How to Find the Best Sunglasses for Your Face


If you did not know this before, reading sunglasses are available in the hottest designer frames. Handy to bring to the beach, pool, or for sitting outside on a nice summer day, these glasses will give the appearance of standard sunglasses with the hidden aid of reading glasses.  How cool is that? These reading sunglasses can be found online at retailers like and in retail stores like Wal-Mart. However, if you are looking for the hottest in designer reading glasses for women, online is your best bet. Once you know your desired lens strength, it’s best to pick frame styles that best fit the shape of your face.  Here are some simple guidelines to go by:

If you are a woman who has a narrow face, creating balance throughout your face should be a priority when it comes to choosing sunglasses. The best types of sunglasses for a narrow face are frames that have a straight top line. The angle from cat-eye glasses can help balance a narrow chin. Some styles, such as the Maui Jim Sandy Beach 408, also provide a rimless bottom for additional style.

A face that is only slightly narrow in certain areas, such as the chin or cheekbones, can wear styles that soften the contour of the face. This can be done with oval or square frames. The Maui Jim Makaha 405 provides a straight line at the top with oval lenses to balance out and narrow areas of the face, while still catering to the average part of the face.

A woman with an average face can choose nearly any style of sunglasses she wants. Whether the frames are wide and full or thin and narrow, an average face can pull it off. The Maui Jim Honolulu 520 style sunglasses are an adventurous wraparound style that an average face would look great wearing.

Women will a slightly fuller face than average can still choose from many different styles of sunglasses. Styles such as the Maui Jim Longboard 222 work to balance fullness and provide great style.

Women with a full shaped face will want to balance out the roundness and find a pair of sunglasses that give the illusion of a narrower face. Most women with a full face will want to look for sunglasses that are rectangular and have defined corners. A pair of sunglasses such as the Maui Jim Black Coral 249 provides a defined, angular shape that will make the face look a little longer.

To get more information and find a variety of options, visit a website like or do a Google search to find a highly rated shop.  There you can search for glasses that will best match the shape of your face, giving you the confidence to choose a great pair of sunglasses, all without leaving your living room!

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