Be Your Own Beautiful + Walgreens Deal!

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Be Your Own Beautiful

Some of my favorite brands are on sale at Walgreens during the month of April – Dove, Simple, and Vaseline. These are some of the brands that make me feel great, and they can help you feel beautiful from head to toe, too!

During the Be Your Own Beautiful event this April, you can stop at the beauty counter at your local Walgreens to test out select skin care products and pick up coupons. Plus, you can get 2,000 Balance Reward Points ($2 reward) when you purchase any 2 participating Dove Personal Wash, Dove Men+Care Personal Wash, Simple, or Vaseline products through 4/30.

Here are some of the coupons and samples to look for:

  • Samples of Dove Revitalize Body Wash
  • In-store testers of Simple Micellar Wipes and Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Lotion
  • Tear-pad coupons for $1.50 off 1 Dove, Vaseline, or Simple skin care products
  • $1 off 1 coupon for Dove, Dove Men+Care, Vaseline, or Simple skin care products (see your beauty advisor for coupon)

Some of the products highlighted in this event:

  • –  Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash “Provides softer, smoother skin after one shower”
    I would have to agree with this as Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash is a product I have been using for several years. My dermatologist recommended it in college as a way to combat my dry skin while avoiding sensitivity issues. It is still my go-to body wash, 10 years later!
    Benefits: Hypoallergenic, improved lather rinses cleanly and quickly, #1 dermatologist recommended
  • –  Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body Wash – “Hydration for Healthier, Stronger Skin”
    Benefits: Ultra-light formula rinses easily and cleanly. For best results, use with Dual Sided Shower Tool.
    Dove Men+CARE Body Wash hydrates with Micromoisture for healthier, stronger skin and rinses off easily, leaving skin feeling comfortable and refreshed.
  • –  Vaseline Advanced Repair Pump “Clinically proven to moisturize to heal very dry skin in 5 days”
    Benefits: Relieves even stubborn dry patches, appropriate for sensitive skin, absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel.
  • –  Simple Micellar Water “Our most advanced yet gentle cleanse”
    Benefits: An effective yet gentle cleanser, instantly boosts skin hydration by 90%, removes makeup and unclogs pores, no rinse required.
  • –  Simple Micellar Water Wipes “For makeup free, instantly hydrated skin”
    Benefits: Removes makeup and instantly hydrates, unclogs pores, gentle cleanse, no residue.
    Contains micelles, smart cleansing bubbles which attract and gently lift impurities and makeup out.
  • –  Vaseline Deep Moisture Jelly “Instantly increases skin’s moisture by 250%”
    Benefits: Infused with Vitamin E, keeps skin moisturized for 18 hours, suitable for people with eczema and sensitive skin. Great for especially dry areas like hands, elbows and heels.


Be Your Own Beautiful Walgreens

Certified dermatologists Dr. Nussbaum and Dr. Luftman have provided some tips to keep your skin in tip top shape:

“Seriously, your skin care routine doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, sometimes simpler is better. All you need in the morning is a gentle cleanser and a moisturizing lotion with SPF (yep, even on cloudy days). Then, wash away the day with that same gentle cleanser and a moisturizer before bed. To round out your routine, add in facial wipes with micellar water for those in-between touch ups and a twice-weekly exfoliating cleanser. See? It really is that simple.”

For more tips from certified dermatologists Dr. Nussbaum and Dr. Luftman, visit:

Now who is ready for a giveaway??? 

I’m giving away a $50 Walgreens gift card!  To enter, go to then come back here and comment what product you would like to try or what healthy skincare tip you found to be most important to your skin. Good luck! The giveaway ends June 1, 2016.  See all the giveaway details here.

Offer Details: *at select stores, while supplies last. Valid 4/1-4/30/16.

Dove – True Beauty and a Deal

Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own.

Self-esteem is vital to a healthy life. When we believe we have worth, we treat ourselves better and others around us better. Dove wants to encourage this mindset through their Self-Esteem Project to help girls build self-esteem, reminding them they’re beautiful the way they are. You can help support Dove’s initiative by shopping your favorite Dove products at Rite Aid. (Plus, you’ll get savings!)


The Dove Self-Esteem project has reached 15 million young lives with its self-esteem education. We see girls in our society who want to revamp their looks. I encourage you to watch Dove’s video, “Change One Thing.” Spread it to help girls realize that they don’t need to change anything about themselves; they are beautiful the way they are. Your repost of this video helps girls and women realize their beauty.

Tae Kwon Do Girl

Check out my cute little Tae Kwon Do cutie! 🙂  It’s one of my missions in life to teach her about real beauty.  True beauty.  Beauty that is deeper than skin.  Beauty that no amount of make up will every form.

