Keurig Sampling, Brewer Exchange, and Giveaway (Ends 9/14)!

Ready or not, here comes Fall…

It’s that time of year again – time for sweaters and boots (depending on where you live of course!), kiddos are heading back to school, and Pinterest is full of every dish imaginable made with pumpkin.  As another Fall season begins to creep in, I’m ready to celebrate with a warm cup of coffee…and it just may be pumpkin flavored.

Coffee and Fall go together like Summer and swimming.  They fit like a glove in Winter.

Oh, how I love coffee and how I miss drinking it regularly while I’m pregnant!  If you love coffee, convenience, and you happen to live near me in the Piedmont Triad (of NC) then I have some incredible news for you.  Because I don’t want to leave anyone out, everyone who lives near or far can check out the Keurig deals to be had right now on…and scroll down for a giveaway below.

Keurig Brewer

For those who live near the Piedmont Triad you can take part in sampling one of the 75,000 free cups of premium coffee that Keurig is handing out or exchange your old drip coffee maker for a brand new Keurig free of charge (while supplies last!).  To participate in the brewer exchange you must be 18 years or older and have valid proof you’re a NC resident.  Keurig will host a series of sampling and brewer exchange events from August 22 – September 27.  For full details and dates go to

Why choose a Keurig?  Here a few reasons why I love mine:

Less Mess Only one tiny cup to pop in and throw out.  There are no messy filters or coffee grounds to worry about.

More Sleep I can hit the snooze button because my coffee will be ready in under a minute from the time I hit the start button.

More Variety Keurig K-cups have over 250 gourmet varieties of coffee (including pumpkin spice), tea, apple cider, and hot cocoa.

Less Noise I dislike noisy appliances and with the whisper quiet Keurig I have no complaints.

Would you like to own a Keurig of your own?  I’m glad you would because I have a Keurig giveaway just for you!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Candidate for Lt. Governor, Dale Folwell’s Taxpayer Information Act

Candidate for LT. Gov. Dale Folwell


The Taxpayer Information Act (HB 315), is the brilliant idea of NC Speaker Pro Tem and candidate for Lt. Governor, Dale Folwell. The Taxpayer Information Act will make it clear to see what local government is seeing when they propose bond measures.  I think transparency is a wonderful thing!  This act, if it is passed, will let taxpayers know exactly how much they will be on the hook for.  Just as mortgage providers are required to tell borrowers the final cost that they are incurring with both the principal and the interest, the government should explain to the taxpayer what they are seeking to borrow on their behalf.


Someone explained it like a couple going to a restaurant to eat.  The couple had a lovely dinner and enjoyed stretching their budget to it’s max at $50 for the two meals.  When the check comes they see that they actually owe $90.  They can’t imagine how this happened so they quickly call the waiter back to the table.  He kindly explains that the advertised price didn’t include gratuity, tax, and an environmental charge.  The restaurant knew that these charges would be added the entire time and the couple has a right to feel cheated.  Voters, not just in North Carolina but all over the country, are being fooled into approving new public debt without understanding the final cost of the bill.


I’m proud to see NC in the national news for something good.  If NC can be a leader for our nation in an area, I’m glad that it’s transparency.  We need more of that in both our local and national governments!


Reminder:  Early voting started yesterday in NC so get out there, find a voting site near you, and go vote!

Crazy North Carolina Weather

In February, it can be 75 degrees & pouring sunshine.  The next night, it is snowing.


So far March has brought an 85 degree day, a 32 degree day, and a tornado driven hail storm.


Even though it’s cold out today I am glad for the sunshine.


North Carolina Hail