Your Skin Might Not Be Getting Enough H2O

The other night my husband and I were flipping through TV channels when we discovered Food Detectives. Have you seen the show? I love it! Their crew performs studies to debunk myths through the use of science.
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Does drinking sufficient amounts of water daily really help improve the appearance of skin? After giving one identical twin the appropriate levels of water for a week and the other twin half the serving, not surprisingly, the one who drank more had radiant, luminous skin. As for me, I sure need to drink more water! Here are some fun facts from the episode I think you’ll enjoy.

  • It’s in the numbers: Our skin is made up of two to three gallons of water.
  • Find your number: Figure out your daily intake by using the formula: weight/2 = how many ounces of water to drink each day.
  • Are you dehydrated?: According to Dr. Jeanine Downie, who appeared in the episode, Caucasian skin tends to show dehydration with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while darker-toned skin appears blotchy.
  • The solution: If your skin lacking luster and your water consumption is low, don’t fret. Start drinking the acceptable levels now and you’ll notice an improvement within days. What a wonderfully fast, easy, and cheap way to get luminous skin!
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  1. I think if we all drank more water it can help with many things. Not only better looking skin but it also helps you feel fuller and therefore eat less at mealtime. Win-Win. Ok, now I gotta go drink some water. I’m way behind on the 8 8oz glass suggested amount per day.

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