Fast Facts About the ALL-NEW Nutrisystem Fast 5

This post brought to you by Nutrisystem . All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you ready to try a new way to lose weight?  I am too…well, almost.  I’m due to have a baby in a few weeks, then a few weeks after that I’ll be ready!  I’ve wanted to try Nutrisystem® for a long time and I was just about to commit when I found out I was pregnant.  Seriously, I had to call to stop my shipment from arriving.  I was thiiiiis close.  Now that I’m towards the end of my pregnancy I’m thinking about Nutrisystem again.  I’m not wanting to lose weight for selfish and superficial reasons but because I genuinely want to be healthy and have energy to enjoy caring for my family.  While looking into Nutrisystem again I’ve found that they have a great new program called Nutrisystem® My Way®.

Nutrisystem My Way is tailored to each person’s metabolism, supposedly providing the right amount of nutrients and calories needed for success.  How cool is that?  With a science-based algorithm to determine each individual’s approximate metabolism rate, Nutrisystem My Way is able to create a customized program tailored to his or her needs.

In addition to the personalized meal plan, people are given specific exercise instructions to help boost their fat metabolism so that they’ll burn fat more efficiently.  As time goes on and people lose weight they’re encouraged to check in from time to time with a Nutrisystem counselor so that their meal and exercise plan can be adjusted to their changing metabolism.  I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty incredible.  I want someone to tell me exactly what to do and when.  I don’t want to have another thing to think about, especially with a newborn for care for!

 photo REQUIREDfast5logo450_zpsebb38c3e.jpg

The Nutrisystem Fast 5 is a one week jump-start kit to get you started with a bang.  It’s currently being offered for free with the purchase of the new 28-day My Way program and is guaranteed to help you lose 5 pounds in your first week!*  Guaranteed, I like the sound of that. *Results vary depending on starting weight, adherence to the program and other factors. If you’re not 100% satisfied, call within 14 days and return the remaining food for a full refund plus return shipping. First order only.  

 photo OPTIONAL2fast5mywaygroup450_zpse9c54eb1.jpg

The Fast 5 features 7 breakfasts, lunches and dinners that were specially selected to get your weight loss jump-started. You’ll also receive Nutrisystem’s great, new shakes that were specially formulated to fight off hunger and boost metabolism.  The Fast 5 week program is designed to set you on your way to the 28-day My Way program more motivated than ever!

Just talking about it has me motivated! What about you, have you tried Nutrisystem before?  If not, do you think you’d like to?

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It Works! Giveaway

A few months ago, I heard about a company called It Works! that boasted an unbelievable claim.  They said they could shrink the fat right off your body using nothing but a body wrap and less than an hour of your time.

Their claims seemed so outrageous, especially when coupled with photos like this:

It Works!  Testimonial

An actual customer of Heidi’s lost over 5″ after one body wrap application

The first thought that entered my mind was, “I wonder if that really works?” Because I’ve had twins, people, and even though I work out and eat healthy, I still have a bit of a baby pooch that wasn’t there before.

Not only that, but the skin on my stomach looks like a sock that’s been stretched out one too many times.  I don’t have stretch marks, which is a miracle, but I also don’t look like I’m in high school anymore.

Imagine that.

So when I had the opportunity to try an It Works! body wrap myself, I jumped at the chance.  Even though I was skeptical, I hoped this kind of magic was real because so far, the garden gnomes and kitchen elves have been a huge disappointment.

Saundra and her daughter Heidi, two independent It Works! consultants, sent me one individual It Works! Ultimate Body Wrap.  I was kind of hoping for a vat of the stuff but apparently they don’t sell vats.  Yet.  However, the Ultimate Body Wrap comes in packs of four so you can plaster them all over yourself if you’d like, although you should try to restrain yourself to only two at a time just to be safe.

Since I only had one wrap, I had to decide where to put it.  You can use the Ultimate Body Wrap anywhere from the neck down.  But, my baby tummy had to be the first to go.

The body wrap was very easy to apply.  I simply unfolded it and wrapped it around my stomach area, magic-lotion side down.  It smelled a little like Vicks Vapor Rub and tingled a little like it too.  That’s because it is loaded with botanical ingredients like menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus.  The tingling sensation dies down as the lotion soaks in.

