Between Seasons – J.Jill Dress

j.jill dress

Dress: J.Jill currently on sale for only $44.99 from $79 | Cardigan: Worthington from JCPenney currrently on sale for $24.99 from $36 | Necklace: Liz Claiborne from JCPenney currently on sale for $21 from $30 |Nails: Crabtree & Evelyn in Almond $6

Happy Monday!  Today, I am wearing one of my favorite dresses that J.Jill sent me (currently on sale for just $49.99 from $79.00).  The bold geometric pattern is perfect for summer and will still be great as we head into fall.  I thought about adding a pop of color to my outfit but decided to play it more low-key with some matching black sandals, black jewelry, and cardigan.

What are you wearing right now in between seasons?

Jockey Skimmies® Slipshort Giveaway Ends 6/20/14

Disclosure: I participated in this program on behalf of Jockey and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

Jockey Skimmies

As a busy stay-at-home mom, I’m constantly trying to revamp my wardrobe into a fashionable and comfortable style.  Pajama pants are comfy around the house but I want to wear something all day that would be acceptable running errands in.  My dressier shirts and capris are more appropriate for wearing in public but they aren’t near as comfortable.  Lately I’ve found a good alternative in maxi skirts and dresses.  They’re crazy comfortable, cool, and they give me a “put together” look without much effort.

The downside to wearing these lovely skirts is that my legs tend to rub together a bit and that gets uncomfortable real quick.  I have the perfect solution!!  Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts, are the new “must-have” fashion secret for women. Slipshorts are a fabulous combination of a soft and stretchy slip in the shape of shorts.  It’s very comfortable, yoga-pants comfortable.  Not only do they make skirts comfortable to wear in summer but they also help smooth down unwanted bumps and bulges.

Skimmies® are NOT shapewear but they are something that is much better!  They’re not constricting, bulky, or hard to put on/take off.  They’re lightweight, breathable, come in a variety of fun colors, they smooth your shape, and you can even wear them in place of panties if you’d like.  Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist, is the spokesperson for Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts and was quoted as saying, “Comfort should always be glamorous, and glamour should always be comfortable.”  I agree with her!

Jockey Skimmies® come in three great styles:

  • – Regular length
  • – Short length for shorter dresses
  • – Moisture-wicking for more active days

Just a few other great things about Jockey Skimmies

  • – They make sliding out of a restaurant’s booth a breeze.  Your legs won’t stick this summer!
  • – Immodesty woes are gone!  You can wear a shorter dress without fear of the wind and no matter the length you chose you won’t have to worry about irritating panty lines.
  • – Eliminates irritation from thighs rubbing together.   Women of all shapes and sizes get this and it can be down right bothersome.  Now you can wear your summer dresses all day with confidence and comfort!
  • – Perfect for wearing (in the color nude) under white shorts, capris, or shirts!  I love white shorts in the summer but it’s difficult to find a pair that are thick enough to not reveal every detail of what’s underneath them.  Skimmies® provide an extra barrier of protection!
  • – A smoother silhouette!
  • – They stay put all day without rolling down or up.  You won’t even remember you’re wearing them!

My Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts are my new wardrobe secret.  Well, they’re not a secret to many because I’ve told just about every woman I know about them.  I truly love them and think that every woman should own a pair, or two, or ten!

Would you like to win a pair of Skimmies®?  How about $5,000?  I thought so.  Here’s how:

Jockey and Rachel Zoe want you to Seize the Day in Skimmies® with 25 fun and glamorous daily challenges, May 27-June 20. Expand your comfort zone: Enter Here.  Good luck!

This contest ends 6/20/14 at 11:59 PM EST.

Today’s challenge is to complete this phrase and write it in a piece of paper – “With Skimmies® I’m free to…”  Here’s my entry:


You can also check out Skimmies® in the “Workflow” section of the upcoming August/September issue of Working Mother Magazine.

Here’s another chance for one Embracing Beauty reader to win an assortment pack of Skimmies® ($50 value):

This giveaway ends 6/17/14 at 1pm EST.  If you have any questions about it please feel free to contact me.  Good luck!

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Jockey Skimmies® Review #SkimmiesPromo

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Jockey Skimmies® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Jockey Skimmies®, all opinions are my own.

