Rod Stewart’s Time Album

When I was growing up my mom had a few favorite tapes {I’m showing my age} that she would listen to over and over again.  One of those was a Rod Stewart tape.  I grew up loving and singing those songs…long before I knew the meaning.  As I got older and I realized what the song “Hot Legs” was really saying I quit singing them…out loud anyway.  Rod Stewart’s songs will always have a place in my heart.

I received Rod’s latest CD to review for this campaign from One2One Network.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Rod Stewart

Recently, I found out that Rod {I can call him by his first name, right?  We practically grew up together!} had created a new album.  He wrote and produced 11 out of the 12 songs on this album himself.  He said that he rediscovered the spark for songwriting while reviewing his life for his recent memoir.

“Suddenly ideas for lyrics were piling up in my head,” he says. “Next thing I knew, I had a song called ‘It’s Over’ about divorce and separation. And now I was getting up in the middle of the night and scrambling for a pen to write things down, which has never happened to me. I finished seven or eight songs very quickly and I still wasn’t done, and it became apparent that I would eventually have a whole album of material to record.”

Here is a list of the tracks on the new CD:

Time Track Listing:
1. She Makes Me Happy
2. Can’t Stop Me Now
3. It’s Over
4. Brighton Beach
5. Beautiful Morning
6. Live The Life
7. Finest Woman
8. Time
9. Picture In A Frame
10. Sexual Religion
11. Make Love To Me Tonight
12. Pure Love

The Huffington Post says, “Rod Stewart said he was “over the moon” as he celebrated his 15th number one record with a champagne toast.  The 68-year-old star admitted he was “very proud” to be back at the top of the charts for the first time in 34 years with new album ‘Time’.”

I listened to the CD and enjoyed it but I knew someone who would like it even more, my mom.  I gave it to her for Mother’s Day and a few days later I asked her what she thought of it.  She said that she really loved it!  She wasn’t such a fan of the songs he remade a few years back {although I enjoyed those a lot!} but she loved these and said that they reminded her of his older albums.

Along with the release of Time, Rod is about to embark on the European leg of his Live the Life tour on June 1st, while the American dates {with Steve Winwood} will kick off October 17th.