the best!  It was like it was custom made for my nails.
  • – Kiss (black) – These also had one side that was square and one that was round.
  • – Essie (grey) –  These only had square sides but that worked in my favor.


I bought all of these from so I’ll add my Amazon affiliate links here and a link to my friend’s Jamberry site.

  • – Sally Hansen (white) – $7.13 w/ free shipping on Amazon.  Contains 16 strips.
  • – Jamberry (gold) – $15.00 on Jamberry.  Contains 18 strips.
  • – OPI (rattlesnake) – $12.99 on sale for $5.99 w/free shipping on Amazon.  Contains 16 strips.
  • – Kiss (black) – TWO pack for $15.00 + $2.95 shipping on Amazon.  Contains 28 strips per pack.
  • – Essie (grey) – $3.80 w/ free shipping on Amazon.  Contains 18 strips.

Ease of Removal

All of the nail wraps were easy to remove.

Chemical Component

I’ll be honest, I haven’t had time to go through and find out what all the chemicals mean in understandable terms.

For instance this is what is in the Sally Hansen wraps:Nail-Wraps-Compared

Nitrocellulose, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol/Trimellitic Anhydride Copolymer, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Triphenyl Phosphate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Butyl Acetate, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Stearalkonium Bentonite, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Silica, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Polyvinyl Butyral, Acrylates Copolymer, Benzoaphenone-3, Phosphoric Acid, Tin Oxide, [may contain +/-: Mica, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77163), Bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163), Aluminum Powder (CI 77000), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), D&C Red No 6 Barium Lake (CI 15850), D&C Red No. 7 Calcium Lake (CI 15850), D&C Black No. 2 (CI 77266), FD&C Yellow No. 5 Aluminum Lake (CI 19140), FD&C Blue No. 1 Aluminum Lake (CI 42090), D&C Red No. 34 Calcium Lake (CI 15880), D&C Orange No. 5 (CI 45370), D&C Yellow No. 11 (CI 47000), D&C Red No. 22 (CI 45380), D&C Red No. 28 (CI 45410), Ultramarines (CI 77007), Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide (CI 77510), Manganese Violet (CI 77742), Violet No. 2 (CI 60725)].

I do know however that Jamberry wraps are free of formaldehyde, toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, and DBP.


This is what everyone has been waiting for.  Drum roll please….

These pictures are taken 15 DAYS AFTER APPLICATION!  That’s pretty remarkable in my opinion.

– Essie – It lasted well.  Being my thumb nail it got a lot of use and endured well.  When it began to show wear it slowly wore away at the end of the nail a bit.  Around day 9 it started chipping at the end of the nail and the rest of the nail remained in tact.

– Sally Hansen – It held out for the long haul too.  It slowly wore away at the edges and around day 13 I noticed some cracking in the polish.  I guess my nail bent at some point and instead of giving the wrap just cracked.  It was hardly noticeable at all and that was almost two full weeks of wear.  Day 15 the top of the nail started showing chipping too.

– Jamberry – It lasted well but began “lifting” after three days.  Some have suggested that a base coat would have helped it initially adhere better or a gel top coat would help it last longer but I didn’t use either of these.  The slight lifting remained slight until day 9 when the left side started to lift as well.  Day 12 the right side was lifting but it held in place and still looked nice.  You couldn’t tell that the wrap wasn’t fully secure just by looking at it so I lifted the wrap with my other finger to show you that it wasn’t connected all around.  You may notice in the picture below that the nail wrap rotated on my nail a bit.

– OPI – This wrap did the best I would say!  It barely wore away at the edges even after 15 days.

– Kiss – The gemstones stayed on well until day 10 when two came off.  It started chipping ever so slightly on day 9.  It started lifting on day 12 and by day 15 it was barely hanging on and many of the gems had fallen off.  However, I have to point out that Kiss wraps only promised to stay 10 days and they did that!

I played, I painted, and I washed and washed my hands.  I wasn’t easy on these nail wraps by any means and I am impressed with them all.  Each of them hold up better than regular nail polish and I’ll likely use them all again.

*Extra Notes*

  • – All of the wraps besides the Jamberry ones say that they are only good for one application because the rest of the wraps will dry out (they’re polish strips) BUT I stored them in a baggie right away and I’ve been able to use them again without any problem.
  • – All of the nail wraps have a nail polish scent except for Jamberry.  If you hate the scent of nail polish you’ll want to go with Jamberry wraps.
  • – Can you believe how fast my nails grew?  With that much growth in 15 days I’ll never need a nail wrap to last longer than a week!

Nail Wraps Day 15

What do you think?  Did you predict right?  PLEASE tell me if I didn’t answer a question that you had!  I want to be as helpful as possible.


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About Ashley

Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. Wow this is an awesome comparison! 15 days?! I’ve got to start using nail wraps… I haven’t painted my fingernails in forever because after all the sippy cup washing and mess clean ups, polish chips away in a couple days. And the designs.. I could never do that by hand with polish LOL

  2. What an awesome experiment and a fabulous post! I am usually a gel manicure type of girl but am sick of spending that amount of money every three weeks and really wanted to start looking into wraps. I am so impressed by your overall results. I would have expected Jamberry to last the longest since they are the most expensive and have a consultant everywhere you look. Great to know you can purchase a few cheaper brands that are easier to apply and will last longer without the hassle.

    • I love jamberry! I knew they’re a bit expensive (speaking as a college student) but they last longer than any I’ve tried. The edges do tend to come up after a while, put if you put a plastic bag around your nail and heat it, it shrinks it right back to your nail. Plus they have the buy three get one free deal which is awesome. Plus if you host a party you get tons of free stuff!

      • I love Jamberry too! When comparing the prices of these wraps it needs to be brought up that you can get this 2 Pedicures, 2 Manicures, and 8-16+ Accent Nails! So it’s a much better buy than you think! 🙂

      • I never knew of the plastic bag trick

      • Let’s point out that the Jamberry strips and wraps are “10free” which is important to me, as a cancer survivor I like to keep my body as free of toxins as possible.

    • Also, not relayed in the article is that the Jamberry’s are actually 2 nail wraps in each strip (unless you have really long nails), so if you cut them in half you can actually do 36 nails and one side is then square and one round. Also if you heat them well before applying they thin out and can be stretched easily to fit the nail better.

      • Thank you, Misty! You’re right, I didn’t include that. Yes, all of the wraps can be cup in half and used multiple times and Jamberry has the longest wraps of the ones I reviewed.