One wrap doesn’t go all the way around unless you’re a twig, but I was happy to see that even though I’ve very tall, it was able to cover the majority of my stomach and my hate-handles (let’s be real, people–there is no love there).

The directions said to wrap myself up in Saran Wrap to keep the lotion in place.  My husband found this part of the process highly entertaining.  Not in a, “Wow, Baby, you’re so sexy” kind of way but more like a “Ha ha hahahahahahah!” kind of way.

He’s so precious.

Even with my midsection wrapped up like yesterday’s pizza, I was able to walk around, wrangle children, and waste time on Facebook like usual.

The directions said to leave the wrap on for at least 45 minutes.  It also cautioned against leaving it on longer if this was your first time wrapping in case your skin was sensitive.  So, I tried to behave even though I kind of wanted to spend all day wrapped up in magic lotion, just in case the extra time made my backside smaller too.  It was a long shot.

It Works!  Testimonial

Another actual customer shows significant loss after 1 application.

When it was time to take the wrap off, I rubbed the remaining lotion into my skin, as per the directions, and went about my day, making sure to drink plenty of water.  Saundra told me to drink half my body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water for 72 hours to assist the herbs in drawing toxins out of my body.  If I weighed 120 pounds (stop laughing) then I’d drink 60 oz. of water.

I drink a lot of water anyway, but it was encouraging to see that the It Works! products weren’t trying to make me skinny by drawing water out of my system so I’d shrink like a raisin.  Nope.  I was staying well hydrated.

By the evening of the first day (sounds biblical, right?) I was already noticing an improvement in the tone and texture of my skin.  My stomach felt like butter.  Anywhere the wrap touched was super-hydrated and springy like baby skin.  Even the little wrinkles around my belly-button (thanks, twins) had almost vanished.

I could hardly wait for the 72-hour mark to take my measurements.  I took three: one at my belly button, one two inches above the belly button, and one two inches below.  I didn’t notice any difference in the measurement above my belly button, but that’s understandable because I’m pretty much all ribs right there.

But, as I’ve aged, the Great Migration has started to happen so it made sense that I’d notice the biggest difference in the areas that are a bit more…south.  I lost 1” at my belly button and 1 ¾” two inches below my belly button!  Wow!  That’s not bad especially since the biggest differences are normally seen after more than one application.  I was pretty thrilled!  In fact, I’d have to say it works!

It Works!  Side view

My own side profile pictures didn’t really do the wrap justice since I wasn’t quite willing to bare my belly for all of you. But You can already see how flat my stomach is becoming after just one application!

In fact, I think It Works! is the perfect thing to help get ready for all those summer events like weddings, graduations, and swim suit shopping expeditions.  You know.  Stuff.

So, we’re offering an It Works! giveaway so you can try the products yourself!  Heidi and Saundra got together and put together a prize package that’s almost as good as a vat of It Works! magic.  One winner will receive 1 Ultimate Body Wrap, 1 Facial Applicator (to tighten and tone the entire face), and 1 mini Defining Gel.  That’s a $60 retail value!

Click on the Rafflecopter link to enter.

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Exercise Ideas for Parents

Exercise Ideas for Parents


Between errands and house work and dinner, it can be quite a challenge for moms and dads to find ways to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.  I think with a little creativity you can squeeze a few extra minutes of exercise here and there into your life, get healthier, and feel better about yourself.  Here are a few ways that parents can get fit and make the most of their free time.


  • Walk Away the Weight – Something as simple as walking can help you reduce stress and lose weight.  For some parents, finding a few minutes to walk in the morning before everyone else wakes up might be ideal.  For others, a brisk walk before lunch with the stroller is their preferred option to get fit.  Whenever you can manage to squeeze in a walk you’ll be glad you did.  Walking is one of the simplest ways to get fit and improve your health.  Plus, I find that it’s a great time to talk with my husband when we walk together and a great time to talk to God when I walk alone.


  • Exercise with the Kids – When I was little I loved riding bikes with my dad.  It was a fun way to bond and experience nature together.  Other options might include a dance game on the Wii or Xbox, backyard volleyball, hiking, or swimming.  Your options are endless, just make sure you don’t let the kids know that they’re exercising!