It was the Saturday before Easter and my kids were in bed and my husband was downstairs watching TV.  I quietly sneak out a package that I bought myself.  A package that I hoped would leave me looking like a million bucks for Easter morning.  Out of this box I pull what’s known as shape wear but is more accurately called as a torture device.  I spent a great deal of time pulling and tugging, pausing to catch my breath and reread the packaging to make sure I bought the correct size and then pulling and yanking some more.  I finally got it on and I liked how it made my post-baby belly look but I hated the unflattering bulges it created.  That night I vowed to never wear shape wear again and I found a new appreciation for my curves!  My Easter morning attire left me feeling a little self-conscious but I was thankful to be able to breathe deeply and sit comfortably so I made my peace with it.

Sitting in Skimmies

A few weeks later PopSugar and Jockey contacted me about reviewing their Jockey® Skimmies® slipshorts.  Slipshorts are a fabulous combination of soft and stretchy slip in the shape of shorts.  It’s very comfortable.  Think yoga-pants-on-a-Saturday comfy.  These comfy undergarments help smooth down unwanted bumps and bulges but they are not constricting like shapewear.  I repeat, these are NOT shapewear – they are something much better!

Jockey Skimmies

Let’s review, they are comfortable and they smooth your shape to give you a lovelier silhouette.

As if that isn’t enough, here’s a list of other things these tiny woven wonders can do:

  • – Make sliding out of a restaurant’s booth a breeze.  Your legs won’t stick this summer!
  • – Immodesty woes are gone!  Bend over, cross your legs, let the wind blow where it may because you, my friend, are covered.  Wear a skirt to the playground and go down the slide if you want.  Embrace the freedom!
  • – Eliminates irritation from thighs rubbing together.   Women of all shapes and sizes get this and it can be down right bothersome.  Now you can wear your summer dresses all day with confidence and comfort!
  • – Smoothes down panty lines for a more modest appearance OR you could wear them in place of your panties should you choose.
  • – Perfect for wearing (in the color nude) under white shorts!  I love white shorts in the summer but it’s difficult to find a pair that are thick enough to not reveal every detail of what’s beneath them.  These will provide an extra barrier of protection and a smoother silhouette to boot!
  • – They stay put all day without rolling down or up.  You won’t even remember you’re wearing them!

Before trying these I was happy with my lace waisted short skirt but now I don’t think I’ll ever wear it again.  I want a pair of Skimmies® in every color!  Why not have a smoother silhouette every time I wear a skirt or dress?  I’m not sacrificing comfort and I’m gaining an extra bit of modesty.

I’m a fan and I hope you’ll give them a try and love them as much as I do!

You can view Jockey’s #SkimmiesPromo video here.

Would you like to win a pair of Skimmies®?  How about $5,000?  I thought so.  Here’s how:

Jockey and Rachel Zoe want you to Seize the Day in Skimmies® with 25 fun and glamorous daily challenges, May 27-June 20. Expand your comfort zone: Enter Here.  Good luck!

This contest begins 5/27/14 at 08:00 AM EST and ends 6/20/14 at 11:59 PM EST.

J.Jill’s Chino Shirtdress

J.Jill Chino Shirtdress

One basic that my wardrobe has been lacking for years is a great-fitting, comfortable, shirtdress.  I’ve tried so many styles that didn’t fit quite right.  They were either too baggy, too short, too long, or just looked frumpy.  J.Jill sent me this Chino Shirtdress and I’m pretty much in love with it.  It is unbelievably comfortable when paired with leggings.  Looking at it online I worried that it would be a stiff material (like an old jean jacket) but it is much softer than I could have imagined.  While it is a thicker fabric it is very soft and comfortable.  This shirtdress is fitted without being too tight, it has just the right amount of stretch and is the perfect length for wearing with flats, boots, or a low heel.  

J.Jill Shirtdress

Go to or visit a J.Jill store near you to try on their latest Chino Shirtdress.

Do you have a comfortable go-to out fit that you love?

Sol Republic Headphones Review #VZWBuzz

A little while ago, as part of the Verizon #VZWBuzz Bloggers group, I received a pair of Sol Republic Relays Headphones to review.  Having never worn earbuds regularly I was hesitant.  I’ve always wanted to be one of those who enjoyed music while going for a walk {or the occasional jog} but I couldn’t find earbuds that both stayed in and didn’t hurt my ears.

I have sensitive ears.  Very sensitive ears.  Talking a walk on a windy day hurts my ears and leaves me with an awful headache.  On my first trip to Ireland I spent the last leg laying on my side {Yay for an empty plane!} holding my ears and trying to fight off the tears.  I’ve since learned they have ear plugs to help with this but even the kid’s sized plugs are uncomfortable in my ears.  Much better than without them but still uncomfortable.

