Exercise Ideas for Parents

Exercise Ideas for Parents


Between errands and house work and dinner, it can be quite a challenge for moms and dads to find ways to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.  I think with a little creativity you can squeeze a few extra minutes of exercise here and there into your life, get healthier, and feel better about yourself.  Here are a few ways that parents can get fit and make the most of their free time.


  • Walk Away the Weight – Something as simple as walking can help you reduce stress and lose weight.  For some parents, finding a few minutes to walk in the morning before everyone else wakes up might be ideal.  For others, a brisk walk before lunch with the stroller is their preferred option to get fit.  Whenever you can manage to squeeze in a walk you’ll be glad you did.  Walking is one of the simplest ways to get fit and improve your health.  Plus, I find that it’s a great time to talk with my husband when we walk together and a great time to talk to God when I walk alone.


  • Exercise with the Kids – When I was little I loved riding bikes with my dad.  It was a fun way to bond and experience nature together.  Other options might include a dance game on the Wii or Xbox, backyard volleyball, hiking, or swimming.  Your options are endless, just make sure you don’t let the kids know that they’re exercising!


  • Work Out at the Playground – If you don’t want to do jumping jacks in front of all the other moms you could simply wear weights and increase your movement at the playground.  Walk around the playground or get involved and cross those monkey bars!


  • Make it Fun – This is a favorite of mine!  I love to turn music on and dance.  This is a great way to get an extra little work out when cleaning or when playing with the kiddos.  Another idea is for you and your kid to lay on the floor and pretend you’re riding a bicycle, or that you are a sizzling piece of bacon, or…well, you get the picture!  This is also a good chance to work on their numbers or letters. With both of you laying on your back you can stretch your arms out wide and then clap above you while saying “A” and so on.  There are endless games you can make up and play together!


  • Work out When They Do – This is an idea for older kids.  If your kid takes swimming, dance, or any other scheduled activity see what activities you can do while you wait.  Maybe you could do several laps in the pool while your child has their lesson (if your child isn’t mortified by the idea) or maybe there is a cycling class in the same building as your daughter’s dance class.  Soccer practice?  Go for a quick jog around the field while they practice.  I’m sure there are plenty of ideas you can come up with when you get creative!


What about you?  What ways do you find to exercise after having kids?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. Beeb Ashcroft says

    Walking is one of the most underrated ways of staying in shape. Before I had a car, I walked everywhere, and I bemoaned how walking wasn’t that great for exercise…until I got a car and gained 30 pounds. 😉 Great tips!

  2. I like hiking with my family when the weather is good. I also like long walks on the beach. Of course, since we don’t have a beach nearby I think this is an excuse to move closer. 🙂

  3. That’s a good idea to take part in fitness at the same time your kids are. If nothing else, an evening or morning walk is a way to move a bit!

  4. We love walking and hiking together as a family. I have been meaning to start walking on my own but haven’t done it yet – because of the cold. Brr! Thanks for the tips!

    • I know what you mean! I’m not an all-weather walker either. I hate being cold but the warm weather of Spring is coming soon!!

  5. My favorite exercise would have to be swimming in the summer!

  6. When my daughter was cheering, I would run around the small town she practiced in for the duration of the practice.

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