Color Block Puzzle Nail Art with Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt #cbias

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DIY Puzzle Piece Nail Art

I have what some would call an obsession.  I’m a nail polish fanatic.  Hoarder even.  I’m too embarrassed to show you just how many nail polish bottles I actually own.  I love experimenting with nail designs and adding a fun splash of color to my nails to accentuate my outfit.

I’ve been eager to try a new design so I set a date, invited friends, and went shopping at Walgreens.  They have the biggest selection of Sally Hansen products that I’ve ever seen!  I was impressed.  I tried to think of what colors I had at home and which ones would be good to buy to match those.  I decided to let my daughter pick out which ones she wanted and I would make it work.  She loved picking them out and holding a few as we went through the store.  You can check out my entire Walgreens shopping trip to see all of the great varieties of Sally Hansen nail polish…and more pictures of my little girl!

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Stand

My little basket was full to the brim with everything I needed to host an excellent manicure party, that is, except for nail design tape.  I knew I could order some online but I wanted it quicker than that.  I searched up and down the isles but I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  I wanted to do color block nail art and to do it neatly I wanted tape.  Scotch tape works but I wanted the good stuff.  I asked a Walgreens associate if she knew if where I could find some.  She immediately stopped what she was doing and joined me in my search.  We could both picture it but we couldn’t find it.  She found some thin craft tape that we thought might fit the bill.  I’m happy to report that it worked wonderfully.  If you’re store is ever out of nail design tape (or you just can’t find it) check the craft isle!

When I got to the check out the cashier told me about two $5 coupons I could have used on my purchase if I had only gone to  Being a teacher of couponing I felt like smacking myself on my head.  Even though I missed out on the coupons, I did get the 2/$5 deal w/ 1,000 points added to my Walgreens Balance Rewards Card (3/31-4/27).

If you have a smart phone, I recommend downloading their app to your phone.  They have several different handy services they offer including bar-code scanner, coupons, and you can keep track of your Balance Rewards right on your phone.  I really racked up on the reward points during this trip!

Sally Hansen Nail Polish

I had simple snacks for our “block party” so that we could eat while painting our nails.  Yep, you can tell I’m experienced at this!!  We had gummy bears, popcorn, and a few other little goodies.

DIY Puzzle Nail Art

The nail designs were so much fun to experiment with.  I wanted to get brave enough to do a complicated design like a stained glass window or a bunch of bricks each with a different color.  I decided to mix it up a little and do puzzle piece nail art.  Not too complicated but still kind of classy.

DIY Striped Nail Art

This simple stripe design was made using our craft tape.  It held strong enough not to let the paint bleed through but not strong enough to pull off the original color.

Sally Hansen Stripes

Here is a diagonal stripe with the most amazing sparkle polish over top!  Trust me, this photo doesn’t begin to show it’s beauty.

Here are a few simple steps that I think make for a great at home manicure:

  1. Trim, file, buff, & push back cuticles.  Buffing might seem like a waste of time but it will help your nail polish last longer!
  2. Apply a base coat.
  3. Apply your base color of choice.  I recommend starting with your lightest shade.
  4. Allow to fully dry.  This could take a while so I usually add a quick drying top coat here so I can get to designing my nails (the fun stuff) right away.
  5. Apply tape and paint the remaining areas.
  6. If you’re doing the puzzle design that I did, take a dotting tool (or a toothpick) and dip it into the polish and then onto your nail on the  opposite color.  Repeat with each square.
  7. Apply a top coat.
  8. Take a picture and post it on Instagram with the tag #EmbracingBeauty so I can see it.  (Really, I want to see!)

I had a great time and I hope you enjoyed reading about my latest nail art adventure.

If you end up catching the “color block bug” feel free to share your art with Sally Hansen on Facebook for a chance to win some great prizes.  Check out the Pinterest Party Walgreens and Sally Hansen are hosting where you could win a year’s supply of Sally Hansen!  You can always purchase Sally Hansen in Walgreens stores but did you know that you can also get it online?  It’s true, you can!  You can also connect with Sally Hansen on Twitter and Walgreens on Twitter.

*UPDATE! I have posted a step by step Puzzle Nail Art Tutorial here for those interested!*

What’s a nail design you would like to try?

*Disclaimer – I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  and COTY #cbias #SocialFabric.

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Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!

