5 Light Bladder Leakage Tips!

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I have talked about Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) on the blog before, and I think it’s something that warrants further discussion considering the numerous people who privated messaged me or emailed me saying how helpful my honest discussion was for them.  Considering one in three women experience LBL at some point in their lives it’s no wonder women are looking for answers.

Poise Microliners


Here are some handy dandy don’t pee your pants light bladder leakage tips:

  1. Try out the new Poise microliners with SAM (Super Absorbent Material) which now comes in a sleek fold-able design for easy purse storage. Coping with accidents is much easier if you have the right tools for the job, says Wendy Fries of WebMD.
  2. Do your Kegals!  Seriously, do it.  Put post it notes around the house with smiley faces on them to remind you.  You’ll never look at a smiley face the same way again will you? 🙂
  3. Stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause constipation, and constipation can contribute to bladder leakage for some women. (source: LiveConfidently.com)
  4. Take time to go to the potty more often.  Set a timer until you get in the habit of going more frequently.
  5. Limit your caffeine if at all possible.  It’s a natural diuretic so only drink it if you’ll be near a bathroom.

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Sneezing Without Fear

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I invited a lady to go on an overnight outing with me.  {I’ll keep her name private to protect her identity.}  This friend of mine turned down my invitation without giving a reason and since we’re so close I asked why.  She hem hawed around before sheepishly telling me that she was afraid to go far from home because she struggled with light bladder leakage.  I asked if she had tried Poise pads or liners and she hadn’t heard of them before.  Since our outing was a few weeks away I encouraged her to try them out in the mean time and let me know if she changed her mind about the trip.  She got back to me within the next week and was overjoyed at the freedom she felt from such a small purchase.  This changed her life in a real way!

My biggest blessing

Fast forward a few years and I experienced something I never thought I would.  Isn’t it funny how we think things will never happen to us?  Well, LBL {Light bladder leakage} happened to me.  My heart is racing just thinking about saying that “out loud” but it’s true and I think it’s an important issue for women to discuss.  After my darling little angel was born regular old panty liners didn’t cut it.  I was fine when coughing, exercising, and even laughing but sneezing was/is my downfall.  Especially with a little one growing inside of me now, kicking everything possible, I’m worried about LBL.  Worried that is, when I don’t remember to use Poise.

Matron of Honor

Poise liners has helped renew my self confidence.  I was a busy matron of honor this summer and no matter what stress, laughter, tears, or sneezes came at me I was prepared.

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