      • Yes, but all the strips are different sizes so once you do one application you’ve used most of *your* sizes. Just a thought!

        • What I do to use my extra pieces is, I put scotch tape on my nail and trace it. Then I put the tape on my extra piece and cut it out. I keep my nails short, so I get to do my hands 3 times at least with one pack of wraps. I have recently figured out that the Jamberry Junior sizes fit my hands perfectly, and you get more in the juniors. (It works for me b/c I don’t do my toes)..

        • Hi Barb! Using all your extra Jamberry pieces is like creating a piece of artwork at your fingertips! I love using mine to create accents at my tips or near the moons…I don’t waste a thing! I turned into a Jamberry consultant after being a customer, I loved them so much 🙂

    • If you are a typically a gel girl, you could also check out Jamberry as their gel system is very easy to use, super reasonable, and free of all the toxins that come in salon brands.

    • Mary-Lynne Stone says

      jamberry lasts 3 weeks for me prob because i applied them correctly and when done correctly they are the best! i love my jams

    • Bonnie White says

      Jamberry also has Trushine Gel enamel & our wraps, Lacquer & gels are all 8 free. IF you are interested in gel.

  3. Thanks for the detailed review. I have never used wraps. I was pretty much afraid to try them
    But you changed my mind, took away my fear and I look forward to trying them asap.

  4. Very thorough and informative post! I love it when bloggers take the time to write up posts like this. I have tried Jamberry nails before, but they were so hard for me to put on! Maybe I should give the OPI one a try!

  5. I have a set and can’t wait to use it.

  6. This is a FANTASTIC comparison! I actually had no idea there were this many!

  7. Thanks for the review. I want to try some, and now I know which I will start with. I hate peeling and flaking, so I will go with OPI. (I hope my nails will grow like yours did.)

  8. Wow! They really last. I haven’t tried Jamberry yet!

    • Jamberry nail wraps are great in my opinion! I loved them so much that I became a consultant! The first couple of times they take about 15-20 minutes to put on but after that I think you start to get into a groove and it becomes really easy! If you purchase them using the buy 3 get 1 free deal they come out to less than $3 per Mani/pedi because 1 sheet ($15) does 2 manicures and 2 pedicures!

  9. I am so glad I found this as I tried KISS and liked them but wondered how they all compared since prices vary so widely, thanks for this!

  10. Thank you for the post. Very cool wraps. I’ve never tried anything like that on my nails.

  11. I recently bought Jamberry wraps and like them – but only on my toes. They have lasted 4+ weeks on my toes but start to lift in about a week on my fingers.

    • Yes, I’ve never had trouble at all with Jamberry on my toes. They last forever!

    • Try shrink wrapping them on your fingers. just wrap a plastic bag around the nail, apply great and it’s like new!

    • You can also seal the ends by heating something metal such as the rounded part (the part you pinch down on) and smoothing over the tips or any wrinkle. The Jams remind me of easter egg wraps, they shrink up a bit when heated.

  12. I love that you did this post! I’ve heard of Jamberry, but had no idea there were so many other options. I normally get my nails “done”, but these would be great options for when I don’t. Great info!

  13. They really held up! I’m not sure mine would look that great on Day 1. I need to practice!

  14. Wow, I had no idea the other brands even had wraps! I love the OPI rattlesnake one!

  15. I’ve always wanted to try nail wraps, so I can easily have a blinged up accent nail.

  16. with the leftover Sally Hansen wraps you stored in a ziplock, if they dry out too much you just put on a layer of base coat and then quickly put the nail wrap on your nail. Then wait a few moments for it to dry or hit it with the hair dryer or whatever heater you use for your jamberrys.

    I’ve tried Jamberry wraps about a dozen times and I hate them. They just do not stay in my nails no matter what I do. I even had someone else do it to my nails thinking I was just doing it wrong but nope. They just don’t like my nails. They are too thick and don’t want to curve on my very rounded finger nails. Work fine on toes though.

    • claudia escobar says

      Me too! I told my consultant and she made me feel like I was the only one with this problem. She even blamed it on my job. I tried Sally Henson and I love them!

      • Bonnie White says

        I am so sorry a consultant acted that way. I love them so much I became a consultant. There are several “tips” for better application. But I totally understand if they didn’t work out for you.

    • That’s a great tip! I’ll keep that in mind if they do begin to dry out!

    • If you have curves nails , go to YouTube and look up “baseball Jamberry method”. It’s a way to get the Jams to actually stay on your nails when they are curved like mine. Hope this helps!

  17. So I’ve been wearing the Jamberry nails for about a year and a half. I’m definitely addicted. I only wear mine for about 10 days before I get antsy and want to put new ones on. Interesting to know that the others held up just as well and were cheaper. If you were to become loyal to one, which one would it be? I say that because I want to try them, lol. Thanks for this post, incredibly informative.

    • The others are not cheaper. The Jamberry wraps work out to less than $4 a manicure. The packages of the others are about $10 and really are only good for one application. I tried the OPI wraps myself and they all chipped off after about a day. The difference is that Jamberry are vinyl wraps and the others are cured nail polish. The nail polish smell she mentioned is about x10 of regular polish. It’s awful.
      Her lifting on the Jamberry wrap is not typical if you apply them correctly. They may be a bit thicker but they are a different material so cannot be that thin.

      • I hate the smell of nail polish, but I actually just applied Sally Hansen wraps, and the smell is only there for a moment…between lifting the wrap off the film and applying them to your nail. They don’t linger like regular nail polish. I know some people are extremely loyal to Jamberry…and they definitely have the prettiest varieties. But to say they’re the best might be biased.

      • Mary-Lynne Stone says

        i agree with you also i like the fact that they are strong my nails are so long now … they do not grow on thier own i love jams!

    • That’s a great question and I hate that I don’t have an answer for you. I really think that they were all great so I’ll probably just buy based on the designs I like.

  18. I still haven’t tried any of these yet but I am loving that gold stripe one so I might just have to try! in spirit of the holidays, right?

    • Yes, absolutely! 🙂

    • Ashley, I love this post !! Thanks so much for taking the time and reviewing all of the wraps !! I love the OPI one on your finger…it really does look like it was custom made for you !! 😀 I actually quite like the design, as well ! 🙂

  19. Great comparison of these strips. I have only used Jamberry, but I reheat the tips when I notice them lifting and they stay put.

  20. I have tried Sally Hansen and they chipped right away. I have Jamberry wraps now but when feel a corner lifting up I just heat it with a hair dryer and it goes back down. I love them for my toenails. I don’t know if the other brands are good for that or not.

