Pregnant and Pretty: Maternity Jeans for Moms to Be

This compensated post was written by our guest contributor, Sophie West.  She has a passion for women’s fashion and enjoys blogging about great looks for every stage of life.

Maternity Pose

Designers have created a fabulous range of maternity jeans that allow you to go through your entire pregnancy in comfort and style without having to resort to baggy tracksuit bottoms during the final months. Every possible cut and style is available from skinny jeans to flares and all include an elasticated waistband that will accommodate your growing belly. There are a few different types of maternity jeans, and some are designed to stretch over your belly whilst others will sit just below it. The style you pick depends on your own personal taste, and whatever waistband you find to be the most comfortable during your pregnancy.

Do I Need Maternity Jeans?

During the first stages of pregnancy you may be able to extend the life of your regular jeans by purchasing a maternity band. This works by attaching to the waistband of your regular jeans and holds them up so you can leave the button and zip undone. This is an ideal option for the early stages of pregnancy, but as your body grows in other places such as your hips and thighs you may find that you need some extra room. Many women are tempted to purchase regular jeans in large sizes instead of maternity jeans, but these will sag around the seat and will not be able to fit comfortably around your new shape. After the first few months, maternity jeans will be the best option as they are specially cut to fit snugly through the legs and hips whilst leaving plenty of space for your bump.

What Style Is Best?

Bootcut jeans are a fabulous option as they flatter every figure and are easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion. Skinny jeans can be worn during the first half of pregnancy or if your bump is relatively small, but wearing them with a huge belly will make you resemble a lollipop. Three-quarter length jeans are a nice option for summer and can be worn with flip-flops and a flowing tunic for a casual look.

What Are The Different Types Of Maternity Jeans?

Maternity jeans come with many different waist bands, and it is best to try all the options to decide which is the most comfortable for you. A stretchy, elasticated band made from either jersey, lycra or spandex is attached to the top of the jeans and will stretch with your body as it grows during your pregnancy. The most popular type of band can be stretched over your entire bump providing the most coverage, and this is usually the most comfortable method. Another type of band is designed to sit underneath your belly and has a reinforced elastic rubber band built-in to stop the jeans from slipping down. The third option can be rolled over your bump or left underneath your belly depending on the level of cover you prefer. Maternity jeans feature either a button and zip or a drawstring at the front to close them.

How Do I Know Which Size to Choose?

Maternity jeans are sized in the same way as regular jeans therefore if you were a size 12 before pregnancy then chances are you will need the same size in maternity clothes. However, if you have gained a lot of weight around your hips and thighs then you may need a larger size. The elasticated bands are also available in different sizes, so it is important to measure your waist and refer to the manufacturers size chart to find your perfect fit.

Most maternity jeans are made from a lightweight denim that is blended with some form of stretchy material such as elastane for added comfort. Whilst dark colors such as navy blue and black are traditionally seen as more slimming, this does not mean that you cannot experiment with a range of different colors. Pastel shades such as baby pinks and lemons are preferable to bright neon colors, and team these with some super-comfy Uggs or tennis shoes. Whatever styles you preferred before pregnancy such as ripped or faded denim and diamante details are all available in maternity versions, and the wide range of different options allow you to dress your baby bump in style without having to sacrifice your personal comfort.

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Cost-Cutting Tips for Customizing T Shirts

T shirts a common item wore by people around the globe. It is one of the most popular garments because it can be worn with almost anything such as jeans, lowers, skirts, shorts, etc. T shirts are also readily available in the market whether it is a market in the US or in central Asia. There are many different kinds of t shirts available too. Branded t shirts are one of the most expensive kind of t shirts whereas; ordinary t shirts available in the market can be highly affordable.  I saw a sale yesterday where plain t shirts were only $2.50.

Customized t shirts replicate a person’s personality which is why cheap customized t shirts may not be easily available. A person will have to purchase a solid color t shirt and customized it himself in order to save money. If you’re looking for an inexpensive method t shirt customizing, follow these steps:


  1. Buy affordable t shirt material

T shirts of every material are available in the open market. A very fine material would burden the wallet whereas a cheaper one will keep the budget within range. If a person searches properly, he or she will be able to find ample kinds of t shirt materials they would like. The first step towards customized t shirts for a cheaper value is to find the most suitable material for a t shirt. The most favorable type of material is 100% cotton which is also very affordable as compared to silk shirts or nylon shirts. 100% cotton shirts are also very easy to customize and comfortable to wear. Majority of the customized t shirts available in the market at branded stores are cotton since the consumer demand is high for this material.  You’ll also want to take note if the material is preshrunk or not.

  1. Self customization as compared to buying customized t shirts

A person can walk into a store and purchase his favorite customized t shirt. However, this t shirt will cost him double the amount of customizing a t shirt personally. Self customization means that a person engages himself into putting together a theme for the t shirt. This method is affordable and leaves a person with the t shirt just the way they want it as compared to buying a branded ready made t shirt. The first step would be for the person can choose the basic color of the t shirt. The second step would be to select the design of the t shirt and what image or text you wants displayed on it. Self customization can save you a lot of money!