The deal I mentioned: buy $12 in Dove Products from 11/1-28/15 at Rite Aid and earn 400 Plenti Points*. Here are a few items to fill your basket. Dove Deep Moisture Body wash is dermatologist recommended and even provides softer, smoother skin after one shower. The Dove White Beauty Bar hydrates skin better than any other bar with its moisturizing cream making skin feel more firm and elastic compared to ordinary soap.  Dove Intensive Care Shampoo and Condition has Keratin Repair Actives immediately repairs the hair surface ending hair damage. Dove Advanced Care Nourished Beauty Deodorant delivers 48-hour odor and wetness protection plus an elegant floral scent.

Dove Products

Offer: Buy $12 in participating Dove products at Rite Aid and earn 400 Plenti points*. Plenti point offer good from 11/1/15 through 11/28/15. *Plenti is a rewards program. Limit 4 offers per card. Terms and conditions apply, See for details. Offer good from 11/1/15 through 11/28/15.

Rite Aid Dove Plenti Points & $50 Giveaway #SpeakBeautiful

Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own #speakbeautiful

Beautiful daughter

I love my sweet little girl. I want her to know that she’s beautiful, not by the world’s standards like her features are symmetrical and her button nose is bumped at the right angle. Though she does have many American beauty attributes, I want her to realize that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. And one day I want her to see that confidence is beautiful.

Girl's Drawing

I think middle school is the place where confidence shys and strays or blossoms and blooms. Remember that young age when you weren’t sure whether your outfit made you look cute, puffy, or like a baby (because who at the age of 12 would be seen dressing like a baby? We were all trying to convince our mothers it was time to shave our legs for heaven’s sake!). Bless the day when we finally figured out that confidence and grace gave us the mature, beautiful look we all desired from Seventeen.

High School Beauty

Also as preteens (and teenagers, and college girls, and wives, and moms…), we stood by mirrors and talked about which of the features we didn’t like and expected each other to join in.  While psychology tells us that self-actualization is a part of growing up, it doesn’t seem that women grow out of criticizing ourselves. Last year WOMEN sent over 5MM negative tweets (Twitter alone!) about beauty and body image. For the sake of our next generation, I beg you to start positive trends with me. We can change the flow of verbal self-harm to self-care. We gawk that people have the “audacity” to abuse themselves, but being overly critical of ourselves has the same impact mentally. So I’m going to start a different, positive trend now. I love my hair. I love that it’s thick and strong.

Choose Beautiful

Mainstream media often doesn’t encourage us to promote our natural beauty, but I really appreciate Dove’s message which backs what I want my daughter to believe. (By the way, Dove products at Rite Aid can earn you 300 Plenti points when you buy $12 worth of products now through the 26th of September.  Plus, you can stack coupons to drop the final price even further! But you’ll have to hurry, the current newspaper coupons are set to expire on 9/20.) I wish more companies would support women in this battlefield of the mind.  

Take a few moments and check out their “Speak Beautiful” video.

Dove at Rite Aid

$50 Giveaway exclusively for my followers on Twitter! 

You will need to Tweet to enter, but don’t let that stop you! You can read the Official Rules here.

Tweet a positive message and tag @Beauty4Moms (me) & @RiteAid, along with the hashtag #SpeakBeautiful.  Good luck!!!

My #BeautyStory and Beauty Inspiration

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Dove and The Motherhood.


Mom knows best, right?  I think that’s true most of the time and when it comes to beauty I definitely think that’s true – in my case it is!  My mother was, and still is, a beauty.  Here are a few of the beauty tips that I learned from her, that she probably learned from her mom.

Beauty Advice

  • – Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  A good moisturizer is a woman’s best friend.
  • – My mom taught me that my neck and clavicle have the same skin as my face so I should moisturize it just as often and with the same product.
  • – My mom taught me to wash my face with Dove every night before bed.  I was eager to try fancy scrubs and masks but she said a simple gentle cleanser is all I needed.
  • – Use baby oil as an eye-makeup remover.  It’s cheap, gentle, and works great.
  • – “Never leave the house without lipstick” is something my grandmother ingrained in me from a young age.  At times I might opt for lipgloss instead but there’s always something colorful on my lips.  Like mother, like daughter.  From a young age, I remember admiring my mother’s skill for applying lipstick without a mirror.
  • – Drink water all day long.  It’s good for your body and your complexion.
  • – “Don’t touch your face.” My mom used to give me a hard time about how much I touched my face and how it would give me breakouts.  I’m still working on this one!
  • – Use conditioner on the ends of your hair every time you wash it.
  • – “If you’ve got a good complexion make up will just be icing on the cake.” My mom had me using good skin care products since before I was 18.
  • – Age gracefully. My mom still doesn’t have grey hair but when she does I know she’ll embrace it with gusto.
  • – She always encouraged me to learn what colors and styles looked good on me and ignore the fads.
  • – Last but not least, my mom taught me to smile.  She told me that a smile always makes you appear prettier.  I try to remember this every day but especially on days when I’m not as put together as I’d like to be you can bet that I’ll be smiling.