    • That’s true, reheating them can help! Yes, Jamberry are fabulous for toes. I’ve never had them peel or shift on my toes at all. I’ve never tried other brands on my toes but Jamberry wraps have worked really well for me.

  21. Interesting experiment, but not necessarily well controlled. To get a really good idea for durability you would have to repeat this wearing a wrap brand on each finger (so Sally Hansen would be worn on each finger by the end, but still wearing all 5 so that they are exposed to the same activities). My personal experience with wraps is that the index and middle fingers start to peel before the others, followed by the thumb. The OPI wraps may have lasted the longest simply because of the finger you applied it to.

    • Yes, you are absolutely correct. This was not a controlled double blind study, just a review from one person who used the wraps one time. Maybe someday I’ll do it again with the same brands and switch the fingers.

  22. There are a lot of perks for Jamberry that go beyond the wrap itself… They are made in America, which is pretty huge these days! You are also supporting a local “sister” so to speak- it is always good to support a small business when you can! 🙂 I also like that they are nontoxic and I don’t have to worry about if my baby sticks my finger in his mouth. And although they look super cute on dog toes too, they aren’t tested on animals!

    • Have u really tried them on your dog? ? My husband was just joking lastnight when i was applying my Jamberry wraps (chalkboard hearts) and he asked if the cat was next i said no animals can’t wear them! !! But can they just asking just to know! !!

  23. Awesome tips Ashley! Love the pictures!

  24. Wow, I am truly impressed. I get a gel manicure for about $30 every few weeks. I have to admit, I’m exposing my nails to a lot more damage. I work in a restaurant where my nails are always in water and scratching up against silverware. I wonder how these would hold up for me. Only one way to find out…

    • Jamberry wraps are actually very durable! We have a lot of nurses that wear them because they do not chip or stain. One NICU nurse told us that she washes her hands 10 times a day and they last 10-12 days on her fingers. If you are in the food industry, I think they would be great for you as well!

      • Ntensifyd says

        Why would a NICU nurse wear nail wraps when in any healthcare setting you’re not supposed to have anything covering the nail because of the bacteria that can breed on and under any nail covering? I also find that she’s not washing her hands enough, because you are supposed to wash your hands before the start of a new patient contact and after. This is weird for me to hear that someone working with premies is wearing them at work.

        • I totally agree- as the mother of a former NICU baby my first thought was- she only washes her hands 10 times a day?????? I know they also use hand sanitizer but even so they should be washing their hands more often than that in the NICU of all places.

          • Depending on the nurse’s duties, 10x a day might be just fine. Some of them spend more than an hour or even half a shift tending to the same patient. “before & after” means one washing. I would guess that the nurse was estimating, & she probably washes them more.
            I work in health care but I’m not a nurse. I feel that the jamberry wraps or any wrap that doesn’t chip or tear is similar to a band-aid that you would wear on a cut… I’m googling to try to find discussions or policies regarding this particular wrap. We have policies at our hospital, regarding polish & nail length, but I want to have some information about wraps BEFORE someone writes up a policy banning them. If it turns out that they’re just as bad, then I’ll accept that. It seems that as long as lifting is addressed, and they’re changed more often, they might be ok??? Just speculating. Any links to studies, articles, or opinions is appreciated.

  25. If the Jamberry nails only lasted 3 days, it could be that your nails still had oils on them or you didn’t use enough pressure when applying them. That makes a HUGE difference! They should last 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 weeks on toes. 🙂

  26. Awesome article/experiment! I didn’t even know there were so many different wraps! I’ve never tried any of the wraps (except Jamberry) personally, but several of my friends really dislike wraps because of the damage to their nails. Jamberry will not damage nails (if applied properly) and has 400+ designs.. do the other brands offer that wide variety and do they affect the integrity of your nails? I just started selling Jamberry (so I might be a little biased), but I truly think they are awesome! However, I do think they take some patience to apply! It’s trial and error; there are so many different methods to apply! I think you get better at it with each application! Thanks for the info and pics!

  27. Kristi Bidinger says

    Thank you for such a helpful review. I have been trying Jamberry and like them but have recently heard about OPI and want to try them. Fun with nail art.

  28. This is awesome. I have some Essie strips that I found at Dollar Tree. I’m going to get my nails together and put them on this weekend. Thanks for the review.

  29. Dolores Pyer says

    I have tried several of these wraps and nothing stays as good as Jamberry does for me. I agree with the earlier review that it can depend on the finger that you have it on. I have found on my Jamberry wraps that I can file at a 45 degree angle downward & they do much better. I will say that the sparkly metallic ones from Jamberry tend to lift at the tips more than the other finishes BUT they are easy to reheat with a blow dryer to re-seal. They are too cute so I put up with the occasional re-heating. The price on the Jamberry is $15 but if you buy 3 you get 1 free. There are 18 strips but you cut them in half so you get at least 2 manicures & 2 pedicures out of 1 sheet.

  30. As a Jamberry Nail Consultant, I appreciate this review of the different wraps! I have only tried Jamberry so it is nice to know what else is out there! I hate nail polish smell, so Jamberry is great for me! You said the others had a smell. Did all of them? Or just some?

  31. I’ve only tried Jamberry and don’t want try the others. I’m completed sold on the made in America, non-toxic wraps. Heat and pressure keeps them well secured on my fingers and toes no matter what I’m doing. They’re definitely worth it. You can even design your own on there website.

  32. I love this comparison. Can you tell me how the number of choices compare per brand?

    • Ooh, good question. From Sally Hansen’s website I counted 54 at this time but I’m sure the number is constantly changing. Jamberry seems to have an endless variety. They have easily a few hundred for sale on their website now but you can also create custom wraps too! I wasn’t able to get a good count of the other brands.

  33. Great post, thank you. As a most recent “jammer” , the first couple applications were rough. However, with some tricks (Orange sticks, plastic baggies, taping stencils) and above all the proper heat, jams adhere and last a couple weeks. I love them and I appreciate your detailed review!

    • Yes, I used all of those with a Jamberry heater (except taping stencils, I didn’t do that) and I was extremely happy with how long they lasted!

    • My jams looked great. The Christmas Santa suit ones. They last for 2 weeks. I took them off according to all the you tube videos. I used Coconut oil. They came right off. ALL of my nails are destroyed. It has been a Jamberry nightmare. its been over a month now. All of them had huge white spots on them which eventually cracked my nails and not just at the top , about an 1/8 of inch down from the top. All have white lines on them, like the jam ripped off the top layer of my nail bed. I have pictures to prove it. I really liked them. Now I am stuck with 3 more sets.