Sol Republic Headphones

Back to the Sol Republic earbuds, they. are. amazing!  Not only do they have multiple sizes for you to slip on, like most well-made earbuds do, but they also have a teeny tiny size.  I could show you pictures of four other name brand headphones in my house right now that don’t have a tiny option like the Sol Republic headphones do…but I won’t!

Sol Republic Earbuds

Not only do they have a tiny ear tip {I need to learn what the correct word is for those rubber ends!} but they also stay put.  They don’t fall out like every other pair I’ve ever owned!  Maybe it’s because of the tiny end or because of the unique tilted shape.  I’m not sure why they work well but I’m just here to report that they do.

Sol Republic Relays Headphones

If you’re not sold yet, listen to this, they’re bluetooth compatible!!  What’s that mean?  That means you can use them to answer your phone!  How cool is that?!  Not only is that a fun feature but it’s a good thing to have because they do such a good job at blocking out outside noises you might not hear your phone ring otherwise.

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones to run in, listen to music, or just watch Netflix in bed at night I highly recommend you take a look at Sol Republic’s in-ear Relays Headphones.  At only $79.99 these are a great bargain.

Spring Styles: Gladiator Shoes, Ruffled Shirt, & More

A girl can have all sorts of reasons to get excited about spring. It means more fun, more time spent outdoors, and more reasons to dress up especially when the weather becomes a little warmer. At, you’ll find the latest trendy fashion picks like gladiator shoes, bright and stylish bags, and a variety of statement jewelry.  If you’re looking for a few new items to add in your wardrobe, here are 5 things you’ll love for spring.

Simply Elegant Style

1. Ruffle Down Long Sleeve Top. This flirty and feminine violet top is perfect for business or leisure.  As the description on the website says, “Every girl needs a ruffled long sleeve in her closet” and I agree. ($19.70 was $24.60).

2. Bamboo Krea-23 Buckle T Strap Sandals.  If you like a neutral sandal that will fit your go-with-the-flow sense of style this buckle gladiator shoe is for you.  The soft leatherette T strap is decorated with jewels to brighten your day.  ($21.80).

3. Rhinestone Bangle Set. Want simple elegance without the cost? Wear this rhinestone bangle set and see how it transform your look into a glamorous, show-stopping fashion statement…or at the very least adds a little bling to your outfit.  ($15.30).

4. Metallic Leaf Earrings.  I firmly believe that every good outfit needs an equally stunning pair of earrings.  Take a look at these gorgeous gold earrings.  These metallic leaf earrings are light weight, measure approximately 2.25”, and will add volumes of style to your look ($6.60).

5. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.  Every girl needs a go-to nail polish color and this is mine.  Commander in Chic is the perfect combination between neutral and bold ($3.00 plus free shipping on Amazon).

6. White Jean Shorts. Something to wear on a warm day while enjoying a great time outdoors? These white shorts are perfect to wear with your relaxed loose tee or matched up with a classy blouse ($29.80).

Isn’t it fun to be a girl?!

If you like this outfit inspiration board Pin it on Pinterest so you’ll always have it.  Plus, follow me on Pinterest and stop back again soon for more stylish and affordable ways to update your wardrobe!

Pregnant and Pretty: Maternity Jeans for Moms to Be

This compensated post was written by our guest contributor, Sophie West.  She has a passion for women’s fashion and enjoys blogging about great looks for every stage of life.

Maternity Pose

Designers have created a fabulous range of maternity jeans that allow you to go through your entire pregnancy in comfort and style without having to resort to baggy tracksuit bottoms during the final months. Every possible cut and style is available from skinny jeans to flares and all include an elasticated waistband that will accommodate your growing belly. There are a few different types of maternity jeans, and some are designed to stretch over your belly whilst others will sit just below it. The style you pick depends on your own personal taste, and whatever waistband you find to be the most comfortable during your pregnancy.

Do I Need Maternity Jeans?

During the first stages of pregnancy you may be able to extend the life of your regular jeans by purchasing a maternity band. This works by attaching to the waistband of your regular jeans and holds them up so you can leave the button and zip undone. This is an ideal option for the early stages of pregnancy, but as your body grows in other places such as your hips and thighs you may find that you need some extra room. Many women are tempted to purchase regular jeans in large sizes instead of maternity jeans, but these will sag around the seat and will not be able to fit comfortably around your new shape. After the first few months, maternity jeans will be the best option as they are specially cut to fit snugly through the legs and hips whilst leaving plenty of space for your bump.

