Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Some of the items featured below were given to me in exchange for featuring them in this post.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

It’s that time of year again…time for me to share about my little girl’s birthday party.  This year she had a Minnie Mouse party because she loves that giggling mouse.  She has a Minnie Mouse phone, purse, microphone, book, and on and on.  This theme fit her perfectly with it’s feminine flair and pink hues.  I hope you’ll enjoy this overview of her party.  I’m sorry there are so many pictures but I just got carried away!

Minnie Mouse Party

This was our food table that held sweet treats, drinks, and hamburgers and the fixings.

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Stand

This Minnie Mouse cupcake stand was custom made for this party. {See Bella Livelli} I chose an old fashioned Minnie Mouse image and requested it in the colors you see above.  I was able to choose the number of tiers, the ribbons used, the design of each tier.  I love that each tier is washable and can be used time and time again.

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

Here is an up close shot at the cupcakes.  Shhh!  Don’t tell anyone but I bought all of these cupcakes at Walmart and later embellished them at home.  It was a busy month and this saved me a lot of time and my sanity.

Minnie Mouse Bow Cupcakes

I made bows out of fondant the night before the party {with this mold from Kreative Koala} and threw them on the sprinkled cupcakes right before the party.

Minnie Mouse Ears Cupcake

These bows and ears came pre-made from 1StopParty and I quickly put them on the pink cupcakes myself.

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Picks

The Minnie Mouse cupcake picks came ready to use {from this CYN Paperie} and I think added a lovely touch to the chocolate cupcakes.

Minnie Mouse Cookies

The cake pops were bought in the freezer section of Walmart and were surprisingly tasty!  I kind of feel bad for totally cheating on these Minnie Mouse cookies but it was so easy.  I bought cookies from Walmart and used a cookie cutter {See UniqueCookieCutters} to cut out the Minnie head.  They were finished in ten minutes tops!  {Don’t worry, we ate the scraps later too.}

Chocolate Cake

Because my life was so crazy at the time of the party, my good friend, Jennifer, asked if she could help out with anything.  I was tempted to say no but she makes this a-maz-ing fruit dip so I asked her to bring some.  I’m so glad she did, it was delicious.  {Remind me to get that recipe for you sometime!}

Minnie Mouse Banner

I got this lovely Minnie Mouse banner from Sutton and Co.  I always enjoy handmade items and I personally think these Minnie decorations are a lot less tacky {is that the right word?} than a lot of the mass produced Minnie party decorations.

Minnie Mouse Gift Bags

Check out these cute party favor bags from the Etsy shop, Barn Nest.  Are they not adorable?!  I was able to choose everything about these bags from the color bag, color bow, types and color of ribbons.  I decided everything but I didn’t have to spend time working on them.  Can you tell how much I love shopping at Etsy?

Minnie Mouse Party Favors

These party favors were perfect for even the smallest partiers – pink crayons!  {See Lil Nicks}

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Ears

These cute Minnie and Mickey Mouse ears were purchased on clearance from a local party store.  I don’t know how I lucked into running across these but I was ecstatic about this find!!

Minnie Mouse Party Straws

I also stumbled upon these fun straws at the party store.  They were fun for the kids to use and later take home with them.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Here is another look at our table filled with yumminess.  You can see the chocolate cake for the guests to eat, pink marshmallows which the kids loved, raspberry M&Ms {yum!}, and on top of the cupcake stand you’ll see a tiny cake with two candles for the birthday girl.

Minnie Mouse Cake Topper

Here’s a closer look at the Minnie Mouse topper and my daughter’s turtle cake {bought from Walmart – Shh!}.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Girl

The birthday girl loved her cake and while she didn’t get too messy she enjoyed it.

Minnie Mouse Party Candy Table

Our sweets included a variety of pink shades and candy for both adults and kids.

Minnie Mouse Party Plate

These DIY Minnie Mouse plates were so easy to make that I even did this myself!  I already had a Cricut so I went and bought a Mickey/Minnie Mouse cartridge for it.  Once I had my Minnie heads cut I simply glued them to the back of clear plates.  Very simple!

DIY Minnie Mouse Plate

I used the same size Minnie head for simplicity and here’s what they look like on the smaller dessert plates.  If you want to get really creative you could even add a bow on there too!

Minnie Mouse Streamers

Here is a look at our decorated back porch where the men spent their time talking as they grilled.  The Minnie Mouse streamers which you see here {and you can see from other pictures that they were used inside} came from the Etsy shop called Welcome to My Store.  The pink hanging lanterns and such were bought at a local party store.

Thank you for letting me share this birthday party with you!  I also want to thank all those who were involved in helping me set everything up,  tear everything down, and those who came to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.  I appreciate you all!

For those that I don’t know personally who found my site while searching for Minnie Mouse party ideas I hope that I’ve inspired you a little.  Feel free to Pin any idea you see so you can remember them later!  If you want to blog about any part of this party feel free to do so, all I ask is that you link back to this post.

{Also see last year’s Pink Lemonade Birthday Party}

Thank you again for reading and have a beautiful day!

Let’s Celebrate – Today is My 10,000th Day!

Celebrate each day!


Today my husband and I celebrated my 10,000th day being alive!  He said that it’s more significant than my actual birthday because this is the last time I’ll ever add a digit to that number.  Isn’t he the sweetest!?


He’s been building up this day up for weeks without telling me the significance of it and it’s been driving me crazy.  I’ve called friends and family to see if they knew of any significance the date held.  No such luck.  I thought I could pry it out of him after midnight last night but that didn’t even work.  Finally, today came and he took me out for breakfast and told me the news.  I am officially 10,000 days old!  When you say it like that it sounds old.  ha.  It’s sad that it’s starting to sound old when you say it in years.


I can’t complain.  I’ve had a fabulous 10,000 day birthday.  My life is good!  I have a wonderful Savior, I’m married to an amazing man, I have a sweet daughter, and it’s been a great 10,000 days!  Here’s to the next 10,000+!


Have you ever celebrated a unusual day just for the fun of it?