      • I had the same problem, my nails are destroyed. They were very long & healthy but after taking off the Jamberry wraps they are splitting all the way across way back on my nails.

      • Rosalie, you don’t have to be stuck with the sheets. Jamberry has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and return policy and you can view it here: Contact your consultant and if she can’t assist you, I’d be happy to do so (my email is No one should be “stuck” with a product they don’t want!

      • I have had this problem with Jamberry too. My solution is to use two coats of a good basecoat or a basecoat and a coat of nail polish. It really helps keep the jams from damaging my nails, and since I’m covering it up I don’t need to be picky about getting the polish just right. Also try using a cuticle oil when you remove them. It works better than other oils for me.

  34. Love your review, Ashley!
    Can you briefly summarize the removal methods for the products you tried?

    • Thank you! 🙂 Per Jamberry’s instructions I added a drop of oil and worked a dental flosser between my nail and the wrap. Kiss’s wrap was barely on so I just pulled it off. The other wraps I removed with nail polish remover. They all came off easily and without harming my nails.

  35. Jennifer Walker says

    I am a Jamberry consultant, and a teacher by nature. Experiments like these are great and an important part of my approach to sharing and selling. I offer guests at my parties the option to do a 7 Day Challenge. The results I have experienced were much more drastic for Jamberry, Sally Hansen, and Essie. Jamberry stayed in tact, while the other two kind of melted away. If anyone is interested in seeing the results from another experiment, let me know! I think wear has a great deal to do with application and your daily activities, but quality ingredients plays a big part, too. For me and my girls, I will stick with Jamberry simply for the materials used.

  36. Jean Rozeboom says

    I have had artificial nails for 10 yrs and than i went to gel nails? Now when i take the gel polish off, my nails are so soft i can bend them backwards. I was wondering if wraps would make them stronger.

    • Wraps won’t make the nail that is already there stronger but they will protect them a bit until they can grow out the damaged parts. Just be really careful and use a really good base coat before you apply any nail wrap to help prevent damage. Actually, my advice would be to get a good nail treatment and use it for a week or two before you do anything to them. My mom used one from Sally’s beauty supply that you apply daily for 14 days. It helped her extremely weak nails a lot. You should also get a good cuticle oil and use it daily. It will cause wraps to lift and not stick very well, so I wouldn’t use it with a wrap, but you shouldn’t have any trouble if you use it with a nail treatment polish or something like that. Go easy on them for a couple of weeks so you don’t cause further damage or damage the new growth! You might even try a vitamin supplement specifically for nails.

  37. Lisa Rammell says

    I hate Jamberries. My nails are so curved that all I get are wrinkles and puckers. They start lifting on day one, are a total pain to put on and the company does not stand behind the product. I asked the rep if I could return them after a 2 weeks and she just redirected me to try some other tricks, by the time I told her I really did not like them and wanted to return them she said I was too late, good luck. Dont waste your money.

    • That’s awful! That would be your consultant’s fault, not the company. I got defective wraps that were separating, and I told my consultant. We didn’t even return them, I just got a replacement for free.

    • Lisa, please contact the Jamberry Home Office about that. They do stand behind their products. Let them know who your consultant was and that she did not assist you properly.

    • I am terribly sorry this happened to you! As a Jamberry consultant I am sad that you were not helped further, and that your issues were not resolved.

  38. Jean,
    This is probably the first time I’ve commented on a blog post! I read your question and just had to answer. Yes! I know of many people who wear Jamberry to allow their nails to grow…for whatever reason: weak nails, damaged nails, etc.
    There are also many people who have used Jamberry, on themselves or their children, to break a nail biting habit! The before and after pics of these stories are awesome to see. Hope that helps. 🙂 (And yes, I am a Jamberry consultant…and Jam addict!)

  39. Good for you for doing this! This is so great and informative. I’m a die-hard Jamberry addict and used to think that Jamberry was perfect for everyone, but I’ve realized that it’s just not. I want everyone to have the great experience I’ve had with them, but like you said OPI seemed made for your nails, I’m one of the lucky ones that Jamberry seems made for mine. Unfortunately, some people have different oils, different nails shapes, difficult nail beds, and different nail strengths. It’s wonderful that there are so many options so that everyone can do wraps!!! I was a gel girl before too… $30 every month at the salon for a boring one color manicure. Wraps changed my life, lol.

  40. Thank you for this post. I just got a jam berry sample and I’m not too sure how I feel about it yet. Feels like it’s not going to last long. Have you had problems with wet hands? I work with marine mammals and wonder if the wraps would last being in wet nitrile gloves for hours. I also have square nails (squarer than yours) and have had issues with Nail wraps in the past because of that.

    • Bonnie White says

      Mary you can also trim the rounded end on the Jamberry wraps so they fit to your squares cuticle better.

  41. great post. Thanks for sharing this info is super helpful. I got hooked on jamberry but I might need to give the other ones a try.


  42. Thank you for this review/comparison. I guess, just like a lot of things, it really depends on a variety of factors that are different from person to person. The fact that different nails/fingers get more use or wear most certainly will affect the durability. I did a similar comparison, just for my own sake, and I got different results. My Jamberry wraps at day 16 looked like your Opi ones at the end, with only a little wear at the edge. My Opi looked more like the Essie (which I didn’t try), and my Sally Hansen and Kiss looked the same, like I got my hand caught in a wood chipper. My fifth nail was a long-lasting polish that said it lasted 10 days, but it barely lasted 3 days before it was all chipping off around all edges.

  43. I got Jamberry’s put on yesterday by a consultant, i have gel nails, they seemed to on easy enough, but just about every nail has some crinkles on it, one nail has already lifted so i heated it back up and pressed it back on. They look okay but all the edges of my nails you can feel there is something there. Honestly can say i am not a huge fan of this. Tried to get the wrinkles out of the tips and no go, almost like a small overlay.

  44. I just started using wraps and my first experience was with Jamberry. Like many others my nails have a very unique shape. Here is the trick Jamberry suggested. Place a piece of scotch tape over your nail pressing down so it’s sticking to each curve. Trace the borders of you nail with a pen, remove tape, place ontop of wrap, trim, apply. Then you have the perfect custome fit! Each sheet of Jamberry wraps has enough to apply your nails and toes twice and on top of that it comes 4 “extra” wraps that you can cut in half. I tend to use these to mix and match with other wraps or use as an accent nail. I’ve had my nails and toes done for 15 days now. Toes look like day one still. On my hands some of the wraps on my pointer and thumb starred to lift but I just heated again or gently filed. So far it’s been great and I feel like because of their thickness my nails are protected and grow easer.

