Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Some of the items featured below were given to me in exchange for featuring them in this post.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

It’s that time of year again…time for me to share about my little girl’s birthday party.  This year she had a Minnie Mouse party because she loves that giggling mouse.  She has a Minnie Mouse phone, purse, microphone, book, and on and on.  This theme fit her perfectly with it’s feminine flair and pink hues.  I hope you’ll enjoy this overview of her party.  I’m sorry there are so many pictures but I just got carried away!

Minnie Mouse Party

This was our food table that held sweet treats, drinks, and hamburgers and the fixings.

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Stand

This Minnie Mouse cupcake stand was custom made for this party. {See Bella Livelli} I chose an old fashioned Minnie Mouse image and requested it in the colors you see above.  I was able to choose the number of tiers, the ribbons used, the design of each tier.  I love that each tier is washable and can be used time and time again.

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

Here is an up close shot at the cupcakes.  Shhh!  Don’t tell anyone but I bought all of these cupcakes at Walmart and later embellished them at home.  It was a busy month and this saved me a lot of time and my sanity.

Minnie Mouse Bow Cupcakes

I made bows out of fondant the night before the party {with this mold from Kreative Koala} and threw them on the sprinkled cupcakes right before the party.

Minnie Mouse Ears Cupcake

These bows and ears came pre-made from 1StopParty and I quickly put them on the pink cupcakes myself.

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Picks

The Minnie Mouse cupcake picks came ready to use {from this CYN Paperie} and I think added a lovely touch to the chocolate cupcakes.

Minnie Mouse Cookies

The cake pops were bought in the freezer section of Walmart and were surprisingly tasty!  I kind of feel bad for totally cheating on these Minnie Mouse cookies but it was so easy.  I bought cookies from Walmart and used a cookie cutter {See UniqueCookieCutters} to cut out the Minnie head.  They were finished in ten minutes tops!  {Don’t worry, we ate the scraps later too.}

Chocolate Cake

Because my life was so crazy at the time of the party, my good friend, Jennifer, asked if she could help out with anything.  I was tempted to say no but she makes this a-maz-ing fruit dip so I asked her to bring some.  I’m so glad she did, it was delicious.  {Remind me to get that recipe for you sometime!}

Minnie Mouse Banner

I got this lovely Minnie Mouse banner from Sutton and Co.  I always enjoy handmade items and I personally think these Minnie decorations are a lot less tacky {is that the right word?} than a lot of the mass produced Minnie party decorations.

Minnie Mouse Gift Bags

Check out these cute party favor bags from the Etsy shop, Barn Nest.  Are they not adorable?!  I was able to choose everything about these bags from the color bag, color bow, types and color of ribbons.  I decided everything but I didn’t have to spend time working on them.  Can you tell how much I love shopping at Etsy?

Minnie Mouse Party Favors

These party favors were perfect for even the smallest partiers – pink crayons!  {See Lil Nicks}

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Ears

These cute Minnie and Mickey Mouse ears were purchased on clearance from a local party store.  I don’t know how I lucked into running across these but I was ecstatic about this find!!

Minnie Mouse Party Straws

I also stumbled upon these fun straws at the party store.  They were fun for the kids to use and later take home with them.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Here is another look at our table filled with yumminess.  You can see the chocolate cake for the guests to eat, pink marshmallows which the kids loved, raspberry M&Ms {yum!}, and on top of the cupcake stand you’ll see a tiny cake with two candles for the birthday girl.

Minnie Mouse Cake Topper

Here’s a closer look at the Minnie Mouse topper and my daughter’s turtle cake {bought from Walmart – Shh!}.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Girl

The birthday girl loved her cake and while she didn’t get too messy she enjoyed it.

Minnie Mouse Party Candy Table

Our sweets included a variety of pink shades and candy for both adults and kids.

