Secret Santa Shopping at JCPenney


Recently I was asked to participate in the coolest blogger Secret Santa Campaign!!!  It was hosted by JCPenney and Mom Central.  Bloggers were first asked to chose a few favorite items or categories from the JCPenney website and tell Mom Central.  From there they paired us up and gave our blogger “Santa” t


he option to choose one of our items or an item of their own!  How fun is that?


Just in case my blogger is reading, I can’t tell you who she is but I can tell you I had an awesome time shopping for her!  She gave me the option to choose between several household items and I think I found the perfect gift…and a good deal on it!  By the way, JCPenney has great deals in just about every department this year.  I’ve found great deals on mini Pillow Pets, purses, grilling utensils, and pajamas.


Okay, so it’s nothing new to report that JCPenney has great deals on things but I haven’t told you the coolest part yet.  They now have Santa Tags!!!  It’s a QR tag (those square black and white boxes you scan with your phone)!  You can personalize your gift by leaving a message for your loved one to hear once they receive it.  I think this is an incredible idea for family members that live too far away to visit every Christmas, friends that live out of state, and for anyone really.  These Santa Tags are a super sweet addition to any gift.


Recording my Santa Tag message was incredibly simple.  I just scanned the tag with my smart phone and a moment later JCPenney called my phone.  An automated machine prompted me to leave my message.   I had up to a minute to say my name, why I chose the gift I did, and to wish them a Merry Christmas.   It was very easy and fun!  I was worried I wouldn’t have the option to rerecord if I stumbled over my words but that wasn’t a problem, I had the option to rerecord over if I chose to.  If your cell doesn’t have these capabilities but you want to send a message to someone that has a smart phone, you can call a number and record a message that way!


When you make a purchase in-store simply ask to receive a tag (they’re available while supplies last).  If you bought something online from, simply take it into the store with your receipt to request a tag.  For more details, check out this video that shows you how the Santa Tags work.


I am so excited for my secret Santa to receive her gift and I hope she likes it.  I’ll have to write about what I received in a few days when it arrives.  This is so much fun!


“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of jcpenney and received a jcpenney Secret Santa gift and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”