  45. Just what I needed. Thank you for your time and attention to detail.

  46. I have read that the jamberry wraps can cause your nail to develop a fungus. ..I’ve tried the Sally Henson and thought they were ok but i want to try something different. I’ve been researching all the different options. ..thanks for the post. ..very helpful. ..i think I’ll tri the opi brand. ..

    • The reason for developing a fungus or infection with any nail product has two common possibilities: 1) Improperly cleaned nail tools and/or 2) moisture trapped between nail covering and nail. That’s why when you have acrylics or gels it’s so important to seal any lifting at the edge immediately to prevent moisture from becoming trapped in the gap and fostering fungal growth. I would suspect that the same could happen if you did not address lifting at the edge of any nail wrap and moisture from washing your hands became trapped under the loose wrap. So, no, Jamberry wraps in particular will not cause your nail to develop a fungus. ANY nail covering can promote fungus growth if lifting is not properly addressed. I spent 10 years with acrylics and gels, and I find that any struggles with trapped moisture is nearly non-existent with Jamberry wraps as opposed to acrylics or gels. One of the reasons I decided to become a consultant is because the wraps give the durability perks of the acrylics/gels with minimal risks of lifting that are so common with acrylic and gel.

    • Bonnie White says

      Oh wow Shelby. I’ve never heard that. Or had that problem. I’ve been wearing Jamberry since September 2014. The seal is waterproof if you get a good seal. That’s very unfortunate for anyone that happened to.

  47. Nail art has definitely gone a long way from the DIY I used to do. These wraps look great. But is it true about the jamberry wraps @Shelby?

  48. I love the jamberry, my sister has a friens who’s been selling it. Any tips or thoughts are greatly appreciated. Godspeed . – Em

  49. Two years ago, I had gel polish applied. When it was removed, my nails were a mess and they never recovered. I could rarely go more than a day without a break or a split. A couple months ago, my sister mentioned that she’s been using Jam Berries and raved about how they protected her nails. I got some and had her apply them so I could see how it’s done. I’ve been using Jam Berries ever since and haven’t had a break or split yet. Not one! Yes, the edges lift a bit but reheating them takes care of it.

    I was surprised to hear that people found their nails were damaged after removing Jam Berries. I heat my nails with a hair blower, soak them in oil (I use vegetable oil) and they peel right off.

  50. So i think this is a really good comparison! I will admit I am a jamberry consultant but I used all of these wraps (except the OPI) ones before I became a jamberry consultant.

    I would be interested to see you do a comparison on the same wraps but on different fingers. THe use of your fingers also can have a variance on the wraps. My pointer and middle finger ALWAYS wear faster than the ring or pinky.

  51. What an awesome review! I’m so glad to read the comments from others who have not liked Jamberry. I was starting to think I was alone. I love the designs, they look incredible on, love that they are nontoxic, etc., but I have done 3 applications of Jamberry – according to the directions and advice – and have had awful puckering and lifting all 3 times. My nails are very curved and from what it sounds, because the material is so thick it simply does not stay put. I also have an issue with the ends of my nails feeling jagged from the wraps after a few days. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to testing the OPI.

    • Just wanted to reply to your post quickly in case you weren’t aware of how to fix some of the issues your having 🙂 Curvy nails will definitely give you some trouble when it comes to Jamberry wraps but if you get a chance to check out YouTube they have a ton of tips and tricks on how to get the wrap to lay flat on a curvy nail. One you could try is called the baseball method, also gently laying the heated wrap on your nail but before pressing down the sides try pulling it forward on each side and then reheating with a baggie over your finger to get a good seal, some have also liked using heated tweezers to smooth bubbles and seal the edges. Hope you find something you like and that works well for you!!

  52. Barbara Donnelly says

    I have difficulty applying polish due to a rod in my back — it’sa sort of “sling it at the toe and hope it works out” method. These sound fantastic. I have a blower which was made for heating embossing powder. Does anyone know how that would work? I appreciate the time ALL of you spent telling us how, why, or why not. I will try them and think OPI will be the first.
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Barbara! I know for Jamberry and I presume for the others, any heat source should do the trick!


    • I found the embossing heater to be *way too hot* for using with the Jamberry nails. You would be better served with a small spacer heater, a blow dryer or one of the rice bags… it doesn’t need a ton of heat – but, it works better if you can keep the heat on the nail for a little bit of time.

  53. After using regular nail polish my nails turn yellow, then i get white spots then the nail starts lifting. My dermatologist said it’s not a nail infection is from chemicals in the polish and the acetone remover that weakens and dies my nails out and causes them to lift from the nail bed. I had to cut the lifted nail away so i dont get a fungus. All very embarrassing and frustrating. I threw all my polish, files, clippers away and bought new. It happened again. 3 times so far and it takes about a year before they are back to normal. Now i am paranoid to use polish again. Are there nail strips that DONT have the harmful chemicals in them like liquid nail polish?

    • Jamberry nail wraps are the only ones that don’t have the harmful chemicals that you find in nail polish. They are essentially a vinyl nail wrap with a head-activated adhesive backing. The only ingredient is the adhesive, which is Acrylates Copolymer. You can google it to see that it is not a toxic chemical. Jamberry nail wraps are 100% non-toxic 🙂

    • I loved wearing Jamberry wraps, especially the sparkles. Love the sparkles! I could get them to last 18 days and I am very hard on my nails. I WAS a consultant. But, I kept noticing damage to my nails; brittle, breaking and worst of all, pain and white spots going half way up my nail bed on all ten fingers. I kept asking my team manager about it and she kept insisting I was removing them incorrectly and that I needed to use the cuticle oil that Jamberry sells. Well, it turns out that my nails had separated from the nail bed on all ten fingers. It’s been four months now and they still aren’t healed! Suffice to say, I am no longer a consultant, and sad that I no longer have sparkly nails (nail polish fumes bother me). Be wary if you have dry skin/nails, eczema/psoriasis, prior experience with nails lifting away from the nail bed or have chemical and adhesive sensitivities. Not all of us can wear Jamberry wraps.

