In Sickness and In Health

I Dos


Ashley Wedding


As you may know I’ve been married to the love of my life for a handful of years. Michael and I live in North Carolina and are in the process of raising a wonderful little girl and an energetic dog.  We said our vows in the church I was raised in on a rainy winter’s day.  The old wooden church decorated with white flowers was breath taking.


We said our “do you takes” and promised to love and take care of each other, in sickness and in health, for the rest of our lives.  Isn’t that all you need, love and a promise?  We weren’t the typical newlyweds, I moved into my husband’s set up house, we had two of everything and had a lot of items to get rid of.  We got comfortable in our local church and became actively involved.  A few months later my doctor informed me that my tonsils would have to go.  Michael was by my side throughout the entire recovery process waiting on my every need.


In Sickness


A few years had passed when my dentist informed me that I needed to have my wisdom teeth removed.  I already had two of the four removed but apparently the other two were interfering with my bite.  This was another occasion my husband stepped up to bat and took care of my every want and need.  I’m pretty sure I almost threw up on him once during this recovery too!


A couple of years later came the discussion about having a baby.  Women birth babies every day, right?  Well, at least I thought it was that easy.  After a few grueling months my  weakness and nausea subsided and my much hoped for smooth sailing pregnancy took over.


Ashley and Baby Pea


Six months later came our wonderful baby girl came with the perfect text book pregnancy. Because I have hypersomnia I had feared that I would have a troublesome labor. I researched for weeks as I read about possible risks that could happen and the statistics of those things happening.  I talked to Provigil/Nugivil‘s parent company, Cetaphil, for any light they might be able to shed on the subject.  I tried not to worry but because this was such an unusual disorder I wanted myself, my husband, and the doctors to be fully aware of the possible complications.  My husband always assured me that everything was going to be okay and to spend my time wisely by praying about it instead of worrying.  I’m glad that he was right and I gave birth to a happy and healthy baby girl!


Michael has always been so protective of me and never leaves my side when I am sick or in the hospital.  His love and protection makes for a speedy recovery!


Recent Worries


This past December, my husband stayed home to watch my sweetie while I went to the doctor over a persistent stabbing pain in my stomach.  A few tests later and antibiotics were on there way to cure my problem.  Five months later, and two weeks ago, I went to my GYN with the same stabbing pain, tests were ran, and I was told to suffer it out until next month and my cycle would correct itself.  The pain persisted and increased.  Two weeks after my initial GYN appointment, I went back and asked for a different doctor.  He ran tests, discussed options, and promptly admitted me into the hospital.


I nervously called my husband from the doctor’s office to let him know that I was being admitted and we had to find someone to watch our baby girl.  After a few worried questions, he calmed himself down and worked towards convincing me to do the same.  He called and asked his parents to drive down and watch our little girl so he could be with me in the hospital.  About an hour later he met me in my hospital room, grinning from ear to ear, while dripping with sweat from carrying three bags and my littlest baby girl in her car-seat carrier.  I failed to warn him that I’m staying in possibly the farthest room in the building from the parking lot. : (


Ashley & Baby


Five days later and he’s still cheerfully by my side, making the time pass quickly with his jokes.  The first day I was in here he wanted to put my baby girl in the bed, draped with an extra hospital gown, while I hid in the bathroom.  He wanted to wait until a nurse came in and act shocked because I had grown young, like Benjamin Button.  Unfortunately for him I was in too much pain to hide for his trick to work.


hospital husband and food


This afternoon he looked over at me and said, “Look at us, this is a glimpse into our future! We’ll be sitting in our retirement community in side by side beds. I’ll be working a crossword puzzle and you’ll be blogging.”  He always makes me smile!


The hospital staff have really been wonderful!  They’ve been attentive, pleasant, and quick to come if I need them.  The food isn’t half bad even though I don’t have much of an appetite.  It’s sad to say this but this bed is actually more comfortable than my bed at home.  I really should get that Sleep Number bed I’ve been eyeing!  While the stay here has been as enjoyable as a hospital stay could be I’m excited about the prospect of going home in a day or two.  I have to come back in six weeks to have my appendix fully removed so if you remember you can say a little prayer for me and for my husband who will be by my side helping me recover.  : )


My husband is my biggest cheerleader, encourager, and biggest fan, all in one.  When he said “in sickness and in health”, I’m not sure if he had any idea of what he was getting himself into.  Thankfully God did and He choose the right man for the job!