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My family was excited with the opportunity to review a M9 bed from Sleep Number.  Like all beds from Sleep Number, the M9 is built around the Sleep Number DualAir technology that allows you to quietly adjust firmness on each side of the mattress with a wireless remote (the M9 comes with 2 wireless remotes), so you both enjoy ideal comfort.  Added to that the M9 features 5-inches of LuxFit™ foam that softly cushions pressure points and features a breathable air-flow design.  One complaint many people have with memory foam is that it “sleeps hot” but the M9 LuxFit™ foam is topped with a temperature balancing sleep surface designed to absorb excess heat that can disrupt sleep.


Sleep Number Store


Now with the technical information out of the way we’ll get on to our experience.  Any Sleep Number experience begins at the Sleep Number store.  Ours is located at our local mall so we loaded up the baby and headed out.  We were met there by the friendly manager C.J. who suggested we start off by determining our individual sleep numbers.  Sleep numbers range from 0 (deflated) to 100 (completely full of air).


Sleep Number Ashley

Finding my Sleep Number


Sleep Number Fit

The top pictures is the regular pressure of my husband’s body.
The bottom picture shows the alleviated pressure with his perfect Sleep Number.


The store has a special bed set up with IndividualFitSM 3-D Imaging that creates a pressure map of your body that is then displayed on a big screen at the foot of the bed. C.J. began by taking the air out of the chamber and showing us what the pressure map looked like.  At the low pressure setting we could see there was quite a bit of pressure on our hips.  C.J. then began adding air until we felt the pressure relieved from our hips and then we compared the pressure images so we could see the pressure on the hips eliminated when the chamber was inflated to our Sleep Number.


As a quick aside, My husband’s sleep number was 55 and mine was 30.  You can really tell a big difference between the two numbers as well!  This is probably the number one reason (for us) to choose a Sleep Number bed over another.  Two people will not typically have the same level of comfort on one firmness setting on any bed and, as C.J. pointed out, over the lifespan of a bed even an individual’s body can change substantially enough to warrant a different level of firmness to be comfortable over the years.  After finding our sleep numbers C.J. took us to the M9 and helped us pick the right pillow for the bed and for the way we sleep.


Sleep Number Slumber


I sleep on my stomach primarily so I got matched up with a thin feather pillow and my husband is a side sleeper so he was matched with a memory foam pillow.  The staff were friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable about their products.


Sleep Number Baby on Pillow

She sleeps on her tummy too!



Sleep Number Family

We were comfortable and felt right at home.



Sleep Number Check Out


C.J., the salesman, was amazing, he really deserves a raise!  We went in not looking to buy anything {because we were provided the bed from Sleep Number} and to be honest we were kind of in a hurry because I had a cake to finish and deliver in a few hours.  He made us feel so relaxed!  We took our time, I completely forgot about the cake, he talked my husband into buying me some amazing sheets (bless him!), and we walked out of there spending almost $400 we had no intention of spending.  A good salesman makes you want to buy things and salesmen like that are rare these days.  Don’t get me wrong, I felt no pressure to buy anything at all!  He simply found products that fit my life and showed them to me.

Sleep Number Sheets

My little girl loved the sheets as much as I did!

I enjoyed my experience in the Sleep Number store and I can’t wait to review the bed in my own home!  Update: You can now read my full Sleep Number review.

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Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. Brett Martin says

    wow, that bed looks nice!! i have to tell you the pics where the body maps are- it looks like they put your URL on the screen LOL. can’t wait to hear how you like the bed in the house!

  2. MSMommasnPoppas says

    Oh I would LOVE a sleep number! I have a very horrible back and I think this would do the trick!

  3. I am definitely in need of one of these!! Especially with my bad back! Thanks for this amazing review!!

  4. The Rebel Chick Jenn says

    I have heard such amazing things about the Sleep Number beds!

  5. This looks great!

  6. Beeb Ashcroft says

    I want one of these beds sooo bad! They sound amazing!

  7. Shell Fruscione says

    I had no idea you could go in & do the test. I love that!

  8. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    That was such a good explanation of the system. I’ve heard that term “Sleep Number” so many times but I honestly didn’t know how to get the number and I like how they arrive at it. Lucky you with those new amazing sheets too!

  9. I have a sleep number bed and LOVE it! It’s been a while since we were in a store and their testing screen is a big improvement!

  10. precious smith says

    It looks so comfortable. I want to have that too.

  11. Patricia W. Simpson says

    Just tried the bed and it feels awesome! Cant wait for our own sleep number bed. Thanks!

  12. kSquaredGlamour says

    those beds look and sound so comfy, I want one!

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