  54. Ashley, thank you for your review!!! You are the only review/compare, that I could find, that was not written by a jamberry consultant!…and of course they love their jams! I have tried Kiss nail dress and felt the results were pretty good. I have not notice any chemical smell with the ones I have tried from Kiss nail dress, but the selection is not great…I am kind of picky. I just ordered a sample of jamberry, since they have so many designs to choose from and a friend of mine is having a party. I have found many designs I like..but I am concerned about the additional prep work (having to heat them up), so we shall see how it goes. But I am excited to try them and see how they compare for myself. I might have to try the others you mention here as well, but I don’t like the smell of nail polish and I do have a rather sensitive nose, so I’d like to see for myself if I have any issues with the others like you have mentioned. Again, Thank You!!! Maybe I will update when I try them!

  55. Disclaimer – I sell Jamberry. Thanks for the review. The Jamberry wrap you chose is actually my favorite for the same reason you picked it – you can wear it on a bare nail or over polish and it looks great. If you or anyone ever want to give Jamberry another shot, try the matte wraps. They are the thinnest and easiest to apply. I just tried a set of matte wraps for the first time a couple of weeks ago and didn’t have any wrinkling, lifting issues and ultimately had to change them due to nail growth. I wish all of the wraps were that thin. It was by far the best and easiest application I’ve had. Next up will be a tint. A lot of people say they look like gel polish on. I’ve never used gel but I like the look so I’m trying those next.

  56. I just got a sample of the jamberry wraps. This is my first experience with any nail wraps, and although the heating is kind of time comsuming (less than nail polish drying), they were super easy to apply. I have some pretty curved nails but i found instructions to counter that (with little darts or slits) And being free of some of the worst chemicals i think i will stick with these for now.

    Thanks for the reviews!

  57. I’m also a Jamberry consultant, but I loved Jamberry before I joined. 🙂 Something that helps me with tip lifting is “sealing the edges” with a flat iron. I’m sure it might help with any heat-applicator wraps, but thought I’d throw in my two-cents 😉 I can’t use nail polish anymore – the smell is overwhelming, ever since I became pregnant. Otherwise I’d LOVE to try those OPI wraps!

  58. Thanks for the review! THe only thing I would add is that if you don’t use all the Sally Hansen wraps in a package, you CANNOT use them later! They dry out and will not stick. So it’s $8 for one use – either put them on every finger, or end up wasting most of what you bought. Jamberry has the advantage of basically lasting forever (or at least a few months so far, but no reason it would dry out as you have to remove and heat to activate). In that way they’re actually more cost effective even though a sheet costs more. Also, the round part goes at the cuticle edge, and by the look of your nails, it would fit fine without cutting. The colored wraps stay better than the clear ones that you used. All that being said, I’m convinced there’s something out there as good as Jams without the cost. I’ll be trying Essie for sure.

  59. I’ve found Sally Hansen, Kiss, and Essie nail wraps at Dollar Tree for $1. Definitely look!

  60. Momofmany10 says

    Actually the Sally Hansen come in two packages both sealed separately so you can use them two times. I put jamberry on last night and they are lifting already ;( I have always had great luck with the Sally Hansen but wanted to support my friends party

  61. I am trying Jamberry for the 1st time. I just did today 🙂 I only did 2 on each hand.
    Thank you for your review, very helpful and informative.
    I am a licensed cosmetologist (who keeps license up but not working in field) so easy to do and no odors.
    I just found on line a brand called NCLA anyone tried this brand?
    $16 for sheet of 26 and 15% off your 1st purchase by signing up for updates/newsletter.

    • I have used Jamberry and NCLA – I LOVE NCLA. They last at least 2 weeks super easy to apply and look awesome!

  62. I use Jamberry, and altho’ they sometimes do lift, you can renew the seal by just heating them again with a hair dryer or the Jamberry warmer. Mine usually last at least 14 days, sometimes longer, and I don’t use household gloves. The only thing I am concerned about is sometimes my nail will turn white under the wrap…don’t know what causes that.

  63. Hi, thanks so much for doing this review!! I wasn’t sure which one to buy since they’re a bit expensive in New Zealand (it seems most things are, compared to US). I find your review so helpful that I bought the exact OPI product (rattlesnake) from the department store within minutes of reading! I’m very impressed with the product although it didn’t come with the nail file 🙁 so I have to buy one. but anyway, I also bought 3 more other styles, can’t wait to try them all!

  64. I adore my Jamberry wraps. I will admit to the lifting on the edges, but the consultants do tell you that if you deal with one in person-on speak online. Simple fix is to gently file down to smooth the edges. I’ve have the wraps last at least a month on my toes, and about 15 days without a major problem on my fingers.
    I have not tried the other brands of wraps, I am extremely happy with my Jamberry.

  65. Have you, or anyone, tried Tattify’s nail wraps? It’s one of the adult temporary tattoo companies (fantastic idea btw) that got into nail wraps. $8 for 22, but that’s about all I know about them!

  66. I am not a consultant but I love jamberry. I do have very curvy nails so I tend to have a little bit of bubbles but they still last 2 weeks or more. I’m a mom and I work full time unloading trucks and putting out freight. I garden and do dishes and laundry. Love it and I’m very addicted to jamberry. Love love love! Lol

  67. Thanks for the great review! I wonder how your nails were after you took the wraps off? I’ve found that after two weeks of wearing the Jamberries my nails were cracked and peeling. It took a couple of months before my nails grew out and we’re back to normal.

  68. Kelley Kelly says

    Fascinating. I found the comments really interesting as well – everyone has had such different experiences. I’ve not tried the Essie or the OPI but the Sally Hansen ones did my nails in – they just shredded after using them. I’m doing ok with the Jamberry ones now as long as I put them on/take them off properly (no pulling – LOL!).

  69. Rose Anderson says

    Hi. I’m an artist and have done nails for many many years including nail art. I tried the jamberry in excitement and had nothing but problems with them. In fact the first time I put them on, I went to a jamberry booth at my local fair and the consultant said they were the best applied jamberry ed she’s seen….and they were beautiful, but in one day they started liftng. Yes, the plastic baggy trick worked for one day and then they lifted again the next. I tried alcohol, nail primer, base polish etc. And nothing helped them stay down. I used up the while pack in 2 weeks because I had to keep replacing them. The only 2 fingers that stayed on were the pinky fingers. Plus they ate away the top layer of my nails. I think if they were even thinner, they would work better. Still, they are just too thick.