  • Work Out at the Playground – If you don’t want to do jumping jacks in front of all the other moms you could simply wear weights and increase your movement at the playground.  Walk around the playground or get involved and cross those monkey bars!


  • Make it Fun – This is a favorite of mine!  I love to turn music on and dance.  This is a great way to get an extra little work out when cleaning or when playing with the kiddos.  Another idea is for you and your kid to lay on the floor and pretend you’re riding a bicycle, or that you are a sizzling piece of bacon, or…well, you get the picture!  This is also a good chance to work on their numbers or letters. With both of you laying on your back you can stretch your arms out wide and then clap above you while saying “A” and so on.  There are endless games you can make up and play together!


  • Work out When They Do – This is an idea for older kids.  If your kid takes swimming, dance, or any other scheduled activity see what activities you can do while you wait.  Maybe you could do several laps in the pool while your child has their lesson (if your child isn’t mortified by the idea) or maybe there is a cycling class in the same building as your daughter’s dance class.  Soccer practice?  Go for a quick jog around the field while they practice.  I’m sure there are plenty of ideas you can come up with when you get creative!


What about you?  What ways do you find to exercise after having kids?  I would love to hear your ideas!

7 Ways to Exercise at the Office!

7 Ways to Exercise at the Office
In my list of 10 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging my number 6 is to exercise.  Blogging is an insidiously sedentary activity and without exercise it’s easy to put on extra pounds.  For some reason, this year, I’m anxious to find ways to exercise while I work at my computer.  Maybe it’s the many new years resolutions that I’m seeing posted on Facebook, or the fact that I just finished my 6 month journey with Shaklee’s Cinch {now called Shaklee 180}, or maybe I’m just tired of being lazy.  Either way, I’ve done a lot of research on the subject and now I’m sharing it with you in case you want to join me in my weird experiment to use exercise equipment in the office.  Who’s with me?  Here are 7 Ways to Exercise at the Office!exercise ball desk chairExercise BallThe exercise ball also goes by other names such as fitness ball, exercise ball, or balance ball.  It’s made from a thick durable rubber that can easily hold your weight and allows you to do a variety of exercises.  One simple way to use it is to sit on the ball while you work.  I’m thinking that this is a good option for me!  Sitting on it works your core muscles as you maintain good postural alignment.  Check out this awesome exercise ball chair that I found on Amazon!  It’s on sale for $101.99 {marked down from $188.94} with free shipping.  That’s a 46% savings! 


Step elliptical trainer

Elliptical Trainer

This is an elliptical like none other because it fits under your desk.  We sold our elliptical a few years ago to make better use of our space but I do miss it.  This would be a great way to get a little exercise in without really thinking about it.  I could just peddle while I worked. This elliptical trainer is on sale for $87 {marked down from $200} with free shipping on Amazon.  That’s a 57% savings!



Under desk cycle


This is similar to the elliptical that rests under your desk but instead of an elliptical motion it moves like a bicycle.  If you put it on top of your desk you can even use it to work out your arms.  However, I wouldn’t recommend this unless you work form home.  You might get made fun of. : )  This adjustable height cycle is on sale for $35.99 {marked down from $60} with free shipping from Amazon.  That’s a 40% savings!