  1. Approaching an independent t shirt printer

Once an individual has the shirt theme finalized, he or she can approach an independent t shirt printing person or company which can produce the final product. Having a t shirt printed by an independent printer allows a person to obtain a cheaper costing t shirt. T shirt printers are readily available in the market and cost a small amount to print a design or an image on the t shirt. They operate a cloth printer which transmits the image or design onto the t shirt with non-erasable ink. These independent printers can be found in shopping malls or t shirt markets where they also help a person customized t shirts for a low price. Cheap customized t shirts help people with low budgets to enjoy a little personalized clothing.

This post was written by Jordon, who loves to assist people in making their life trendy through his informative articles, which he regularly submits in directories and other sites such as Thetshirtman.

The Rising Popularity of Gowns for Rent

Rent the Runway

Most people like to be elegantly dressed on their wedding day but the cost of wedding gowns are such that many couples opt to get a beautiful gown for rent rather than actually purchasing it. If you are looking for a budget wedding renting a gown can save a lot of extra expenses on your wedding. The cost effectiveness is certainly the reason for the rising popularity of gowns for rent. However one need to look at the pros and cons or leasing a wedding gown.

Without a question, the number one cause to consider leasing a marriage dress is the cost. It will definitely be a more reasonable choice than buying a similar gown. For some brides, the idea of spending additional cash for a dress to be used one time is just too hard to stomach. Renting a gown could furthermore be a good option for a bride who likes to wear two gowns for her marriage instead of just one. This is a very common practice among the couples in Asia, where brides may wear customary attire for their wedding ceremony and then swap to a white American style marriage dress for the greeting or for pictures.

Some brides also like the idea of renting a bridal gown for a destination marriage so they do not have to deal with inconvenience of carrying large number of dresses on a plane. This is particularly popular amidst Vegas brides. All they have to do is load their bridal jewelry sets and grab their fiancé on their way to the plane. In detail, there are even some locations which offer one halt shopping: tuxedo rental, wedding gown rental, and marriage venue all rolled into one.

Although the rising popularity of gowns for rent is a growing phenomenon couples need to look at the other aspect. Rental dress mostly comes in standard sizes so there is much the likelihood that may not fit you well. Some rental services offers modifications but with additional charges. You may have to settle on a dress that is alright, rather than having the experience of wearing your dream wedding gown.

Not every bride will be joyous with that. One of the few other things that a couple considers before renting a gown is the condition of the wedding dress. It will not be emblem new when it comes to you, so there is always the possibility that it may not be flawless. Furthermore there is always a thought in your in brain that you must return the wedding gown in the condition in which you had received it. If somebody spills a glass of red wine on your gown, you will end up paying extra amount.

Don’t overlook the sentimental facets of marriage gowns either. For many brides, their marriage gowns, bridal jewelry sets and veils become cherished mementos from their weddings; would it make you miserable not to have your bridal gown to someday pass down to your female child? The rising popularity of gowns for rent can be a very practical reason for most but, obviously it is not a good idea for every bride.

Get Affordable Spring Style with Cookie’s Kids #CBias #CookiesKids

It’s almost Spring here in North Carolina folks and I’m excited!  While we’re still having a good number of cool and down right cold days, we’ve had enough a few really warm days to get me in the mood for springtime.  I’m not ready to put away our sweaters and coats yet but I am ready to shop for warmer clothes.  You never know when another heat wave will come, right?


I don’t have to worry about shopping for new clothes for myself because I have enough clothes from last season to make due for now.  My husband is the same as me but our daughter is a different story.  She is growing like a weed!


Buying clothes for kids can sometimes be difficult.  You don’t want to sacrifice quality for cost.  Kids will be kids and will wear out cheap clothes but paying top dollar for clothes seems crazy when they grow out of them so fast.  That usually means I shop the clearance racks at stores that have better made clothes.  While I like shopping and I enjoy doing this, I don’t always want to leave my house to shop.  That’s why I am excited to tell you about a new online kid’s clothing store that is incredibly affordable with well made clothes!  I couldn’t believe the prices!


Cookie's Kids Clothes


Together Cookie’s Kids and Social Fabric gave me $30 to spend at Cookie’s Kids so that I could review my shopping experience.  While I was excited about shopping at a new store I thought, “$30?  You’ve got to be kidding me? That won’t be enough for an entire outfit.”  Well, it was!  $30 bought two outfits and a pair of shoes!


Cookie's Kids Cart


Cookie’s Kids has an easy to navigate site, great prices, and brand name clothes.  Yep, you read that right, brand name clothes!  Carter’s, Ralph Lauren, & Young Hearts just to name a few.


Cookie's Kids Outfit

I bought two outfits that I thought would be perfect to interchange with each other and a pair of shoes to match them both.  I bought the shoes in a bigger size than she wears right now so she can enjoy them in both Spring and Summer.  I was excited for her to try these on and I’m very pleased that they look just like I thought they would!


Cookie's Kids Clothes


Isn’t she stylish?  This is the first time she’s tried on skinny jeans but I think she wears them well!  I love all the detail on these outfits.  This one has plastic rhinestone buttons and a cute front tied belt.  The other outfit has embroidered designs and a belt to match.  You can’t see the belt in the picture above but go to my Cookie’s Kids Google+ album to view that and more!