  70. This was a great side by side comparison. I love nail wraps and I am not brand loyal at all! I choose what I like, what is available, what is on sale, etc. I find that each has a slightly different application process and if you apply them properly you can get 2+ weeks of wear out of most them with a little bit of touch up here and there. The comments section of this thread gave me some great info on how to use “dried out” Sally Hansen and I was immediately able to go apply one (use a little bit of polish on the nail, slap the Sally Hansen on and you’re set!) with great success.

    Thanks again for taking the time to provide this helpful comparison!

  71. Kristina says

    I love jamberry with the right applacation mine lasted 3 weeks in great condition! That’s doing dishes and several showers.

  72. I use Pueen nail stickers and love them. Super easy and last a long time.

  73. I just recently tried Jamberry, and I did have polish underneath. It stayed really well! I had to peel it off. So maybe that was the issue for you. On the other hand I tried Sally Hansen and used the topcoat as well as the UV light and they started lifting within a couple of days. I think from your review I will try OPI and also Essie is a really good price! Thank you for taking the time to review them!

  74. I don’t sell Jamberry Nails, but I love them.

  75. Thank you for this post!! I have a set of jam berry but they are so expensive, that I wanted to save them for a special occasion. The Sally Hansin ones are the most accessible and I was curious how they hold up. But this experiment was so helpful!!

  76. As a Jamberry consultant, I love this post. It’s nice to see the others that you posted. I knew there were other nail strips, but didn’t know there were that many. One perk is that on September 1 Jamberry will also start selling a gel polish line that is 5-free and has an LED light rather than a UV light. Alot of fellow consultants have found that adding a layer of the new gel to wraps help them last for over 2 weeks!

  77. I love doing my nails at home. I am concerned about the sanitation of tools. Anyway, I tried Jamberry about a year or so ago. I loved them at first, so I overlooked the way they peeled up on some of the edges and the way my hair would catch under them at the base of my nail in the shower. Oh, and my nails got, what I called, white bubbles in my nails. After a couple of months a a few designs, I decided to try the gel polish from Sally Beauty Supply. I think this is the best thing for me. I’ve not had any damage to my nails. If one peels off it only takes 3-4 minutes to fix it with no cutting or sizing. I have also tried other wraps over the last 10 months or so. I am just not impressed. It’s too much trouble when I can just paint my nails using the gel. Each to their own, but the price of Jamberry wraps are insane when compared to the gel polish.

  78. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks so much for your comparison!! For sure it answered a lot of questions. I have gotten my nails done with my best friend, she’s an esthesian, but sometimes it’s so hard to make it to her place. I love designs, but don’t really have the patience to do it myself. Also, I move to much with regular nail polish, after an 1+ of painting my nails, something always happens! I’ve been looking at Jamberry, But trying to figure out what saves me the most $$. I love the idea of supporting a local sister, especially since I’m also in network marketing and have a small business of my own. most of the posts are written more than a year ago, but if you come across it, love to hear your opinion if after buying the tools, is it a product that I can save money with?

    • I’ll admit, it is late at night so forgive me for not understanding but what do you mean after buying tools?

    • Forewarning I am Jamberry consultant, but I just want to put it out there that I can apply my nail wraps tweezers, nail clippers, and a candle if I needed to. If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact me! I know wraps aren’t for everyone, but I’d love to help you!

  79. I really want to try the OPI but I can’t find it. I find a few on Amazon but don’t find the wraps at all on the OPI site. Any help??

    • Looking for OPI wraps? Try “trend tips.” That’s the name I stumbled on using eBay. It seems OPI & Sephora got together & came out with wraps. MEGA easy to put on! I actually use my wraps in place of polish when doing my UV gel manicure. So it goes: gel base coat, cure. Alcohol wipe & apply wraps. Alcohol wipe, gel topcoat & cure. Alcohol wipe & SHAZAAM! Gorgeous! Durable (I’m a flight attendant)! BUT they have to be removed by soaking in acetone. Whatever! A billion times easier (more perfect) than painting on polish.

      • p.s. OPI only has TREND TIPS & TREND TOES as wraps. They work great but EXTREMELY tiny selection of designs.
        Inoco works pretty well but even more limited in design.
        The only brands that have ‘enough’ (read: eleventy-billion!) designs are jamberry & winstonia.

        • essie “sleek sticks” have, I believe, 9, NINE total designs. NINE?!?! Yup that’s correct as far as I could find. But they’re also the only ones besides jamberry that don’t have to be used as soon as you open them. I’ve tried storing other brands in an airtight bag but it hasn’t worked for me so far.

          • Damaging?!?! never, Never, NEVER peel ANYTHING off your nails! Healthy nails take some time & energy so removal WILL be a process no matter what you’re using. (Remember having pink fingertips after removing red polish?!?? And having permanently ((it seemed)) glittery nails?)
            Just sayin’…

  80. You should try Incoco & ncla, they are pretty easy, no warming etc, lasts a lot longer!.. incoco is made out of real polish somehow…

  81. I just started using Jamberry. I am on my second “jamicure”. I hate polish because it literally lasts 20 mins on me. I love these wraps and am already addicted .
    I bit my nails for 20+ years so the are thin and weak. Getting braces as an adult almost broke this terrible habit. The nails break, split and peel all the time. I now have longer beautiful nails that get compliments ALL the time. I have not bitten a nail in 3 weeks.
    My first attempt lasted about 10 days, could have been longer but I was excited to try a new design and it was a glittery style that seems to catch on fabric. This set was put on 4 days ago and I love them. I currently have 1 split nail under one of the wraps, normally by now it would have torn off low enough to cause bleeding. I changed the wraps carefully knowing I had the split and feel like it’s well protected. I used heat to get them off. I broke the bottom seal near the cuticle, then heated it with a hair dryer and slowly rolled the wrap up toward the tip applying more heat as nesecarry, the used nail polish remover to take off any left over adhesive. Worked great.
    I did order Sally Hansens and inocos on Amazon. I also found Essie today at Dollar Tree for a buck. I can’t wait to try them all after this split nail fully grows out as I don’t know if the others will hold it together as well as the Jamberry. Also I love where and what they are made of. I have so many friggin allergies (gluten, latex, eggs, and even silicone)but so far so good. I am NOT a consultant but love them enough that I am considering it.

  82. Thanks so much for this review! I’ve been wanting to try wraps since I had my baby. Jamberries look like a hassle since I’m not good with straight lines and I don’t own a heater source (no hair dryer, space heater, flat iron, nothing. I’ve got a woodburning kit though?). But at least they are non-toxic! My baby sucks on my fingers all the time.

