Surprising Ways to Store Produce


While watching Dr.Oz today I found out some surprising ways to store produce to retain their texture and nutrients.  I take no credit for this information I’m just it passing along to you.

Cucumbers should be stored on the counter.  When you cool them down they get yellow and watery.

Lemons and limes should be stored in the fridge.  Lemons and limes stored in a plastic bag in the fridge will last up to three weeks.  Also, the thinner the skin is the juicier the lemon/lime is.

Onions should be stored on the counter.  In cool temperatures their starches turn to sugar, just like potatoes.  Stored on the counter or in a dry and dark place onions can last up to a month.

Tomatoes should be stored on the counter.  When you put them in the fridge the water expands a little destroying the texture and they become more acidic, destroying the taste.  Kept out of direct sunlight on the counter tomatoes should last 4-5 days.

What do you think, were you surprised by any of these like I was?