Are you ready to get shopping and see what deals you can find?  Cookie’s Kids also has adorable Girl’s Dresses, Boys Suits, and School Uniforms.


Follow Cookie’s Kids on Twitter and follow Cookie’s Kids on Facebook so you’ll never miss out on a promotion.


Happy Shopping!


I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and #CBias #SocialFabric. All opinions are my own!

49ers Football Fashion

This post contains affiliate links.

49ers Super Bowl Fashion


Who says football and fashion don’t mix? This is a beautiful set perfectly portraying the love one has for the 49ers and their sense of style!  While most of these items are modestly priced there are a few that are a little more extravagant.  If you’re a die hard 49ers fan you’ll wear these long after the Super Bowl so think of it as a football fashion investment.


  • Red Rose Stud Earrings – $4 at DixieLandDelight on Etsy. {I want these!}
  • Women’s Sweetheart Boot Cut Jeans – $29.50 at
  • Nike Women’s 49ers Tee Shirt – $28 at
  • Wing Tote Bag – $24 at
  • Women’s 49ers Wedge Shoes – $65 at
  • Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Smoke Red – $30 at
  • Women’s 49ers Leather Strap Watch – $40 at
  • 49ers Sterling Silver Crystal Logo Y Necklace – $125, on sale Buy One, Get One Half Off at
  • 49ers Legend Silver Tone Red Glass Logo Charm Bracelet – $150, on sale Buy One, Get One Half Off at

Don’t forget to check out our cute Big Game Nail Art too!

Not a 49ers fan?  Check out our Ravens Football Fashion instead!

How do you plan to show your team spirit on game day?

Ravens Football Fashion

This post contains affiliate links.

Ravens Super Bowl Fashion

If you’re a Ravens fan through and through then come time for the Super Bowl you’re probably going to be dressed head to toe in purple. Here are a few ideas I came up with to help  you show your devotion to your team while keeping your fashion sense in check. Most of these fashions are pretty affordable too!

  • Essie’s Sexy Divide nail polish – $4.56 at
  • Revlon 16-Hour Eye Shadow Quad – $5.62 at
  • Nike Baltimore Ravens Women’s Fleece Pants – $55, on sale for $38.50 at
  • Nike Baltimore Ravens Women’s Super Bowl XLVII Tee – $28 at
  • Nike Air Max 2013 Shoe – $220 at
  • Ravens Sterling Silver Script Pendant & Necklace – $200, on sale Buy One, Get One Half Off at
  • Ravens Sterling Silver Crystal Linear Drop Earrings – $200, on sale Buy One, Get One Half Off at
  • Baltimore Ravens Cap – $27.99 at

Don’t forget to check out our cute The Big Game Nail Art too!

Not a Ravens fan?  Check out our 49ers Football Fashion instead!

In what ways do you plan to show your support on game day?  

Free Outfit from Fabkids!!! ($39.95 value!)



Here’s a hot, HOT deal a friend of mine just shared with me.  You can get a FREE 3 piece outfit from FabKids!!!  How cool is that?  The retail value of outfits is $39.95.  This is one of those deals with specific details so you’ll need to follow these directions carefully and maybe keep this post open during check out. Oh and this offer is only for new customers.


Here’s the deal:


  • Go to Fabkids and start an account. Follow THIS LINK to do this!
  • THEN once you are done head over HERE. This is a unique link to try them free but you need to have an account first.
  • Pick out the outfit you want and just pay shipping of $7.95
  • Each month you will get an email about a new outfit to try – you can accept or decline and there is no obligation!


I’ve heard that Fabkids is a great site for girl’s clothing and I think my daughter is going to love the outfit I picked out!


Thanks, Jessica for the heads up!


FabKids Clothes

Gymboree: Free Bodysuit with Purchase!

Free Gymboree Bodysuit


Calling all new parents, get your coupon for one free Gymboree bodysuit {up to $7.95 value applied to any bodysuit} with any $10 purchase.  This coupon is redeemable in stores or with free shipping at!


This coupon expires 60 days after printed. One coupon per household.  Only one registration per email address and per household per year.

Gymboree Promo Code for 30% Off + Possible Free Shipping & Gym Bucks!



Here’s a great chance to save BIG at my favorite kid’s store, Gymboree.


Select markdowns are already 25% off plus you’ll save an additional 30% when you use Gymboree coupon code GYMCOF or GYMCIRCLE.  This coupon code is good through November 4, 2012.  If you’re a Gymboree Rewards Members save an additional 5%.  If you’re not one already, you can sign up for free.  You’ll also earn $25 Gym Bucks for every $50 spent. Plus you’ll get free shipping on orders over $75!  Whew, that’s a lot of savings!


If you have had your eye on Gymboree clothing, shoes, outerwear, or sleepwear, now might be a good time to buy!

  • Pajamas start at $10 after promo code.
  • Fleecewear starts at $12 after promo code!
  • Select holiday outfits and sleepwear already marked down 25%


Thanks, Baby Savers!