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Top 50 Frugal Blogs That Can Change Your Life

Whether you’re struggling to get out of debt or want to save for the future, learning to live frugally will help you reach your goals. This list of frugal bloggers can teach you how to get things for free, how to save money on things you already buy, and how to live better on less. We hope you enjoy this list of bloggers (in no particular order) who are experts at living the frugal life.

  1. Keeping the Kingdom First – Alyssa will share creative ways to reduce spending in order to increase giving.
  2. Mommy Snacks –  Andrea shares with you her saving strategies, freebies & coupon database.
  3. Freebies4Mom – Heather never runs out of hot freebies to spoil you with.
  4. Money Saving Mom – Crystal helps you become a better home economist one post at a time.
  5. Frugal Dad – Frugal Dad informs about financial resources & his passion for a conservative approach to personal finances.
  6. Deal Seeking Mom – Tara is a stay-at-home mom who teaches that spending less is possible with just a little effort.
  7. Faithful Provisions – Kelly is dedicated to showing you how to save money by encouraging, equipping and empowering good stewardship.
  8. Embracing Beauty – We couldn’t leave ourselves off now could we?  Alongside our sister site, Beauty 4 Moms we seek to help you pinch pennies, count your blessings, and find the beauty in life.
  9. Mighty Bargain Hunter – Gives guidance on personal finance, commentary, and spending less the easy way.
  10. Moms Need to Know – Mindi helps you stretch your dollar so you can have more fun.
  11. Living Rich With Coupons – Cindy will give you the resources to save money on your grocery budget and more.
  12. Almost Frugal – Learning all about frugality.
  13. Coupons & Freebies Mom – Formerly Engineer a Debt Free Life, this husband & wife team bring you coupons & freebies to maximize your savings.
  14. This Side of Eternity – Saving dollars & sense this side of eternity.
  15. Couponing to Disney – Teaching you how to pay for things you thought were out of reach.
  16. Baby Cheapskate – Helping you save big bucks on baby stuff.
  17. Christian Clippers – Resources to help you spend God’s money wisely.
  18. Coupon Dad – Offers coupon resources for printable coupons, free food coupons, grocery coupons, online coupons & more.
  19. Nicole’s Nickels – Offers the best money-makers & money-savers.
  20. Couponing 101 – Will help you earn your free coupon education.
  21. Fashion Cents for Mom – Daily shares bargains & deals for the fashionable mom.
  22. Surviving the Stores – Will help you bring more of your money home.
  23. Saving with Shellie – Shellie teaches you that saving doesn’t always mean sacrifice.
  24. Saving Cents with Sense – Offers you the resources to live sensibly within your budget.
  25. The Happy Housewife – This housewife describes how she lives well on less and how you can too.
  26. Northern Cheapskate – Nurture your frugal nature with Christina’s guide to frugal living, coupons, and more.
  27. For the Mommas – Shannon helps you find values for your family.
  28. Centsable Momma – Will help you be able to save your cents.
  29. Money Saving Methods – Carrie gives the gift of how to earn and save in everyday life.
  30. Life as Mom – On the road to joyful motherhood, Jessica shares parenting tips, budget living and good eats.
  31. Nickels n Dimes – Teaches you how to avoid being nickeled and dimed.
  32. Koupon Karen – Gives you the know-how to conquer the stores with a coupon plan in hand.
  33. My Frugal Adventures – Charlene’s writes for people who want to learn how to seriously stretch a dollar.
  34. Living as Mom – Tiffany shares shopping strategies, frugal deals, and more.
  35. Beauty and Bedlam – Jen shares her secrets to finding balance between beauty and bedlam and how to live on less and love it.
  36. Amy Loves It – Amy, a work-at-home mom, shares about couponing, frugality, marriage & ministry.
  37. Penny Pinching Diva – Shynea helps you pinch your pennies, one penny at a time.
  38. $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge – A blog designed to challenge you to live large on less.
  39. Pocket Your Dollars – Tools and tips to help keep your money where it belongs.
  40. Frugal Femina – Katie explores new ways to use her resources wisely.
  41. Mrs. Moneysaver – Helping you do more with less.
  42. Southern Bella’s Way to Save – Kasandria writes on topics about mystery shopping, cutting out extras, budgeting, freebies and sales.
  43. The Krazy Coupon Lady – Heather & Joanie teach couponing for beginners and verterans.
  44. Coupon Cravings – Erin shares great drugstore, restaurant, retail and online deals.
  45. Coupon Geek – Jaycie enjoys helping others stretch their budgets.
  46. She Saved – Keri Lyn loves to shop, save, and share her how-to tips with you.
  47. Free Snatcher – Helping you buy more for less.
  48. Bargain Briana – Briana is here to help because bargains don’t find themselves.
  49. The Thrifty Mama – Crystal blogs to help others save money and live healthier.
  50. Thrifty and Thriving – Christy, a stay at home Mom to my five, teaches others how to live a frugal, debt free, and generous life.

We know that this is in no way a complete list!  Since we’re pretty sure we’ve missed some great ones. What are your favorite frugal blogs? Please share in the comments.