Easy Back-to-School Lunches with Del Monte

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First Day of School

As I opened my eyes this morning, the realization that my daughter is starting school this year gripped my heart.  Of course I worry what she’ll study, how she’ll socialize, and a million little things but what really has me troubled is that my little girl is growing up.  My baby.  My daughter who just learned how to sit up on her own yesterday…or so it seems.  While writing this I see a carousel of photographs twirling in my mind.  This gallery of memories brings burning tears to my eyes.  I can’t believe she’s growing up so fast!  Cherish each day.  That’s this mama’s motto.

While I can’t slow her down, and I don’t want to {entirely}, I can do my best to make sure she gets all that she needs to succeed.  Starting today, I’m going to be more purposeful in working with her.  We’ll have a set time to study and have structured play.  Not only will I get to help her learn but I’m excited about this one on one quality time with her.

In addition to purposeful activities I’m going to be more intentional with the meals I provide.  Before now it’s been easy to eat leftovers for lunch and throw together a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  I want to take the time to provide more nutritious meals for her.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while actually and back-to-school time seems like a great time to reevaluate and make changes.  I’m thinking of a dozen different ways to make crock pot oatmeal for busy mornings and a handful of different fruit combinations for lunch.

Bento Ideas

While at Walmart the other day I noticed these fruit cups were on sale on the end cap of the aisle.  I love a sale and fruit cups happen to hold a tiny space in my heart.  Every single time I eat them I’m reminded of eating canned fruit with my dad.  It was a special childhood memory that I look back on fondly.  It seemed that all the back-to-school shoppers had flooded Walmart at once so I ventured down the aisle to browse the fruit cups without the fear of being trampled.  There I found something pretty amazing!  No really, amazing!  Fruit Burst Squeezers by Del Monte have a pack with fruit AND vegetables inside.

Del Monte Fruit Burst Squezers

These are great for on the go, a quick snack when Mommy has her hands full with the baby, and for back-to-school lunches!  There. are. vegetables. hidden. inside.  This is every mom’s dream come true.  {Okay, maybe mom’s that need to get out more – myself included.}

Girl With Fruit Squeezer

She gave them her seal of approval – Success!!

Del Monte Coupon

Right now, while supplies last, you can get a free back-to-school photo offer from select Walmart Super Store Print Shops with purchase from August 1 – September 13 while supplies last. If your store is offering the promo, and if you participate in the free back-to-school photo they offer you’ll receive $1 off the purchase of (2) Del Monte 4-pack Fruit Cups or (2) Fruit Burst Squeezers.

Easy Back to School Lunches

Are you having back-to-school woes like me? Do you have any coping techniques or back-to-school lunch wisdom you’d like to share? I’d love to hear it if you do!

Party Planning Help from Cottonelle

Disclosure: This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Cottonelle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CottonelleHoliday  http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO.


Do you like to keep a good stock of household supplies like I do?  Don’t worry, I won’t call you a hoarder!  Having supplies on hand makes it easy to set up a party spur of the moment.  On hand right now I would say that I have enough toilet paper, liquid soap, plates, cups, napkins, and silverware to supply a large party.

While I can set out enough plates and cups for everyone, the one thing I can’t set out enough of is toilet paper. We have a small downstairs bathroom with absolutely no place to store an extra roll.  Normally, I’m left running in to check every so often for fear that someone would run out.  {I also keep a spare roll in the pantry across the hall so I can replace it quickly when I need too. Shh, that’s our secret!}  Plus, even if we had a storage place I would hate for a guest to have to change the toilet paper.  I always feel so awkward when I’m over someone’s house and I have to peek in cabinets and closets to try and find a spare roll.  Not to mention having to try and change the toilet paper roll without dropping the center piece of the holder.  Ya’ll know what I’m talking about!  Some of those are built with industrial strength springs and can jump right out of your hand.

To avoid having your guests awkwardly asking you for a roll, having them mortified when they run out, and to keep from running back and forth to the bathroom all night, simply pick up a package of Cottonelle’s Triple Roll.

Cottonelle Triple Roll

This Triple Roll fits standard roll holders and boasts of being Cottonelle’s longest roll!  It still comes with Cottonelle’s Ultra Care Comfort design too.  With this roll you don’t have to sacrifice anything!

Cottonelle Rolls

Check out the difference in size.  One of these rolls will last all night at your party and then some.

Cottonelle in Cart

Not only are these rolls great for parties but they’re great for every day.  I picked up a 12 pack today at Target for my family’s regular use and for an upcoming party {I’ll tell you more about the party later!}.  Note: the 12 Triple Roll pack is the same as 36 regular rolls.  36!!  That means I won’t be running out for toilet paper anytime soon.

Cottonelle from Target

If you’re having a party this holiday season, pick up a pack of Cottonelle Triple Roll and have one less party detail to worry about.

Right now, you can buy a Cottonelle Triple Roll 12 pack or larger and get a FREE box of Kleenex with this Coupon at Target! (Coupons available while supplies last)

Sneezing Without Fear

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I invited a lady to go on an overnight outing with me.  {I’ll keep her name private to protect her identity.}  This friend of mine turned down my invitation without giving a reason and since we’re so close I asked why.  She hem hawed around before sheepishly telling me that she was afraid to go far from home because she struggled with light bladder leakage.  I asked if she had tried Poise pads or liners and she hadn’t heard of them before.  Since our outing was a few weeks away I encouraged her to try them out in the mean time and let me know if she changed her mind about the trip.  She got back to me within the next week and was overjoyed at the freedom she felt from such a small purchase.  This changed her life in a real way!

My biggest blessing

Fast forward a few years and I experienced something I never thought I would.  Isn’t it funny how we think things will never happen to us?  Well, LBL {Light bladder leakage} happened to me.  My heart is racing just thinking about saying that “out loud” but it’s true and I think it’s an important issue for women to discuss.  After my darling little angel was born regular old panty liners didn’t cut it.  I was fine when coughing, exercising, and even laughing but sneezing was/is my downfall.  Especially with a little one growing inside of me now, kicking everything possible, I’m worried about LBL.  Worried that is, when I don’t remember to use Poise.

Matron of Honor

Poise liners has helped renew my self confidence.  I was a busy matron of honor this summer and no matter what stress, laughter, tears, or sneezes came at me I was prepared.

Are your ready to handle each day with Poise?  Right now you can print a $2 coupon for Poise.