10 Clever Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill!

10 Clever & Useful Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill!


Here are my personal 10 Clever and Useful Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill!  I hope you find at least some of them useful.  If you do, please leave me a comment I would love to hear from you.  Also, if you have any tips to add please feel free to share!


1. Plug those leaks!  Drafts around windows and doors allow heat to escape. I’ve found that sealing them with weather stripping or caulking can make a noticeable difference!  If you  have an attic, don’t forget to buy  a special seal for that too.  We were losing a lot of money out the roof when we didn’t have our two attic doors properly sealed.  If you notice a draft by a window, roll up a towel to lay at the edge to keep drafts out.


2. Use blinds wisely!  I bought some floor-to-ceiling blackout curtains. They reduce energy loss by up to 25% and block out any air leaks or drafts from doors and windows. The heating and cooling savings can add up quickly.  Don’t always leave them closed though.  Take advantage of natural daylight and solar heat through your windows.  This saves you from flipping on a light bulb and it allows you to take advantage of the natural warmth sunlight has to offer.


3. Use appliances wisely.  I always try to make sure I am running a full load in the washing machine or dishwasher to avoid extra loads that will put a strain on my energy bill.  If I do have to do multiple loads I try to do them back to back that way the dryer doesn’t have to fully reheat again.  If I’m a little chilly I’ll bake something.  I know that may sound silly but it doesn’t take but 20 minutes to have a batch of chocolate chip cookies whipped together and I can warm my house in the process.  These are great treats for my family and gifts for others.


4. Use your ceiling fans.  I know, I know!  This advice sounds counter-intuitive, but you should actually use your ceiling fans during the winter. A ceiling fan set that is set in reverse can draw warm air through your home, helping to keep it warm.  My mother taught me this trick and it took me years to believe her.


5. Insulate your water heater.  If you have an older model water heater, buy insulation wrap and insulate your water heater. It’s very simple to do and it will help the heater retain heat.  Our family has an older model and while upgrading to a high-efficiency model would probably be a good idea we’ll be sticking with this one until it kicks the bucket.


6. Dress warmly.  I’ll be honest, this is a tip that I don’t take too kindly too.  I know that dressing warmly through the day will allow me to turn the thermostat down a few notches but I hate being cold.  This tip works wonders for a lot of people though and I’ll admit that before I turn the thermostat up and I’ll throw on a sweatshirt and that usually does the trick.  However, I’m not going to be one of those people who live with their central heating off and has to wear a coat around the house.  I just won’t do that but maybe you’re in that situation where you have to.  I’ve been there before.


7. Layer your bed.  This is a little tip I learned on my frugal journey when I didn’t have money to heat my house above 40 degrees.  Layer your mattress with an extra blanket or two before putting your sheets on.  This gives you an extra layer of warmth and helps retain your natural body heat.


8. Install and use a programmable thermostat.  If you talk to any heating and cooling specialist, they will tell you that one of the best things to do in order to save money on your energy bills is to install a programmable thermostat. This way you’ll be able to alter the thermostat’s temperature to reduce the heat of your home when you’re away and when you’re asleep.  Just don’t go too drastically cool or you could end up paying more as your heater struggles to heat your house quickly.


9. Clean your furnace.  Make sure your furnace is cleaned and up to date.  This is a simple way to save on energy bills.  A quick call to the folks who installed your furnace will save you tons.  This isn’t the cheapest way to save on home heating costs but it is probably the most effective.  If your furnace is struggling due to lack of maintenance it could keel over dead and that could easily mean thousands out of your pocket.


10. Change your air filter. This is probably a tip that everyone knows but it’s such an important one that I have to say it anyway.  Replace your filters!  A dirty air filter will block the airflow from your furnace.  Block it.  This could exponentially decrease the life expectancy of your furnace.  I know it’s hard to remember to do every three months so put it on your calendar, set up a reminder on your phone, and set up an electronic message to remind you by email.  Do what it takes to get those filters changed to help save on heating costs and help out the allergy sufferers in your house.  By the way, I’ve recently found a good deal on Filtrete air filters on Amazon if you’re willing to stock up on them.

My Frugal Journey

Me in college

This is me when I was in school at Appalachian Bible College.


I’ve been frugal ever since I started spending my own money but it wasn’t until college that I learned the joy of finding bargains. I figured out that when you buy things at a lower price you can afford to buy more things!  I learned where the bargain sections were at each store and what day of the week each store lowered their prices.


Me and Ken Ham

This is me with Ken & Mally Ham a few months after graduation.


Not long after college I found myself working a full time desk job, a full-time job at a local radio station, and a part-time job selling Mary Kay, still struggling to have enough money to eat. I often went days without food but I was too busy working to really notice. I used my toothpaste sparingly because I knew when it was gone that I didn’t have money to replace it.


A co-worker and dear friend paid for my lunch one day and gave me instruction on how to save money. She bought me a bottle of vitamins, a large bag of beans and a large bag of rice. I’ll never forget how grateful I was! She taught me how to cook them and freeze them in individual portions. She explained to me how with coupons and a sale I could get free and cheap things I needed like toilet paper and shampoo from drug stores. Not long after that I met the man who would soon be my husband. We fell in love and were married in a matter of months and I no longer had to worry about money for food. Because someone cared enough to give me their time, food, and compassion I will never be the same! I want to pass my knowledge on to others and do all I can to help them avoid difficult financial times.


If you’re frugal what made you become that way?  I would love to hear your story!

Top 50 Frugal Blogs That Can Change Your Life

Whether you’re struggling to get out of debt or want to save for the future, learning to live frugally will help you reach your goals. This list of frugal bloggers can teach you how to get things for free, how to save money on things you already buy, and how to live better on less. We hope you enjoy this list of bloggers (in no particular order) who are experts at living the frugal life.

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  6. Deal Seeking Mom – Tara is a stay-at-home mom who teaches that spending less is possible with just a little effort.
  7. Faithful Provisions – Kelly is dedicated to showing you how to save money by encouraging, equipping and empowering good stewardship.
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  10. Moms Need to Know – Mindi helps you stretch your dollar so you can have more fun.
  11. Living Rich With Coupons – Cindy will give you the resources to save money on your grocery budget and more.
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  50. Thrifty and Thriving – Christy, a stay at home Mom to my five, teaches others how to live a frugal, debt free, and generous life.

We know that this is in no way a complete list!  Since we’re pretty sure we’ve missed some great ones. What are your favorite frugal blogs? Please share in the comments.