15 Gifts for People Who Love Sleep

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I have a love/hate relationship with my ongoing desire for sleep. For those who don’t know, I’m narcoleptic. I can’t even vaguely remember what it’s like to not be tired; I just have varying degrees of sleepiness. They range from “man, I could sure use a three hour nap right now” feelings to “I haven’t slept in three straight days and I can’t hold my eyelids open” feelings. Some days I think jokes about my sleepiness are funny and other times downright cruel. Just ask my husband. Sorry Sweetie, for all those times I have snapped at you undeservedly. 🙂 Today, I’m feeling like sleepiness can be a humorous thing.

Here is my novelty gift list for people who love sleep.  My non-novelty gifts would include my favorite nap blanket,  fluffy pillows, soft sheets, and my dream – a babysitter who will wake your kids up and take them someplace so you can sleep in.  Sigh.  Anyway, here are my 15 gifts for people who love sleep.

Sleeping Panda Decal

1. Sleeping Panda decal for laptops, windows, etc. – $6.49 Amazon.

I'd Rather Be Sleeping

2. When you need to tell the world exactly how you feel.  I’d Rather Be Sleeping window cling – $3.99 Amazon.

Need More Sleep Tee

3. A shirt I could wear everyday.  Need More Sleep Tee – $18.90 Amazon.

Nap Tee

4. Or this one.  This Girl Needs a Nap Tee – $15.74 Amazon.

I Need a Nap Shirt

5. Here’s a guy’s version.  I Need a Nap Shirt – $14.00 Amazon.

Need More Sleep romper

6. Can’t leave the babies out.  Need More Sleep baby romper – $14.50 Amazon.

Need a Sleep

7. Love this mug! I Think I Need to Have A Sleep – $14.99 Amazon.  One of my favorites is one that my friend bought me in college that says, “My tired and I want a cookie.” 🙂

Lets Sleep Mug

8. This is a cute one too!  Let’s Sleep mug – $15.89 Amazon.

You Need More Sleep Book

9. You Need More Sleep – Advice From Cats book.  So much adorableness! – $7.94 Amazon.

Sleeping Girl Laptop Case

10.  The picture says it all.  Sleeping Girl laptop case – $21 Amazon.

Pirate Sleep Mask

11. Perfect for a little shut eye.  Pirate Sleep Mask – $12.18 Amazon.

Namast'ay in Bed

12. Ha! Namast’ay in Bed pillow – $8.89 Amazon.

I Like to Party tee

13. Yup! I Like to Party tee – $18.00 Amazon.

Drink Create Sleep

14. One more t-shirt for good measure! Drink Coffee, Create, & Sleep tee. – $14.99 Amazon.

Nicolas Cage Pillowcase

15. Okay, this last one is a little off topic but when I stumbled upon it I thought it was too fun not to include.  I’m thinking this would make a great white elephant gift for Christmas!  Nicolas Cage Pillowcase $10.14 Amazon.