Party Bag Dilemmas

In years gone by kids attending parties received a small treat like a bar of chocolate as a thank you for coming but these days it is standard practice to hand out party bags containing several items to all of the children. This does often mean that the kids have something to keep them occupied which is always a blessing but it is yet another thing for the parents to sort out when they are organizing the party and can add a considerable cost to the event. There can be a little one-upmanship with these gifts as well as parents vie to present the best party bags at their events. So if you are organizing a kids party what should you put in your bags to keep the kids happy and your bank account under control?


There has long been a tradition of handling out gestures of appreciation to guests at parties. Take weddings for instance. You rarely attend a wedding which does not have some form of favor on the table even if it just a small bag or box containing sweets. The practice has also been extended to include major celebrity events like awards ceremonies where the gifts have simply become promotional vehicles for large companies. The star guests receive goody bags of treats of really quite ridiculous value in order to raise big headlines for the providers. Take the Oscars as an example. The 2012 ceremony saw all Oscar nominees gifted $60,000 worth of goods including an elephant safari in Botswana and a cocktail party by Disaronno!

This year’s Brit Awards saw celebrity guests walking off with perfume, sunglasses, jeweler  luxury handbags and a hotel stay worth £1800. All this and these guests are the very people who don’t need the gifts and may not even want them. One of the Brit Award giveaways was a Karaoke Kit!

Real World

Back in the real world us ordinary folk inhabit, party bags are a nice touch and a great way of showing your appreciation to those who have taken the time to attend your event but are never going to contain incredibly expensive luxury goods. With kids parties potentially having dozens of young guests it can be difficult to make up party bags which the kids will really like but which do not cost the earth.  Most parents want to show a little individuality and do not want to simply resort to sweets for their bags but there is no need to fret too much about making a big impact. In order to save time and a lot of thought it is a good idea to seek out ready-made solutions. It is now possible to buy party bags complete with a range of appealing goodies without breaking the bank. Sites such as Gifts for Tweens offer an excellent range of really original bags and goodies which look great but are reasonably priced.  There are bags for junior explorers and little fashion freaks and some great fillers like lovely Santoro journals and cards for magic tricks. Much better than a few sweets and no effort required!


Ultimately it is the thought that counts and there is no need to fret over your party or party bags. Kids will appreciate any gift and no one is going to expect an elephant safari or a karaoke kit for that matter! Choose an attractive ready-made option or take a look at the sites who sell these bags to see what other interesting elements you could include in yours and job done! You can now spend your valuable time (and money) on other aspects of the party.

Sally Stacey, the author of this post, is a blogger and party enthusiast who currently writes on behalf of Gifts For Tweens.

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