What Style Is Best?

Bootcut jeans are a fabulous option as they flatter every figure and are easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion. Skinny jeans can be worn during the first half of pregnancy or if your bump is relatively small, but wearing them with a huge belly will make you resemble a lollipop. Three-quarter length jeans are a nice option for summer and can be worn with flip-flops and a flowing tunic for a casual look.

What Are The Different Types Of Maternity Jeans?

Maternity jeans come with many different waist bands, and it is best to try all the options to decide which is the most comfortable for you. A stretchy, elasticated band made from either jersey, lycra or spandex is attached to the top of the jeans and will stretch with your body as it grows during your pregnancy. The most popular type of band can be stretched over your entire bump providing the most coverage, and this is usually the most comfortable method. Another type of band is designed to sit underneath your belly and has a reinforced elastic rubber band built-in to stop the jeans from slipping down. The third option can be rolled over your bump or left underneath your belly depending on the level of cover you prefer. Maternity jeans feature either a button and zip or a drawstring at the front to close them.

How Do I Know Which Size to Choose?

Maternity jeans are sized in the same way as regular jeans therefore if you were a size 12 before pregnancy then chances are you will need the same size in maternity clothes. However, if you have gained a lot of weight around your hips and thighs then you may need a larger size. The elasticated bands are also available in different sizes, so it is important to measure your waist and refer to the manufacturers size chart to find your perfect fit.

Most maternity jeans are made from a lightweight denim that is blended with some form of stretchy material such as elastane for added comfort. Whilst dark colors such as navy blue and black are traditionally seen as more slimming, this does not mean that you cannot experiment with a range of different colors. Pastel shades such as baby pinks and lemons are preferable to bright neon colors, and team these with some super-comfy Uggs or tennis shoes. Whatever styles you preferred before pregnancy such as ripped or faded denim and diamante details are all available in maternity versions, and the wide range of different options allow you to dress your baby bump in style without having to sacrifice your personal comfort.

Dress In Style With Casio Watches

This is a promotional guest contribution from Chrysty Miles.

Casio Watch Collection

A watch is a common accessory that many people wear to dress up an outfit, as well as for the practical purpose of telling the time. Those that want to do this in a fashionable and affordable manner should consider Casio watches. They are both stylish and reliable which makes them an excellent choice.

Casio the Company
Casio is a world renowned name in watch making and the company has been in the business of manufacturing them for many years. During their time doing this they have built a collection that includes a huge number of models and these come in both digital and analog styles. Options are available for both men and women and the inexpensive price tag of most means that anyone can opt for some Casio style on their wrist.

Casio Styles
Casio offer watches in a few different styles. Their classic models are perfect for everyday casual wear, while their dress models are aimed at those in business attire or going out on the town. There is also a range of sports watches for athletes, as well as databank models that can be used to store information.
Styles such as the G-Shock and Baby-G come in a variety of colors to make it easy to find a look that matches an outfit. This is the case with many of the other models on offer and customers have the choice of choosing a more conservative Casio timepiece in a darker color or something a little more vivid and bright. This provides plenty of options to find something that can add an attractive touch to an outfit.

Casio Costs
Casio produces many affordable styles for less than fifty dollars, making it possible for everyone to own a stylish watch.  Some of the newer and higher-end models can run into the low hundreds or even thousands but overall the brand is competitively priced and won’t break the bank.  This means that anyone looking for a low-cost timepiece to coordinate with an outfit should be able to find something in their price range.

Buy American Made with Rickshaw Bagworks

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post, meaning that I’m being compensated for my time to share my opinions about Rickshaw Bagworks with you.

Rickshaw Bagworks
Can I be honest? I’m not a HUGE ambassador for a “green” lifestyle. I’m not someone who will only buy items second hand, I still use bleach for cleaning on occasion, and I enjoy processed foods from time to time.  I recycle whenever possible and my husband even thinks I am a little extreme about it.  I buy natural cleaners most of the time but I haven’t resorted to only vinegar and baking soda cleaning.  I buy from thrift and consignment stores but not exclusively and mostly because I want to save money and not the planet.  While my family does eat processed food from time to time we most often try to eat healthy, fresh, and homemade meals.  I believe in trying to live a life of balance.

