15 Beauty Uses for Vaseline

15 Beauty Uses for Vaseline


Vaseline is a wonderful product, wouldn’t you agree?  It’s probably the most inexpensive and versatile products out there.  Right up there with the many uses of baking soda!  You might be surprised of all of the things Vaseline can do.  Here’s a list of my favorite 15 uses for Vaseline.


1. It softens dry and cracked elbows.


2.  Rub a little over your perfume places {behind the ear, neck, wrist, etc.} to keep your scent lasting longer.


3. Massage it into your cuticles every night before bed to keep your cuticles soft.


4. For kissably soft lips add a little Vaseline over your favorite lipstick.  You can also mix Vaseline with a drink mix, such as Kool-Aid powder, to make a colored and flavored lip gloss.


5. To avoid spray on tan streaks or dark spots rub Vaseline all over your knees, ankles and hands {any dry spot} to achieve a beautiful no-bake tan.


6. To prevent lipstick smudges just spread a little Vaseline over your teeth and lipstick smudges won’t be a problem!  As a side effect, you’ll also smile a lot more. : )  This is a tip used by beauty pageants contestants and cheerleaders.


7. To tame wild eyebrows, add a little to Vaseline your brows with a clean mascara wand or a clean toothbrush.


8. If you have a bottle that is always difficult to open make it a easier next time by rubbing a little Vaseline along the edges of the bottle under the cap.  This is fantastic on nail polish bottles!


9. In need of a quick shoe shine?  Swipe a little Vaseline over on your shoes and buff gently for a beautiful shine!


10. Vaseline is wonderful for soothing and smoothing skin after shaving.


11. After you carve your Halloween pumpkin, rub Vaseline on the exposed edges to keep your pumpkin from going dry and rotting. {You can see the results of this put to the test in our how to keep a pumpkin from rotting post.  Maybe add it on after the #1 tip?}


12. If you have very sensitive skin, Vaseline will make a perfect make up remover for you. Plus, you’ll have super soft skin the next day!


13. Mix sea salt {or sugar}, Vaseline and a drop or too of your favorite essential oil for an incredible exfoliating scrub.


14. If you have dry hair with split ends add the tiniest amount to the ends of your hair to cover them up until your next haircut.


15. Last but not least… Apply some under your eye shadow for a dramatic glossy effect.


What are some of your favorite uses for Vaseline?

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  1. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    Who knew? I love the carved pumpkin tip! I do like it for elbows and heels, and I use it on my lips at bedtime because it lasts longer than anything else.

  2. Beeb Ashcroft says

    These are great ideas!

  3. Brett Martin says

    i had no idea about the pumpkin but the scent thing intrigues me. i have to try it.

  4. The Rebel Chick Jenn says

    Oh, I need to try making my own scrub! Thanks!

  5. A Mom's Take says

    I do #3, but only when I’m noticing how dry or if the skin around my fingers are peeling at all. It is amazing how quickly it seems to let my fingers heal up with a small dab of vaseline!

  6. Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired says

    I heard the tip for the pumpkin last year but forgot to do it. I really want to try it this year. I also didn’t know about using it to prevent lipstick smudges. I’ll have to give it a try too.

  7. These are some great ideas, especially the homemade lip gloss.

  8. Julie Kieras says

    Wow I love these but especially the tan tip and the stuck bottle ones! And I want to try the scrub one! I have some great lavender oil I never know what to do with!

  9. I will for sure try it on the Pumpkins next year !!

  10. Brandy Bacon says

    Awesome ideas! I will have to try the scrub one for sure! thanks

  11. I never realized that their were so many uses for Vaseline! I am going to try each and every one of them! Thank you for the tips!

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