Simple African Family Holidays

Africian Mountain


A holiday in Africa can create memories that last forever making it the perfect destination for family fun. There are a multitude of experiences to be had in this enigmatic continent, some of them wilder than others, but for the perfect family trip, here are some of the more advisable notions:


Safari is the first thought for many African holiday goers and for good reason. Viewing of ‘the big 5’, is on many people’s lists of things to do in their life and rambling through the diverse stunning terrain of the African countryside will offer sights akin to no other on earth. Kenya, Botswana and Tanzania are some of the more famous destinations for safari and all of which have conservation areas in which you can spot your favourite African wildlife. The better funded national parks have a high standard of service and safety so you know you and your family are in good hands when you visit.


Egypt, with its ancient pyramids, infamous rivers and spectacular culture is a definite one for the family African wish list. From what I’ve heard though, you really have to do your homework with Egypt, especially when it comes to accommodation as many parts of the country are very poor and run down. Perhaps if you are taking young children to Egypt you should think about searching for luxury African holidays with  I would love to visit Egypt one day!


If you are looking for a more relaxing break with the family and are simply dreaming of white sandy beaches, clear waters and glorious weather, a visit to South Africa’s Cape might be the best option for you. You can indulge in the amazing tropical food; try your hand at the local water sports or just relax in the South African sun.


I’m speaking here more personally than professionally when I say that Africa is a great place to visit on a mission trip.  I sit with a lady who now has Alzheimer but was once a missionary in Central African Republic for many years.  She had great stories to tell!  A good friend of mine, who was also a guest writer here {you can read her article about Peace here}, recently visited Africa and she said it was a life changing experience.  The picture above is hers.  She now blogs at and I’m sure she’ll have a lot to say about their trip to Africa in the near future.  Would you like to visit Africa one day?