Swagbucks: Eight Free Points (Expires Tonight)


Here are eight free points to your Swagbucks account with the free code available here.  This code expires at 8 p.m. PST today, January 1, 2011.

Swagbucks: Get Paid to Search Online

If you are like me, you probably do a lot of searching online.  If I need to find a how-to instructional, help spelling a word, a quick math problem, Google is my best friend.


I’ve been a fan of Swagbucks for quite some time now – so long that I can’t honestly remember where I first heard of it.  Swagbucks is an awesome online search engine that rewards you for searching online.


At first, I thought “Okay, the gift cards are Search & Winprobably real but it must take years to get a small one.”  I did some investigating and quickly learned that Swagbucks is super simple to sign up for and every blogger I spoke with about it loved them.  One told me that they had earned over $100 in gift cards in just four months.  I was in, it took me about one minute to sign up. There are no fees, no credit card required, and no phone number or address requested.  If I remember correctly they only ask for your name, email, password, zip code, and birth date.


As soon as you sign up you are credited free points to your account (these vary depending on the special they are running, it could be from 3 to 30).  When you download the toolbar you earn a few more points.  After only 450 points earned, you can get a free $5 Amazon gift card.  Or at 1,300 points, you can get a $10 Starbucks gift card.  There are dozens of other prizes, too…including PayPal cash!


Now, I’m sure there are some of you thinking, “What’s the big deal if I only earn a $5 or $10 gift card every so often?” Well, you’re right, $10 isn’t that exciting but it’s a start and soon your earnings will be large before you know it.  Want to know what I’m planning on buying with my many, many Amazon gift cards?  Drum roll please….I’m going to buy fancy pants SLR digital camera for myself for Christmas!  I’m very excited because I’ve wanted a good camera for a while but could not imagine spending hundreds on a camera.  This feels like free money because I’ve done nothing out of the way to earn it- I would have done searches on Google anyway.  For those wondering, I’ve also bought other people Birthday, Baby Shower, & Christmas gifts from my Swagbucks account, I’m not greedy with my bucks. 🙂


Want to know another way to earn Swagbucks?  This is one that I haven’t taken advantage of before now.  Tell others about Swagbucks!  Surely you know other people who search the internet.   Send them your referral link, and you’ll not only instantly receive points when they sign up but you’ll also earn points for the searching they do online.  How crazy is that?


Well, sign up with me and then go and tell everyone you know about Swagbucks and soon you’ll be on your way to funding your entire Christmas budget with free gift cards from Swagbucks.  Now that is something to get excited about!


For those of you who have a blog or a Facebook page you’ll especially want to share your referral link there.


Let’s review, Swagbucks…

– Is Free.

– Won’t rob you of your time.

– Could generate a nice stream of free gift cards for you.


So what are you waiting for?  Go sign up for Swagbucks today! 🙂