Sol Republic Headphones Review #VZWBuzz

A little while ago, as part of the Verizon #VZWBuzz Bloggers group, I received a pair of Sol Republic Relays Headphones to review.  Having never worn earbuds regularly I was hesitant.  I’ve always wanted to be one of those who enjoyed music while going for a walk {or the occasional jog} but I couldn’t find earbuds that both stayed in and didn’t hurt my ears.

I have sensitive ears.  Very sensitive ears.  Talking a walk on a windy day hurts my ears and leaves me with an awful headache.  On my first trip to Ireland I spent the last leg laying on my side {Yay for an empty plane!} holding my ears and trying to fight off the tears.  I’ve since learned they have ear plugs to help with this but even the kid’s sized plugs are uncomfortable in my ears.  Much better than without them but still uncomfortable.

Sol Republic Headphones

Back to the Sol Republic earbuds, they. are. amazing!  Not only do they have multiple sizes for you to slip on, like most well-made earbuds do, but they also have a teeny tiny size.  I could show you pictures of four other name brand headphones in my house right now that don’t have a tiny option like the Sol Republic headphones do…but I won’t!

Sol Republic Earbuds

Not only do they have a tiny ear tip {I need to learn what the correct word is for those rubber ends!} but they also stay put.  They don’t fall out like every other pair I’ve ever owned!  Maybe it’s because of the tiny end or because of the unique tilted shape.  I’m not sure why they work well but I’m just here to report that they do.

Sol Republic Relays Headphones

If you’re not sold yet, listen to this, they’re bluetooth compatible!!  What’s that mean?  That means you can use them to answer your phone!  How cool is that?!  Not only is that a fun feature but it’s a good thing to have because they do such a good job at blocking out outside noises you might not hear your phone ring otherwise.

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones to run in, listen to music, or just watch Netflix in bed at night I highly recommend you take a look at Sol Republic’s in-ear Relays Headphones.  At only $79.99 these are a great bargain.