A Dove survey finds that most women (84% in fact) trust the women in their lives more than celebrities for beauty tips and advice.  From all the advice I learned and still incorporate from my mom and grandmother, I’d believe that to be true!

What tried-and-true beauty advice was passed onto you from the women in your life? Share your own #BeautyStory to celebrate the real women who have shaped it and take a look at this video from Dove for even more inspiration.

Confidence With Dove Advanced Care

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence Central for Dove Advanced Care Deodorant. I received a promotional item to facilitate my review. #MC #Sponsored


This summer I’ve been enjoying sleeveless shirts and dressed thanks to Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with NutriumMoisture.  Thanks to Dove I’ve felt confident and haven’t had to worry about sweat or odor.Dove Advanced Care

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with NutriumMoisture keeps you dry and odor-free for a long-lasting 48 hours. Not only that but it’s also clinically proven to reduce irritation from shaving and provides softer, smoother skin in just three days.  I’ve been trying out this new Dove deodorant for a month now since I first posted about it here.  I also shared a sample with my grandmother to try.  She has always been faithful to another brand so I was curious if she liked it as much as I did.  She tried it for a few weeks before getting back to me and as I expected, she loved it.

Dove Deodorant

My favorite thing about this deodorant is that it makes my underarm feel smooth.  Some other brands that I’ve tried in the past left me feeling a bit itchy through the day.  Your underarm area isn’t something that you want to think about every day so it’s nice to know that you can put this deodorant on in the morning and forget about it.  Your skin isn’t irritated and it won’t keep bugging you through the day…and you don’t have to reapply midday either.  Dove Advanced Care Deodorant NutriumMoisture will keep you smooth and dry all day.

Deodorant Life Hack

Do you want to know a silly secret?  All of my life I used to pull and tug on the protective cap covering Dove deodorant.  Not the outside cap but the inside one that you throw away.  It wasn’t until I was married and complaining about it that my husband said, “Why don’t you roll it up?”  This was ground breaking, people!  Earth-shattering!  Why I had never thought of that, I’ll never know.  Now I can remove the cap with ease.  {By the way, Dove, if you’re reading this I miss the little Dove impression on my deodorant.  I always thought it was a cute touch.}  Just for kicks I made this #LifeHack image in case there are more people who struggle with removing deodorant’s protective cap.  I really doubt there are but you know, just in case. : )

Dove Advanced Care

Erin Walsh is an A-List Hollywood stylist and the new spokeswoman for Dove. She has shared a lot of advice on how to help women look and feel their best and I have included two of my favorite tips below.

  • – Our clothes will always look better if you feel beautiful and confident in them. As a fashion stylist, I know that sleeveless can often feel scary and make women feel vulnerable or exposed; however the Dove Advanced Care product line provides softer, smoother underarms in just 3 days, so that all women can feel confident going sleeveless.
  • – Lightweight cardigans and summer scarves are my best friend during this season. I always have them with me when I am traveling. I prefer to buy them in semi-neutral colors, such as ivory.

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant + Sweepstakes

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence Central for Dove Advanced Care Deodorant. I received a promotional item to facilitate my review. #Sponsored #MC #SleevelessSummerSweeps


Let’s see a raise of hands…how many of you moms of young kids occasionally skip taking a shower some days?  It’s not that you WANT to but you do.  Oh good, I’m not alone!  Dove has some good news to share with us.  Those of you who are totally on top of things all the time and are rolling your eyes at me right now you can continue reading if you want or you can click away.  It’s okay,  this deodorant will still work great for you while you’re running around being awesome but if you have other things that you need to do now I understand.

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with NutriumMoisture helps keeps you dry and odor-free for a long-lasting 48 hours!

48 hours! Yea, it’s okay to do a little happy dance, it’s allowed!  Just don’t raise your smelly arms up too high until you try this deodorant. : )

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant is clinically proven to reduce irritation from shaving and provides softer, smoother skin in just three days.  What more could you ask for?  A lovely scent?  Oh yea, it has that too.  You can choose from their three available scents.