Minnie Mouse Party Plate

These DIY Minnie Mouse plates were so easy to make that I even did this myself!  I already had a Cricut so I went and bought a Mickey/Minnie Mouse cartridge for it.  Once I had my Minnie heads cut I simply glued them to the back of clear plates.  Very simple!

DIY Minnie Mouse Plate

I used the same size Minnie head for simplicity and here’s what they look like on the smaller dessert plates.  If you want to get really creative you could even add a bow on there too!

Minnie Mouse Streamers

Here is a look at our decorated back porch where the men spent their time talking as they grilled.  The Minnie Mouse streamers which you see here {and you can see from other pictures that they were used inside} came from the Etsy shop called Welcome to My Store.  The pink hanging lanterns and such were bought at a local party store.

Thank you for letting me share this birthday party with you!  I also want to thank all those who were involved in helping me set everything up,  tear everything down, and those who came to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.  I appreciate you all!

For those that I don’t know personally who found my site while searching for Minnie Mouse party ideas I hope that I’ve inspired you a little.  Feel free to Pin any idea you see so you can remember them later!  If you want to blog about any part of this party feel free to do so, all I ask is that you link back to this post.

{Also see last year’s Pink Lemonade Birthday Party}

Thank you again for reading and have a beautiful day!

Minnie Mouse Party Advice Wanted!

I need your help, ladies!  All you fashionable, trendsetters, know-a-good-style-when-you-see-one people, I need your advice!  You see my mind is a little overwhelmed with blogging {for 6 sites!}, guest contributing {on 3 others!}, running and decorating our church’s VBS, consulting a local company with social media {check out Black Tie Transportation for all your travel needs!}, starting a new MOPS program at our church {yay!}, and of course being a wife and a mommy.  My mind is so cluttered that I need your help making a decision for my little girl’s birthday party that’s coming up.

You may remember her Pink Lemonade Party last year.  Well, this year we’re going with a Minnie Mouse theme and I’m pretty excited about it.  The thing is, I’m not in love with the Minnie Mouse party decor you can buy.  The bright fuchsia, purple, and hot pink aren’t doing it for me.  I like the classic Minnie.  You know the one with the blue dress, yellow shoes and matching yellow hat with the flower in it?  While I’m still sticking with the more modern pink shades, I’m not going as far as today’s purple colors.  Long story short, I need you to help me decide which party set to buy.

The company Minted contacted me about doing a review for one of their party sets.  It took me about two seconds to look at their well put together sets and say yes but it’s taking me much longer to decide which set I want.  None of these sets perfectly scream Minnie Mouse! but I think they can all be made to work.

Here are the three sets I’m choosing between:

Pajama Party Decorations

 1. The Pajama Party 

It’s pretty cute right?  There is much more that’s included than what’s featured above but I’ll get into that after I showcase each of the party designs.  There is also a fun party hat and pinwheel party favors!  I love everything about this except the bunny slippers.  I would have to figure out some way to cover them up.

Guapa Party Decorations

2. The Guapa Party

I love the colors that are included in this set!  It would help me from buying eeeeverything in one shade of pink or another but my concern is maybe it’s too grown up.  What do you think?  Oh, and while this set includes more than is pictured it doesn’t include the fun pinwheels because this is an adult party set.  I could always buy them a la carte though!

Wooded Blossoms Party Decorations

3. Wooden Blossoms Party

This set doesn’t contain pink and if you know me you probably think I’m going crazy right now but I’m not!  I still plan on incorporating pink into everything else so this would tie in well with it.  But maybe it wouldn’t work.  I’m torn! Even though this set looks more mature it is a kid set so it does have the pinwheels.  Can you tell I like the pinwheels?

From the Minted website:

Personalize bunting banners and signs to make the party extra-special. Create a unique centerpiece with table confetti and a wishing tree, top your cupcakes with fun flag stickers, and send guests home with a treat in glassine bags closed with a stylish sticker. Party decor can be purchased as a suite (starting at $65) or a la carte. All suites come with bunting banner, stickers, table confetti, and paper plates & napkins.

