5 Quick Tips for Getting Your Husband Looking Great

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When there is a rush to get out the door and your husband needs to be looking great, it might be tough to pull him together. However, there are a few quick and painless ways to make sure he looks good. With just a few minutes and perhaps a little preparation, going out can be as easy to him as dressing for yard work.

Keep His Wardrobe Up to Date 

Sometimes it is hard to rush out the door when your husband has nothing to wear. In order to make those rushed evenings easier, make sure his dry cleaning is done well in advance and that his clothes fit him well. Something like a Brooks Brothers suit can make your husband look great just by fitting his form properly.

Beard or No Beard 

Your husband may not have had enough time to shave. In these cases, make a quick decision about his facial hair. Have him do a once over with an electric shaver that leaves a quarter-inch of stubble before dressing instead of having him carefully shave. Many men look dashing with a five o’clock shadow.

Hair Without the Fuss 

Instead of trying to make his hair look perfect and stay put, let his hair look naturally good with a little help. Rub a quarter-sized dollop of gel on your palms and rub it through his hair, letting it stay just a little messy. That slightly messy look can go over well even at fancy dress events, so do not sweat it.

Odds and Ends 

In three minutes, you can pull together all of the little things that will make your husband very attractive for the evening. Run a lint brush over his clothes to make sure he looks sharp and clean. Give him a nice cologne or aftershave. Lastly, if his shoes need a polish and you lack the time for a buffing, just rub a little polish on a washcloth and rub it into his shoes in a circular motion. Take one minute per shoe.


A man does not need accessories to look sharp. Therefore, if your husband is wearing accessories that are inappropriate for the evening, such as a paint smeared work watch, have him go without accessories. If he has the right accessories handy, bring them along in the car. He can get them on in a hurry as you go.

Remember that there are some things that cannot be done in a rush out the door. For example, ironing and washing. Try to make sure these are done ahead of time so your husband only needs a bit of the above to look amazing.

This was a guest post written by my friend Amanda.  I hope you enjoyed it!  What tips do you have for helping your husband look great?

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