But….there’s more!

Dove is challenging women across the U.S. to ditch their sleeves for a chance to win a trip to New York City Fashion week and a VIP styling session with A-List Hollywood stylist, Erin Walsh! Woot Woot!!

Click here to participate in The Sleeveless Summer Challenge for your chance to win!

Have you tried Dove’s Advanced Care Deodorant?  I’m excited to be trying it.  I’ll be back here in a few weeks to tell you what I think of it.

Celebrate Father’s Day with Dove’s #RealDadMoments & a Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Dove Men+Care and The Motherhood. #RealDadMoments

Dove Men+Care Logo

I love Father’s day!  That’s probably because I had wonderful men in my life as I was growing up.  I loved spending time with my grandpas and my dad.  I would do anything to spend time with them.  “Dig” a ditch? I gave it my all!  Chopping wood?  I would carry the chopped wood to the pile.  Anything and everything to spend time with them.

Now that I’m married to a dad I think I love it even more!  Watching my husband cuddle with my kids when they are sick, spend his evenings playing puzzles and blocks, and every evening reading them books before bed is heartwarming.  My daughter has the best daddy, I’m confident!  She would agree too!

Daddy and Daughter Reading


I took this snapshot this evening while they were watching YouTube videos of their latest musical obsession, Justin Roberts.  Aren’t they sweet together?

I appreciate my husband being involved in their lives.  I know appreciate really isn’t the word I’m looking for but I am …immensely grateful for him.  He knows what they like, dislike, and how their day went.  It’s such a blast sharing parenthood with him.  For instance, today I got a laugh when my daughter told me the lunch that I prepared, pizza sauce and cheese on bread, was “pretend pizza.”  To you that probably isn’t funny but to us it is because we’ve been watching her learn what it means to pretend this week.  It’s fun knowing someone else cares about the little details of their lives like I do.

Dove Men+Care is committed to portraying how real men and dads care for their children New Dove Men+Care research reveals a disconnect between the media’s representation of father’s roles and how fathers actually see themselves:

  • – Three quarters of dads say they are responsible for their child’s emotional well-being, while only 20% of dads see this role reflected in the media
  • – Only 13% of dads believe the media portrays fathers as responsible for childcare
  • – 3 out of 5 dads say the media portrays them negatively (61%!)

Those are some pretty sad statistics, right?

The Dove Men+Care has created a ‘Calls For Dad’ film that spotlights the expanding and often unrecognized ways fathers care for their children:

  • – Nearly all dads (97%) say they are involved in their child(ren)’s life and 7 in 10 see themselves as highly involved
  • – An overwhelming majority of dads (94%) prioritize their families over their careers
  • – Dove Men+Care understands that dads’ role as caregiver is often unrecognized and is sharing real, authentic moments of care just in time for Father’s Day
  • – Features real dads and their kids

I think Dove Men+Care did a phenomenal job in creating this video.  You can view it below.

Dove Men+Care celebrates men who know that more care is better.  They have a whole line created JUST for men!  Surely, ya’ll knew that though, right?  It’s pretty great…or so I’m told!

Body Wash (Skin Care Built In)

  • – Dove Men+Care Body Wash is clinically proven to fight dry skin better than regular men’s body wash
  • – Formulated with ultra-light MICROMOISTURE technology, a unique gel technology, that activates on skin during lather to guard against discomfort

Body Bar (Skin Care Built In)

  • – Dove Men+Care Body Bar is clinically proven to fight dry skin better than ordinary bar soap
  • – Uses Dove signature ¼ moisturizing cream to boost the skin’s natural moisture barrier, which works to replenish moisture in the skin’s outer surface layer

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Enter below to win a Dove Men+Care prize pack! Good luck!

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$1.50/2 Dove Coupon = Dove Bar for Only $0.25 at Walgreens!



Print a $1.50/2 Dove products coupon now and save it for later.  Next week Walgreens will have Dove’s bar soap priced only at $1.  You can buy two and use this $1.50/2 coupon and you’ll get them for only $0.25 per bar!  This is a great deal!


Thanks, For the Mommas!

Free Dove Daily Moisture Hair Care Sample

Dove Sample

Right now you can request a free Dove Daily Moisture hair care sample, courtesy of Sams Club! You don’t need to be a Sam’s Club member to get this freebie.

CVS: Possible Free Milky Way or Dove Single Candy Bars

CVS Coupon Machine

When visiting CVS this week be sure to scan your card at the Price Scanner at CVS.  Many people have emailed me reporting that they are getting a coupon for a free Milky Way or Dove candy bar.  Yum!