Sleep Number Delivery and Review

We recently got the exciting opportunity to review a M9 bed from Sleep Number.  We’ve been using it for two weeks now and are ready to report in!  You can read about my Sleep Number store experience and finding my Sleep Number here.


We went to the Sleep Number store to find our perfect number and then we anxiously waited for the delivery of our Sleep Number M9 bed.  The delivery was scheduled with a four hour window and the team arrived on the very early side of that.  The delivery team was top notch.  They were very professional and had the installation down to an art.  You can assemble the bed yourself and the directions look like they are very well done.  It would have taken us a lot longer to do ourselves but it is definitely doable.  The biggest problem we had was actually the removal of our old bed (which is free with the purchase of the installation fee).  This pointed out another huge advantage of a Sleep Number bed.  You can put one of any size you want in any room of your house.  With our house design you can just barely get a queen sized box mattress around the corner going up our stairway.  The Sleep Number bed comes in pieces that are assembled in the bedroom so you are only limited by the size of the room itself and not by the route through the house.  We couldn’t fit a king sized bed in our bedroom comfortably but if we wanted to give up that space we would not have been limited by the corner of the stairwell as we would be with other beds so this is something to consider when deciding on a bed and this is another unique advantage to Sleep Number.  After the setup the delivery team did a very thorough explanation of how to use the remotes and care for the bed.  They left no mess and did a great job.


Sleep Number Frame 2

They assembled the frame in our room.


Sleep Number Assembly

Then comes the cover.


Sleep Number Foam Assembly
Foam layer.
Sleep Number M9 Foam Walls
A cover for the foam.
Sleep Number Air Chamber Assembly
Two separate air chambers with a lot of individual air chambers inside.  Very nice!!


Sleep Number M9 Memory Foam

5 inches of memory foam on top!  : )  My favorite!

Sleep Number Delivery

Knowledgeable delivery men explaining all the details of assembly in case we decide to move one day.



Sleep Number in Bedroom

Here’s our new, completed Sleep Number bed!!!


Honeymoon Matress

Here’s a picture of our old mattress.


The next step was sleeping!  Our old spring mattress was 11 years old (about the life of a spring mattress) and it was what we used to call a “honeymoon bed” 🙂 because it had developed a big dip in the middle  that always brought us together.  As delightful as this forced cuddling was it also had the adverse effect of putting a tremendous amount of pressure on our back and hips.  Just like the deflated pressure map test in the store, once the springs started to give over the years there was not enough support to take off that pressure and the result was some back pain.  Neither of us had bad backs but we would still wake up aching every morning for the past few years.  Admittedly just about any bed would have been more comfortable in contrast to this but the M9 was so much better.  No back pain in the morning and less tossing and turning meant more uninterrupted sleep.  My husband usually gets really hot at night and was worried since he heard that memory foam slept hot.  He noticed no big difference in spite of the LuxFit™ foam so the temperature balancing sleep surface seems to have worked in that area.  We have both tweaked our number in the two weeks since we’ve been using it.  I dropped down from a 35 to a softer 30.  My husband tested his sleep number on his back and was a 50 but he sleeps on his side and needed a little more firmness for that so he’s now a 50.  Once you hone in on your sleep number the bed is quite comfortable.


Sleep Number Remote

The easy to use Sleep Number remote.


The memory foam element to the M9 bed is so unbelievably nice.  I had heard rumors that some memory foam will leave you hot but that hasn’t been the case for us.  The M9 includes 5 inches of CoolFit™ foam with gel technology that keeps the surface cool. It’s also suppose to make it more breathable.  We’ve had no issues with the bed feeling warm and we’re trying it out in the summer {a hot sticky NC summer!}.


In addition to the memory foam on the M9, you also get the exclusive Sleep Number DualAir™ technology which lets you adjust firmness on each side of the mattress. This DualAir technology element has made it possible for both my husband and I to pick our perfect of softness or firmness. We’re actually on different sides of the firmness scale so I’m glad we found the Sleep Number brand or we may have never decided on a bed.  My Sleep Number is a 30 and my husband is 50.  I was amazed at how quiet the whole thing is when adjusting itself even with people laying in it.


All in all, from the sales to the service to the M9 bed itself we are very impressed with the Sleep Number company.  And looking forward to the future, we’ll also note that where a traditional spring mattress lasts about 10 years, a Sleep Number bed offers a 20-year limited warranty.  This is something you should consider when you are pricing mattresses.  There are no springs to give in over time and develop the “honeymoon dip” so you’ll just have to take the initiative to cuddle on your own.  They also offer a 30-night in-home trial, on the M9 and most other models, to make sure you find it comfortable.  You’ll still have to pay for shipping and return shipping but will be reimbursed for the cost of the bed itself.


In summary we love our M9 from Sleep Number for many reasons:
-Individualized comfort.  We can pick our own sleep number for each side of the bed.
-We can change our sleep number as our bodies change (from aging, pregnancy, etc.).
-There are no springs to weaken over time.
-If we move we don’t have to worry about fitting it into any room of the house.
-We won’t have to buy another bed until our kids are grown.
-5 inches of LuxFit™ foam to sink into every night!
-Select Comfort is an American company that stands behind its product.

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  1. Thanks for this! I’ve been starting to price out a new mattress and was wondering about heat in the memory foam!

    • Yes, it’s great! I didn’t even think about that but my husband (who sleeps hot anyway) heard it and had me concerned. No worries though! 🙂

  2. Thanks! This bed looks awesome!

  3. This bed looks so comfortable! I have heard good things about these and would love to try one myself someday.

    • It is amazing! You should definitely visit one of their stores sometime! I thought it would be all awkward laying on beds but I just laid on the one where they found my sleep number and the salesman was in a chair beside the bed, not standing and hovering over me. They are so nice!

  4. I want one of these beds sooo bad! They look so cozy!

  5. brett martin says

    i’m still in awe at the assembly process. you better not ever move LOL. it looks marvelous though!

  6. Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired says

    What an incredible bed! I love that it can be assembled in any room so the layout of your house doesn’t limit your choice. We have a lot of tight corners so this would be a big benefit. My parents are in the market for a new mattress and we were talking about Sleep Number beds. We actually didn’t know they offered a Memory Foam option (and 5 inches at that!). They were torn between the two but now doesn’t have to be, I’ll definitely be letting them know.

    By the way, your reference to the Honeymoon Dip cracked me up. We have one of those too and now I can’t wait to call it that. So funny!

  7. I am so jealous. I bought my bed about 9 years ago and I would love a new one. Your bed looks so comfortable….

  8. Shell Fruscione says

    I want one of these so bad now! I had heard of them before but didn’t really know what they were- I thought it was just a brand for regular old mattresses!

  9. precious smith says

    looks so comfortable! I wish I could have one. Those beds are really awesome.

  10. Lillie T. Alford says

    I am pretty excited for my mom and dad’s sleep number bed! They will have theirs in 2 weeks time. Will soon update you all soon. Thanks!

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