    • Jamberry wraps can also be applied using a candle! Im a nanny for my sister and Im thankful that I don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals around my 8 month old niece!

  83. Thanks for taking the time and energy to conduct your experiment and then to write such a detailed and honest account of your experience while maintaining integrity around any potential influences. I would love to add 2 more criteria to your experiment report should you try to review again: 1) Ease of removal; and 2) Nail condition post use/removal.

    Thanks again for a very informative post. 😀

  84. Great review with lots of good information! I tried Jamberry wraps at Christmas. I was SO disappointed! I was a cosmetologist back in the day, so trimming to fit was pretty easy, even though I was holding it with tweezers. I heated with my dryer, but I didn’t find that they stretched much and lifting was almost immediate. I was repairing one every time I was in the restroom. A few days after Christmas I got so fed up that I peeled them off. I did use polish remover, as suggested, but they came right off. I could not believe how damaged my nails were! They all split, tore and peeled. I lost all my nails all the way down to the quik.

    I would love to find a product that didn’t damage my nails! Maybe I should try OPI before giving up. So THANKS for your great information!

    • Jennifer S. says

      I did this with my first set, too, and had the same results. It was awful! I thought my nails were damaged forever. It wasn’t too hard to peel them off, so I did. Then, I read that’s a huge no-no! Now, I understand why. 🙁 But, I’ve come around and love Jamberry now! I lift just a small piece with an orange stick (or another fingernail or whatever) and use an orange stick with coconut oil and work the wrap off. I make sure not to peel it anywhere, and my nails are silky smooth when I’m done. Just thought I’d share this in case you decide to give them another try!

  85. Justcurious says

    Iam wondering if anyone tried the Jamberry gel polish, and what their thought were…and if you can use other brands gel polish with their led lamp…

    • Jennifer S. says

      I haven’t used Jamberry gel, but my friend (and consultant) does and she loves it. I DO think you are able to use their gel with other lamps, and I know you can use it OVER wraps (base coat then top coat – no color, obviously). I’ve done this many times with another brand of gel and it’s worked awesomely to get longer wear out of my wraps.

      I’ve used Jamberry lacquer and I wasn’t too crazy about it at first. I thought it was a little too thin for my liking and not enough color saturation. I tried another color, though, and really liked it. So, maybe it was just the shade I was using (Coral Reef was the first I tried). However, maybe it was just a bad application, because my sister then used the same color and it looked great on her! I do love that they’re all 5-free.

  86. You know who also has awesome wraps? Espionage Cosmetics. They also get really cool nerd/fandom designs. They’re a great company overall, but you should compare their wraps too if you ever get around to doing this experiment again.

  87. Jennifer S. says

    I know this is an old post, but I just found it and wanted to thank you for your thorough review! I’m fairly newly obsessed with Jamberry (about the last 6 months), and have been using them pretty regularly now that I found out about a foolproof application method (look up 1-2-3 method on YouTube – it’s amazing for my curved nails!). I also wanted to share that, for the lifting on the Jamberry wraps, take the part of the nail that is lifting and smush it against a piping hot coffee mug. That will help to re-seal it and you’ll extend your wear. I’ve also read suggestions to heat the flat end of a pair of tweezers on a curling iron or flat iron, then use that to re-seal the lifted part of the nail. I think the coffee mug does just as well and it’s way easier to do. 🙂 If those tricks don”t help, I typically file it down just a bit more and that helps to keep them fresh. I can probably go 2 weeks on my hands, but after 10 days or so I get antsy to try something new. 🙂 On my toes, I went about 8-10 weeks without any issue, and even then, I only had to change them out because my nails had grown out so much it looked ridiculous… it was great!

    Thanks again for your review! I haven’t used any of the other wraps, but had always wondered how they compared!

  88. I have been using Jamberries off and on for about a year. Really got tired of paying out the wazoo at salons. I have some tricks–base coat of ORLY Rubberized Basecoat Bonder before applying wraps (a little pricey $9. a bottle at Target) I was having problems with ends getting tattered and lifting. Now, I just splurged and purchased the Gel System and put a Basecoat and topcoat on the wraps. Just did that yesterday, but good so far.

    BTW, I’ve had acrylics, prescriptions (only fake nails I ever had that didn’t lift), gels, the whole 9 yards. I’m hoping these are what I’m looking for. I’ve been bad and just peeled off old Jams, but think I will go with coconut oil and dental floss to remove them as seen on Pinterest and YouTube.

  89. I’ve been using Jamberries for a couple months now. I’ve noticed the metallic ones don’t hold up as well as the matte or regular finishes do. They easily last a solid 14 days when I use the non-metallic wraps. They probably last longer than that, but I always am itching to put on a new design by then. 🙂 I am able to peel them off without any remover and then use olive oil to remove the sticky residue. If you do another comparison, I recommend using one of the matte wraps.

    I had a problem with gel polish taking off layers of my nails whether professionally applied or using an at-home kit. These are much easier on my nails.

  90. Thanks so much for this review. I find Jamberry to be way too thick, and your notes on thickness of the other brands are so helpful!

  91. Maybe add a couple of more topics: ease of removal and any customer service available? BUT great review. I am male and was doing this search for my wife. You are right on point that one does not need wraps to last 2weeks. Also does each manufacturer have a large selection of styles and sizes? Is there a lot of cutting involved? And why would someone buy 18 strips, why don’t they sell 12 or 22 one for each nail and two extras? Anyway, great article, also, I heard that some wraps can’t touch skin or the cuticle, is that the case? Please do not put me on mailing list for anything. Buy the way your site insists on adding a space in my email address. I had to keep retyping and x-ing out the email address it was suggesting.

    • Hi George,

      What a great husband you are!! Don’t worry, you aren’t added to any email list. That’s just a required field to help cut down on the spam comments we receive. All of the wraps removed easily. The different sizes are to help minimize the cutting required but I agree it seems wasteful. All wraps should be adhered to the skin and not the skin or cuticle because that would allow for air to be under the wrap and make it easy for lifting to take place. Jamberry has the largest selection of styles but the others have a few dozen each too. I hope that answers all your questions but if not please let me know. 🙂

  92. Everyone is saying jamberrty is non toxic but it has PVC which is toxic very fake claims that its non toxic

  93. This was ooohhh so helpful! Thanks a ton~

  94. Did you even use heat from a blow dryer on the Jamberry wrap? Did the other wraps call for heat?

  95. Tasha Benson says

    If you all think these are great, try color street, they are really amazing, cheap and easy to apply and last so long

  96. Have you ever tried color street?

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