balance diskBalance Discs
I will probably avoid these because I have no sense of balance…or maybe I should get them to improve my balance?  These balance disks are thick rubber that’s filled with air.  Whenever you’re standing at your desk, say on the phone, you could stand on this ball.  It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to use it while wearing heels though!  This balance disk is on sale at Amazon for $15.30 {marked down from $24.99} and it ships for free with Amazon Prime.
resistance bands
Resistance Bands
I have one of these that I got as a freebie last year from a vitamin company’s Facebook offer.  Resistance bands are made of a durable rubber that has plastic handles on each end.  You can do many stretches with these throughout the day and I need to start!  A resistance band is great for shoulder presses, lateral raises, triceps extensions & other exercises I don’t exactly know the names of.  There are a variety of resistance bands out there but I found this set on Amazon for only $17.99 plus free Amazon Prime shipping.  This set reuses the same handles for all of the different strength resistance bands.
treadmill desk
Treadmill Desk
If you’re pressed for time and aren’t able to go to the gym, you can bring your gym to your office with a treadmill desk.  This apparatus has a workstation complete with space for a laptop, books, phone, and water bottle.  You simply walk at a slow pace as you work.  Hey, maybe your mind will be so distracted by what you’re doing that you’ll forget that you’re exercising!  I’m sure I’m not coordinated enough for one of these and I don’t have a treadmill due to space limitations, but I have to say that I would love to try this and see if I could handle working and walking at the same time!  I love a challenge!  This treadmill desk is on sale at Amazon for $483.77 {marked down from $589} and ships for free!
pedal desk
Pedal Desk
Similar to the treadmill desk, the pedal desk allows you to work on your computer while getting a work out.  With the pedal desk you can cycle to your heart’s content while having your computer at your fingertips.  This isn’t as appealing to me as the treadmill desk but I’d still like to take it for a spin!  This pedal desk is on sale at Amazon for $253.96 {marked down from $289} plus free shipping!


What about you?  What ways have you found to briefly exercise while at the office?

Let’s Fight Holiday Fat!

Make Positive Changes in Your Life


If you’ve followed my blog for long you’ve known that I’ve been working on lowering my calories and increasing my activity.  In other words, I want to lose weight!  Although I’ve been pretty proud of my efforts so far I did struggle a little during the holidays.  The holidays are full of stress and extra temptations that can derail the best of intentions.


While enjoying the holidays I was also trying my best to eat in moderation and avoid the desserts that my sweet tooth very much desires.  One of the tips I’ve used to do that, besides drinking more water, was to chew gum.  It’s added sweetness helps keep the cravings away and it keeps my mouth busy.  It won’t always work but it comes in handy pretty often!


Something else that helps people reach their goals is alli® and their website  This site is a great online guide for those trying to eat healthy and exercise a little bit more this holiday season and into the new year.  It’s perfect for anyone who has weight loss on their list of new years resolutions!


I was excited to check out this site and look as I’m always needing a little extra inspiration.  I know a lot of people who would like this site!  It has three core elements for someone trying to lose weight.  The three core elements are: diet, physical activity and motivation! It helps you track individual goals and prepare for long-term success.  How great is that?!


Here are some great tips from Samantha Harris on how to fight the fat this holiday season!


1. Make healthy low-fat food choices – swap out the high fat ingredients in your favorite holiday recipe for healthier options


2. Snack Often – have healthy snacks at hand to help keep you from reaching for holiday goodies. Apples, low-fat string cheese, and baby carrots are low-fat and easy to pack! Have a sweet tooth? Try a small peppermint candy (fat-free) to satisfy your temptation.


3. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. – Finding small ways to fit in physical activity can help maintain your weight and energy throughout the season. Going holiday shopping? Park the car in the farthest spot from the store entrance. Cooking? Work your legs with squats while waiting for water to boil.


4. Plan Ahead. – Going to a holiday party? Eat a low-fat snack at home to help you stay on track and avoid over-indulging in unhealthy choices.


5. Keep stress levels low. – Eating healthy and being physically active can play a big part in keeping holiday stress at bay. Keeping stress levels low also may help prevent weight gain. Try to find a time in a busy day to take a few minutes for exercise, deep breathing or eat a healthy, low-fat snack


If you’re looking for a comprehensive wight management resource be sure and visit


“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for alli. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”

Month 6: #Cinchspiration Weight Loss Update

I’ve done it, I’ve reached the sixth month of my Cinch program and I’m awful proud of it!  I’ve spent the past six months going through my personal work out boot camp while on the Cinch program and sharing that on a public stage.  You’ve been able to see my struggles as I’ve tried to find balance in living a healthy life as a mom.  The world has been able to watch my ups and downs through their computer screens.  The goal, besides reviewing the Cinch program, was to inspire and show how life’s challenges can be overcome. Of course, the ultimate goal was to learn how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle and to pass those values and habits on to my family.   Now for some fun before and after pictures!!  

