Buy American Made with Rickshaw Bagworks

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post, meaning that I’m being compensated for my time to share my opinions about Rickshaw Bagworks with you.

Rickshaw Bagworks
Can I be honest? I’m not a HUGE ambassador for a “green” lifestyle. I’m not someone who will only buy items second hand, I still use bleach for cleaning on occasion, and I enjoy processed foods from time to time.  I recycle whenever possible and my husband even thinks I am a little extreme about it.  I buy natural cleaners most of the time but I haven’t resorted to only vinegar and baking soda cleaning.  I buy from thrift and consignment stores but not exclusively and mostly because I want to save money and not the planet.  While my family does eat processed food from time to time we most often try to eat healthy, fresh, and homemade meals.  I believe in trying to live a life of balance.

One thing I believe in doing when at all possible is to buy American made products.  From the time I was little I remember hearing a local car commercial that said, “If you don’t buy {name taken out}, buy American.”  I remember asking my family what that meant and why that was important.  I’ve grown up with a pride in our country and I want to support my local and national businesses if at all possible before giving money to countries overseas.  I know products made in America are sometimes more expensive and I won’t get into the economics and politics of it but if the prices are similar I’ll choose the one made in good old USA.

That brings me to why I’m writing today.  I found a company in San Francisco that makes bags, sytlish bags, that are made out of  {get this!} recycled water bottles!   Who would have thought that was possible?  Rickshaw Bagworks has a factory of urban crafters who are revitalizing the way we think of manufacturing.  Their factory is open to the public so if you happen to live near or are visiting San Francisco then stop in for a visit.

Rickshaw Bagworks’ CEO, in an interview with, said, “At $10.55 an hour, San Francisco has the highest minimum wage of any city in the United States, along with onerous business taxes and skyrocketing rents. Fully burdened with insurance, taxes, and benefits, our factory labor rate is $20 an hour–20 times the current labor rate in China and 100 times that in Bangladesh…Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. San Francisco is no place for large-scale industrial manufacturing or low-cost production of commodity goods. But it happens to be an ideal location for micromanufacturers like Rickshaw.”  He sees the value in trading in a lower price point and mass distribution for quality, a quicker turn around time, and product customization.

Rickshaw Bagworks are also made with zero-waste which is pretty phenomenal.  Alright, I’ll take a break from talking and you can watch a video about the Rickshaw Bagworks company.

These Rickshaw Bagworks are at a great price point. The tablet sleeves are around $20 and most of the bags are in the $30-$100 range.

Rickshaw Bagworks Logo
Rickshaw Bagworks are made from recycled products, are made with zero waste, are made in America, affordable, and best of all, are fully customizable!  They have messenger bags, grocery totes, sleeves for notebooks and tables, and so much more.  Every item can be fully customized by you for only a few dollars more.  There are not many places that will allow you to do that without charging you an arm and a leg.

If you’re looking for a new bag for yourself or someone you love for Christmas, check out Rickshaw Bagworks.  If you don’t buy Rickshaw Bagworks, buy American!