Call Me Maybe Nail Art

Call Me Maybe Nails!

These sweethearts whether near or far will always be connected by their love.

Right now, they’re talking on the telephone and he’s making her blush.


One of my good friends, Emily from Live2Save2Live, told me about a nail design contest that Sally Hansen was hosting.  I didn’t really figure I had a shot but I thought it would be fun to play around with polishes to find a design to fit the “Sweethearts” theme they chose.  My final design turned out better than I thought it would so I’ve decided to submit it.  I have titled it, “Call Me Maybe.”  What do you think?  Cute?


To Vote: 

To vote for my design, go to Sally Hansen’s Nail Art Contest to vote for my entry.  Thank you!  {It should pull up my entry automatically but if it doesn’t just search for Ashley Walkup.}


How To Replicate:

To replicate this simple design all you need is a couple basic nail polish pens and a nail polish in your favorite shade.  I recommend practicing once or twice on paper with an ink pen and then once with the polish pen before you dive in.  Also, make sure the polish pen has dried fully before giving it a top coat {if you choose to do so}.

DIY Halloween Nails

Just like I said I would, I gave Halloween nail painting another try.  {If you missed out, here’s my first attempt at Halloween nails.}  I wasn’t too pleased with my first try so I gave it another go.  While I’m not crazy thrilled with the results it was still fun.  Maybe I should leave nail design to the professionals though.  Either that or stick with the googley eyes.  Those were pretty easy and so far they’ve stayed on surprisingly well!


Halloween Nails

What do you think?  Which is your favorite?  I’m drawn to the tree because the girly side of me just loves seeing pink and black together.  The cat on the fence is fun but I think the cat could have been drawn better and next time I wouldn’t make the fence downhill.  I think the pumpkin looks sweet although maybe a little confused.  The silver spider?  Nah, I’m not a fan.  I promise it looked much better in my head.  Well, there you have it folks!  Another nail adventure comes to a close.  If you’ve painted designs on your nails lately I would love to see a picture.  Send me an email with your nail design pictures and they may even show up on our website!


Because inquiring minds want to know, most of the nail polishes above are from Julep with the exception of the black, green, and silver which is Essie and the purple which is Sally Hansen.

Halloween Nail Fail?

Painted nails are becoming the new trend fast!  Okay, not just pained nails but nails that have lavish designs on them.  I have to tell you that the little girl in me loves this!  I use to love painting designs on my nails and I would spend forever playing around with nail polish bottles and toothpicks.  I’m sick at the moment and I don’t feel like doing much of anything but I figured that painting my nails wouldn’t take to much effort and how hard could it be, right?  Wrong.  I don’t have the steady hand that I use to and this is going to take a little practice if it’s ever going to look good.  Okay, here are my nails.


Halloween Nails

  What do you think?  Halloween Nail Fail?  I’m thinking so.  I had such high hopes for Frankenstein too!  The blood splatter, although very gross, seems to have potential.  I mistakenly thought the pumpkin would be the easiest one.  The mummy and spider web were easy although not so attractive.


What about you?  Have you embraced this new nail trend or are you letting it pass you by?  I’m may be down but I’m not out yet.  I’m going to give this another go next week.  Keep an eye out here for some amazingly awesome nail designs!  Hopefully, awesome.  That’s not a promise.