7 Ways to Exercise at the Office!

7 Ways to Exercise at the Office
In my list of 10 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging my number 6 is to exercise.  Blogging is an insidiously sedentary activity and without exercise it’s easy to put on extra pounds.  For some reason, this year, I’m anxious to find ways to exercise while I work at my computer.  Maybe it’s the many new years resolutions that I’m seeing posted on Facebook, or the fact that I just finished my 6 month journey with Shaklee’s Cinch {now called Shaklee 180}, or maybe I’m just tired of being lazy.  Either way, I’ve done a lot of research on the subject and now I’m sharing it with you in case you want to join me in my weird experiment to use exercise equipment in the office.  Who’s with me?  Here are 7 Ways to Exercise at the Office!exercise ball desk chairExercise BallThe exercise ball also goes by other names such as fitness ball, exercise ball, or balance ball.  It’s made from a thick durable rubber that can easily hold your weight and allows you to do a variety of exercises.  One simple way to use it is to sit on the ball while you work.  I’m thinking that this is a good option for me!  Sitting on it works your core muscles as you maintain good postural alignment.  Check out this awesome exercise ball chair that I found on Amazon!  It’s on sale for $101.99 {marked down from $188.94} with free shipping.  That’s a 46% savings! 


Step elliptical trainer

Elliptical Trainer

This is an elliptical like none other because it fits under your desk.  We sold our elliptical a few years ago to make better use of our space but I do miss it.  This would be a great way to get a little exercise in without really thinking about it.  I could just peddle while I worked. This elliptical trainer is on sale for $87 {marked down from $200} with free shipping on Amazon.  That’s a 57% savings!



Under desk cycle


This is similar to the elliptical that rests under your desk but instead of an elliptical motion it moves like a bicycle.  If you put it on top of your desk you can even use it to work out your arms.  However, I wouldn’t recommend this unless you work form home.  You might get made fun of. : )  This adjustable height cycle is on sale for $35.99 {marked down from $60} with free shipping from Amazon.  That’s a 40% savings!

balance diskBalance Discs
I will probably avoid these because I have no sense of balance…or maybe I should get them to improve my balance?  These balance disks are thick rubber that’s filled with air.  Whenever you’re standing at your desk, say on the phone, you could stand on this ball.  It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to use it while wearing heels though!  This balance disk is on sale at Amazon for $15.30 {marked down from $24.99} and it ships for free with Amazon Prime.
resistance bands
Resistance Bands
I have one of these that I got as a freebie last year from a vitamin company’s Facebook offer.  Resistance bands are made of a durable rubber that has plastic handles on each end.  You can do many stretches with these throughout the day and I need to start!  A resistance band is great for shoulder presses, lateral raises, triceps extensions & other exercises I don’t exactly know the names of.  There are a variety of resistance bands out there but I found this set on Amazon for only $17.99 plus free Amazon Prime shipping.  This set reuses the same handles for all of the different strength resistance bands.
treadmill desk
Treadmill Desk
If you’re pressed for time and aren’t able to go to the gym, you can bring your gym to your office with a treadmill desk.  This apparatus has a workstation complete with space for a laptop, books, phone, and water bottle.  You simply walk at a slow pace as you work.  Hey, maybe your mind will be so distracted by what you’re doing that you’ll forget that you’re exercising!  I’m sure I’m not coordinated enough for one of these and I don’t have a treadmill due to space limitations, but I have to say that I would love to try this and see if I could handle working and walking at the same time!  I love a challenge!  This treadmill desk is on sale at Amazon for $483.77 {marked down from $589} and ships for free!
pedal desk
Pedal Desk
Similar to the treadmill desk, the pedal desk allows you to work on your computer while getting a work out.  With the pedal desk you can cycle to your heart’s content while having your computer at your fingertips.  This isn’t as appealing to me as the treadmill desk but I’d still like to take it for a spin!  This pedal desk is on sale at Amazon for $253.96 {marked down from $289} plus free shipping!


What about you?  What ways have you found to briefly exercise while at the office?
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  1. Jennifer The Quirky Momma says

    I love resistance bands! I’ve used those in many exercise classes!

  2. TerriAnn @ Cookies & Clogs says

    I really need to adopt a balance ball for my comp. chair!

  3. That chair would be awesome to have!

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