There you have it, folks!  There’s my dilemma and I can’t wait to hear your answer.  Feel free to browse the Minted site and pick out a fourth option if you want.

Thank you!!

Disney Mickey and Minnie Nail Art

Mickey and Minnie Nail Art

Minnie Mouse is one of my favorite Disney characters!  She’s adorable for little girls and grown up girls too!  I love her sweet face, her relationship with the mouse who started it all, Mickey, and her love of polka dots.  What’s not to like?

If you follow me on Pinterest {and I hope you all do!} you’ve been bombarded with my Minnie Mouse pins lately.  I’m sorry about that!  You see, my little girl is about to turn two and I’m searching for every idea possible to make her Minnie Mouse party a success.  {Check out my DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween costume I made her.}  While browsing and browsing I found quite a few cute Minnie Mouse nail designs {which I pinned on my Pretty Nails board}.  Some were simple and some were far above my skill level.  I chose to do a design that was right in the middle.  It stretched me out of my comfort zone and I’m very pleased with the results.  If you think these are awful, please keep your comments to yourself.  Don’t bust my bubble!

My favorite Mickey and Minnie images are from the 70’s and 80’s.  Do you remember the ones?  Minnie wore a blue dress, yellow shoes, and a hat with a flower in it?  I tried to make my characters look like the ones from back then except that Minnie has a bow instead of a hat.

Have you ever done your own Mickey and Minnie Mouse Nail Art?  If so, I would love to see it!

Products Used:

Here is a list of the products that I used for my Mickey and Minnie Mouse Design:

  • – Julep Polish in a beautiful shade that isn’t available yet….that I got to name!!!  I can finally cross that item off of my bucket list.  This color will be making it’s debut soon.  Don’t you want to buy it?  I think it’s absolutely beautiful!  My poor photography skills make it look a little darker in the picture than it actually is but don’t you love the rose gold flecks in it?  Even if I didn’t have the privilege of picking the color and naming it myself it would still be my favorite polish.
  • White Nail Art Paint (Milani)
  • Dotting Tool
  • Black Polish (Sally Hansen)
  • Base and Top Coat (Julep Base Coat, Julep Polymer Top Coat)

I’m sorry that this isn’t a tutorial post but I don’t think I could do it again if I tried!  I set aside a block of time, figured out what I wanted my design to be, and carefully applied each stroke.  Sometimes I used my dotting tool or my fingernail to remove a little paint if I went a little too far.  After I was happy with my design I sealed it off with a top coat.

Even though this isn’t a tutorial, I would be happy to do my best to try and answer any questions you might have so please feel free to leave them in the comments below.  Plus, feel free to leave a comment here telling Julep what you think of their new polish color!

Minnie Mouse Slippers, Cup, Robe, Costume, & More On Sale!

I don’t know why but I’ve been on kind of a Minnie Mouse kick lately.  I tell  you, I’m crazy about that girl!  While searching for Minnie Mouse slippers for my daughter I found quite a few good deals at the Disney Store and I thought some of you might be interested too!


If you do decide to buy something be sure to click through Ebates for 3% cash back and use a coupon code.  The coupon code DVC10 will get you 10% off your entire purchase and BONUS20 will save 20% off of toys and plush.


Here are my favorites that I bought tonight!: 


Minnie Mouse Slippers Minnie Mouse Slippers -Reg. $14.50, on sale for $12  Could slippers get any cuter?



Minnie Mouse Mug

Minnie Mouse Mug – Reg. $12.50, on sale for $7  Merry Christmas to me!!



Minnie Mouse Cup Minnie Mouse Tumbler w/ Straw – Reg. $6.50, on sale 2 for $12  {It has floating glitter and bows in it!!}


Adorable Minnie Mouse Items on My Wish List: 


Minnie Mouse Robe Minnie Mouse Personalized Bath Robe – $29.50, personalization $5.95   Adorable!!