    I am nott one to ever paint my fingernails, cuz its so hard & I am messy! haha

    Your designs & tutorials make this [look] so easy!!! thanks!! I will practice on my daughters right now! haha *for real* 🙂

  2. Danielle F says

    I love the puzzle ones – so fun!

  3. That is so cute, Ashley! What a clever idea. I can never get my nails to look like that!

  4. Cute nails! I have to copy your idea because my son is obsessed with puzzles and he would think that I am the coolest-mommy-ever if I do a puzzle pattern on my nails! 🙂

    • AshleyWalkup says

      Oh fun, I hope you do! Be sure and send me a picture because I’d love to see. If you do I’ll post it and link back to you!

  5. karen german says

    so love it

  6. MD Kennedy says

    I would love to try the puzzle design, but, frankly, I am all thumbs when it comes to polish. It is hard enough for me to put on polish correctly and not muss it up before it dries! I salute you for your ability!

    • AshleyWalkup says

      Try a quick drying top coat…it makes all the difference in the world. I’m very impatient so I love my top coat!

  7. Brett Martin says

    I can handle polka dots. Thats about it so far.

  8. Brett Martin says

    I do think the puzzles are super cute though. You are inspiring me to try something to know!

  9. Holly M Uhler says

    I would have liked to see your step by step on doing the actual puzzle blocks 😡 Was really disappointed to see you show really simple common sense would get me there strip design

  10. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    I would need a step by step of those nails too cute lol im so not that creative to come up with these cool designs.

    • AshleyWalkup says

      I’ll have to add a step by step tutorial to the blog but for now I’ll try to explain. Apply your first color over the entire nail and let dry. Then add two pieces of Scotch tape that you’ve cut (not the jagged side) to form two squares on your nails that barely touch. Apply your second color and let dry. Then take a toothpick and dip it in to the nail polish and add one dot on each square of the opposite color. The tutorial will be up later this week but I hope that helps in the meantime!

  11. Julie Greenwood says

    I kind of love the puzzle piece art and I’m not a nail art kind of girl. The four puzzle pieces put together remind me of a coat of arms and look rather regal. Interesting.

  12. That’s a cute party idea. I can’t believe the nail craze! I’m not into makeup and generally don’t go for fads. I do enjoy painting my nails.

    • AshleyWalkup says

      Yea, I’ve never been much of a fad follower but this brings out the little girl in me when I used to paint my nails like this at sleep overs. 🙂

  13. i couldnt believe how easy the puzzle pieces are. even i can do that… i just painted my nails last night but i think i am going to take it off and do the puzzle piece. wish me luck.

  14. Pamela Warren says

    Think the puzzle pieces are cool. Like Sally Hansen polish too thank you

  15. I’m a horrible nail painter. EVEN with my toes I always always smudge. Even with quick dry top coat. I promise. I’m the worst. I can sit at a nail salon under the dryers for 40 minutes – then go to my car and smudge. UGH! Do you have ANY tips for me! 🙂
    The puzzles and stripes are VERY VERY cool by the way! 🙂 I’m guessing for the puzzle you did 4 boxes then just painted dots to make them into puzzles – am I right? 🙂

    • AshleyWalkup says

      Yes, exactly! Base color, tape two squares, paint over tape and nail with a different color, then add dots. Sally Hansen has a quick dry top coat you could use and I also like Julep’s Polymer Top Coat. You apply your polish, wait 1 minute, add the top coat and put your nails by the light. I do my nails at my kitchen table so it’s easy to raise my nails to the light for 3-5 minutes. Then they are completely dry, impossible to smudge. It’s great stuff!

  16. MSMommasnPoppas says

    Soooo cute! I love them! You did good!

  17. Dawn Kropp says

    Awesome deal, especially with the Wags points! And, the puzzle theme is so fitting with Autism awareness month 🙂

  18. I love all your tips! I will be sharing them with my daughter! She is a polish lover too!

    • AshleyWalkup says

      Oh good, I hope she likes them too! If you guys try the puzzle design out I would love to see a picture! 🙂

  19. Jenny @ MyLittleMe says

    I love the puzzle! I’m a big puzzle fanatic!

  20. Sara Pirate says

    What?! That is amazing! When I looked I thought it was way too much for this girl but I read your tips, how easy is that?! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Brandy's Big Bargains says

    Love this! Can’t wait to show my girls!

  22. Motherhood on the Rocks says

    These are really cute!

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