Before and After

Okay so I know that these facial pictures don’t show a major difference but the difference is huge to me.  You see, my face has always been chubby and always will be.  Growing up my family use to comfort me by saying that the baby fat on my face would go away as I got older.  If it hasn’t gone away yet I don’t think it ever will.  Even when I weighed around 100 pounds I’ve had a face chubbier than some women who weighed double what I did.  It’s something I have to live with and I’m okay with that.  However, I did gain some weight in my face when I was pregnant and I’m excited to slowly be losing it.  It might not be a dramatic difference for you to see but it makes a HUGE difference in how I feel about myself.  I love it!

I’m sad to say that I don’t have before and after pictures for you just yet.  I have them!  Well, sort of.  I took before pictures and I’ve taken after pictures but the before pictures are stuck on a computer that freezes as soon as we restart it.  I’m really sad about this.  We’ll be taking the computer to get it fixed soon and you can bet that I’ll be showing them off when I get the pictures back!  I’m excited to see the before and after pictures side by side for myself.  I would show you the after picture now but it’s really not that impressive unless you saw what I looked like before.  I still don’t have an athletic build with 6 pack abs but I know that I look better than I did.  I sure feel better anyway! Update: I have pictures for you!!!  Yay!

Before and After

I’ll be honest, when I eat healthier I have more energy. Always!  I might not always like to admit it but it’s true.  I’ll take any extra bit of energy I can get.  Sure eating a candy bar and drinking a pop {or soda, or coke, or whatever} will give me a temporary bit of energy but it’s temporary and it’s usually followed by a sugar crash.  Skipping the sugary sweets alone has helped with my energy but the metabolism boosting Cinch supplement is there to give me an extra oomph.  Plus, their amazing snack bars are a great alternative to a sugary snack.  They have something magical in them that helps keep me fuller longer.  They’re great!

Are you ready to hear how much I lost?  Drum roll please…….

I’ve lost 25 pounds AND 24 inches!

I have to say, “Results and experiences are unique for each person, so results may vary. People following the weight loss portion of Shaklee 180 can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week.”

That’s more than my kid weighs!  That’s pretty significant for me.  While I can rejoice in this small victory I’m not finished yet.  I still have weight that I want to lose and muscle that I want to tone up.  I hope you’ll continue to follow me on my weight loss/inch loss journey even though my official blogging time with the Cinch program has reached it’s end.

Come and see my final Cinchspiration video here on YouTube if the video doesn’t load below!

I’d like to close by saying a big THANK YOU to the Shaklee program for this opportunity and to Sommer for being such a wonderful friend and cheerleader through it all.

The Cinch™ program {which now goes by the name of Shaklee 180} was provided to me free of charge for 6 months in exchange for my honest opinion!  The posts I’ve written have been 100% my own and have not been edited by Shaklee.  No other compensation was received.

Shaklee #Cinchspiration Kick-Off

Today is the day that I put all of my excuses behind me.  No whining.  No feeling bad about my extra bulge.  Today is the day that I am going to take my first step to reaching my weight loss goals!  Today I will begin the Shaklee Cinch Inch Loss Plan to help me lose weight, lose inches and finally gain my confidence back!




And so my story begins….


I will be updating this once a month with my weight loss tracked and with pictures.  As you can see, right now my target areas are my thighs and my stomach.  I’ve always had a completely flat stomach and it really grosses me out the way that clothes fit me now.  I’ve never had a problem with this and I don’t know how to tackle it.  My thighs however, have been with me for a while and I know what needs to be done to bring them back to a healthy size.  I just need to do it!  The Cinch Wellness site has workshops {or classes} that will teach me about my body and what I need to do to lose inches and keep them off.  I feel that understanding why I’m overweight is important in knowing how to maintain a healthy body weight.


Current weight: Oh, this is hard. Okay, 160.  There I said it.  I weight one hundred and sixty pounds!


My goals: Cinch is encouraging the Cinchspiration team to have SMART goals.  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic,Time-driven goals.


My goal is to lose 30 pounds.  20 would still be awesome but 30 is my lofty, dream goal right now.  I figure this is a 12 week program and if I lose just a little over 2 lbs safely per week I’ll reach my goal.  I don’t know what size clothes I’ll be in but I’m pretty sure I would be able to fit into my pre-baby clothes…but if not, I think a shopping trip is in order!  Before I get carried away with myself, I’m going to get off here and go read more about this Cinch plan.