Minnie Mouse Straw Cup Minnie Mouse Straw Cup – Reg. $6.50, on sale 2 for $12  Soft straw for young kiddos but super cute!



Minnie Mouse Plush Minnie Mouse Plush – Reg. $19.50, on sale for $12 What a deal!

Minnie Mouse Placemat Minnie Mouse Placemat – $6.50



Minnie Mouse Costume Minnie Mouse Costume Collection – Reg. from $7.50 – $34.50, on sale from $7.50 – $24.15

Personally, I like my homemade DIY Minnie Mouse Costume better but in case you don’t here’s a deal on the Disney brand costume.  By the way, in case you want to you can go here to see my cute little girl dressed up in her Minnie Mouse costume.


As always, don’t forget to shop through Ebates to earn 3% CASH BACK on your Disney purchases!

Halloween 2012: Minnie Mouse Photo Shoot

 Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

This year my little girl dressed as Minnie Mouse!  {You can find the details of this DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween costume here.}


We didn’t actually take her trick-or-treating.


Pouting Halloween Baby

It was pretty chilly and I’m not a fan of the whole adults carrying babies and begging for candy for “them” thing.  Although had it been a little warmer I probably would have taken her out just to show her off.


Baby Crying

As it turns out she wasn’t too fond of getting her picture taken on Halloween.  In her defense we did spend 30 minutes wandering downtown among many strange looking tricker-treaters as we searched for the photography studio.  Once we found it we didn’t give her a chance to warm up to the place before sitting her in the floor and walking away.  Bad parents!


Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

Her sad face did make for some cute pictures though.


Sitting Minnie Mouse Baby

She ended up calming down just slightly at the end when she was shown the candy inside the pumpkin.  Like mother, like daughter!

That’s all folks, another Halloween is in the books.  I hope you had a great time with your kids this year no matter how you chose to spend the 31st.  If you dressed up for trick-or-treating I would love to see your posts so feel free to link up in the comments!

Pictures are from White Rust Photography.

DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

I’ve been trying to think of a cute DIY Halloween costume for my little girl but I couldn’t think of what would work well for her.  I wanted a costume that wasn’t itchy, that she could wear again, and matched her sparking personality.  That’s not too much to ask right?  Finally it dawned on me when I was shoe shopping.  Shoe shopping can be a magical time!  I found the cutest little Minnie Mouse shoes for my sweetie {pictured below} and it was then that I was stuck on a Minnie Mouse costume.  I bought a monkey costume after Halloween last year for $3 to keep as back up in case I couldn’t find a great costume but it looks like I won’t be needing it!  Here are the pieces of my DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume!  You’ll have to use your imagination to piece together the different items but I think you’ll get the idea. Go here to see my little Minnie Mouse all fully dressed up!

Minnie Mouse Ears Minnie Mouse Ears $4.99 + $4.99 Shipping on Amazon (Also at a local Birthday Express)   Super cute, right?  I think these will make a fun dress up accessory for later too!     Toddler Dress Sears’ Girl’s Dress Multi-tier Short Sleeve Dress – On sale for $22.00 (Originally $44)   I’ll probably throw a short black cardigan around her if it’s cool out.  I love that this is a dress that she can wear again and again.  Plus, it doesn’t have any of that itchy fabric that cheap Halloween costumes do!   Black Tights Amazon’s 3 Pack Tights for Baby – 1 White, 1 Black, & 1 Pink in size 9-18 months $5.99 (other sizes available)   Any black tights will do but I found these for a good price on Amazon.


Minnie Mouse Shoes

The shoes that started it all!  Disney Baby by Stride Rite Soft Motion Minnie Mouse $42.00   $42 is a bit much for a Halloween costume accessory so if you aren’t in need of an extra pair of shoes I’m sure any pink or black ones would look great too.   I might add a little black face paint on her nose too!  What do you think?  Would this be cute or am I letting the pink and polka dots cloud my judgment?