One thing I believe in doing when at all possible is to buy American made products.  From the time I was little I remember hearing a local car commercial that said, “If you don’t buy {name taken out}, buy American.”  I remember asking my family what that meant and why that was important.  I’ve grown up with a pride in our country and I want to support my local and national businesses if at all possible before giving money to countries overseas.  I know products made in America are sometimes more expensive and I won’t get into the economics and politics of it but if the prices are similar I’ll choose the one made in good old USA.

That brings me to why I’m writing today.  I found a company in San Francisco that makes bags, sytlish bags, that are made out of  {get this!} recycled water bottles!   Who would have thought that was possible?  Rickshaw Bagworks has a factory of urban crafters who are revitalizing the way we think of manufacturing.  Their factory is open to the public so if you happen to live near or are visiting San Francisco then stop in for a visit.

Rickshaw Bagworks’ CEO, in an interview with, said, “At $10.55 an hour, San Francisco has the highest minimum wage of any city in the United States, along with onerous business taxes and skyrocketing rents. Fully burdened with insurance, taxes, and benefits, our factory labor rate is $20 an hour–20 times the current labor rate in China and 100 times that in Bangladesh…Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. San Francisco is no place for large-scale industrial manufacturing or low-cost production of commodity goods. But it happens to be an ideal location for micromanufacturers like Rickshaw.”  He sees the value in trading in a lower price point and mass distribution for quality, a quicker turn around time, and product customization.

Rickshaw Bagworks are also made with zero-waste which is pretty phenomenal.  Alright, I’ll take a break from talking and you can watch a video about the Rickshaw Bagworks company.

These Rickshaw Bagworks are at a great price point. The tablet sleeves are around $20 and most of the bags are in the $30-$100 range.

Rickshaw Bagworks Logo
Rickshaw Bagworks are made from recycled products, are made with zero waste, are made in America, affordable, and best of all, are fully customizable!  They have messenger bags, grocery totes, sleeves for notebooks and tables, and so much more.  Every item can be fully customized by you for only a few dollars more.  There are not many places that will allow you to do that without charging you an arm and a leg.

If you’re looking for a new bag for yourself or someone you love for Christmas, check out Rickshaw Bagworks.  If you don’t buy Rickshaw Bagworks, buy American!

Uncomplicated Style with J.Jill #JJillInspiredStyle

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post, I received a gift card to make a purchase and I’m also being compensated for my time.  As always, all opinions are completely my own.

I’ve never been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.  I don’t own tennis shoes. Or yoga pants.  I like to dress up but I still want to be comfortable.  As my shape has changed after having my sweet darling girl, my go-to comfort clothes isn’t a form fitting cashmere sweater anymore but a looser fitting sweater.  I want comfortable pieces that even thought they may not be form flattering are still cute and stylish.

Are you like me and have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?  J.Jill‘s mission is to help you uncomplicate your wardrobe.  Doesn’t the sound of that just sound soothing?  Picture a closet without crazy trends but a closet full of classic and versatile styles that will still be attractive for years to come.  That’s a closet that I desire!

J.Jill’s new Pure Jill collection is absolutely gorgeous.  It has muted, earthy shades in comforting fabrics.  Recently, I was able to be part of a conference call with J.Jill’s senior designer and a few other bloggers.  J.Jill’s senior designer, Barbara Pattin, said of her new line, “We were really trying to create something beautiful, universal, simple and luxurious.”   I think that sums it up perfectly.  Beautiful, universal, simple, and luxurious.

Casual Christmas Collection

Here is a little set inspired by the J.Jill shirt I bought.  I call it Casual Christmas Collection.  It’s casual, classy, and comfy.  What more could you ask for?

I’ll be honest, as soon as most of you go to J.Jill’s site you’re going experience a little sticker shock so I’ll give you a heads up.  They ain’t cheap.  This is a store where I would like to own five or six quality, lasting, wardrobe building pieces that I would supplement with my regular clearance rack bargains.

However, I have to say that J.Jill does have some fabulous bargains of their own!  I did just buy a $99 shirt there but also a $9.99 shirt!  Plus, I have a J.Jill coupon code for you to save 30% off a single full-priced item.  Just use the coupon code JJSTYLE at checkout before 11/24/14 to receive your discount.  If you have your eye on a few goodies be sure and check back on Black Friday because a little birdie told me that everything will be 25% off that day.  No coupon codes, no one item on sale, no secret handshake.  Simply uncomplicated service.

I’m very pleased to have been introduced to J.Jill recently and I hope that you’ll enjoy their site {or brick and mortar store} too!

How would you describe your style?