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I love color.

What can I say?

I just do.

Ever since I was a little girl color has brightened my spirits and awakened my imagination.

Lisa Frank’s products captivated my daydreams. Bright nail polish adorned my nails. I owned a pen in every color imaginable.

Things have changed ever so sightly as I’ve grown up.  I still use colorful, sometimes glittery, notebooks to give myself a pick me up.  I still paint my nails an array of colors.  I still own pens in every color…well, maybe not as many as when I was in junior high but I still regularly use at least ten colors.  Okay, so maybe the only thing that has really changed is that I grew up.

Color is too much fun to leave to the kids!  I’m a firm believer that adults need color in their lives too.

Women should wear bright colors, experiment with different shades of make up just because they can, and write with colorful ink.  Black is way overrated.

Do you remember those fat pens they used to make waaaay back in the day?  I’m talking when I was in elementary school.  These pens had many different colors that you could push down when you wanted to switch colors.  …and you tried to push multiple ones down simultaneously to no avail…or maybe I was the only one who did that.  Well, now BIC®has a grown up version of that pen.  Check out the 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen, available at Amazon and Staples.

This new fancy pen takes blue, black, green, and red ink and puts them into one slender, sleek looking pen.  Want to doodle in multiple colors?  You got it!  Want to leave a romantic red note for your spouse?  Check!  Want to leave a note in your kid’s lunch box?  Easy peasy!  Want to sign a legal document?  Got it!

I listen to different types of music when I’m in different moods, as I’m sure many of you do too, now you can write with different colors to coincide with your moods too!

Feeling proud?  Blue is the boss.  Just look at the names of his family members…Navy Blue, Oxford Blue, Royal Blue.

Feeling jealous?  Green is often jealous because it’s the forgotten color.  It’s such a calm and lovely color but it’s often overlooked for blue, red, and black.  Green is great – green food, good for the environment, etc.

Feeling flawless?  Write with a bold red pen.  Red likes to be in control and the center of attention.  When a teacher wants to correct a grammar, spelling, or calculation error what color do they grab?  Exactly!

Feeling forgotten?  Grab the black pen to write with.  Black is the afterthought color.  Everyone wants to write with blue but when it’s not available black is there for you.  Black is sure and steady and it has your back.

What color are you?  I feel that I’m a combination of them all.  Sometimes a little lonely or jealous and sometimes a little confident and bold.  With four colors in one pen I don’t have to choose!

This 4-color pen makes it easy to color code and organize my hectic calendar without toting around multiple pens in my bag.  It’s all I could ask for in a pen.  Well, that is, with the exception of having a pink, purple, black, and blue pen.  I’d love that!  Can I have that BIC®, pretty please?

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What’s your favorite color to write with?

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About Ashley

Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. Robin Rue says

    I only use blue pen. Weird? I think it’s because we HAD to write in black back in high school.

  2. I like to write with anything but red! I guess having my papers graded with a red pen has caused that. I love their commercials- funny concept!

  3. Yes! I LOVED those pens when I was a kid and still do. I actually just bought one of the Inseparable pens the other day 😀

  4. Veronica Solomon says

    I love bic pens. I used to love to write when I was younger….I guess I do now as a blogger, and the pens were a very important part of the writing process

  5. Dina Demarest says

    I use blue or black all the time. I don’t care what color as long as it writes.

  6. Aimee Fauci says

    I would love to write w pink if it was socially acceptable but everyone wants you to write in boring black.

  7. I am using a mint colored pen right now! Love colored pens!

  8. jaimemckee says

    I have blue and black pens on my desk at the moment. I haven’t used blue in quite some time until I saw them earlier this week. It’s my go-to color. Red reminds me of teachers grading papers!

  9. Debbie Denny says

    I love different color pens. I become creative with them.

  10. Hanan @ EAT. CRAFT. PARENT. says

    I used to use one of these in high school! Who wouldn’t love four pens in one?!

  11. I like having colored pens. I color code my to do list. Black for things for the Day Job, Blue for personal things, and purple for things related to blogging

  12. Autumn Bradshaw says

    I really love BIC products! They are a staple in my home office. I love the 4-color pens, because they are playful and adaptable. It’s great to have one pen to keep up with instead of four 🙂

  13. Actually I agree. There should be a pink, purple, black and blue pen! Come on BIC, make it happen!

  14. Jenn @ The Rebel Chick says

    Those have been around forever. I loved them when I was in school!

  15. Keikilani Jackson says

    Love those pens! I really like writing with blue or black ink, but it has to be a good dark lay of ink. No light writing for me.

  16. I miss colored pens. So fun! Think I still have some Lisa Frank stickers from childhood too. 🙂

  17. Chrysa Duran says

    I have loved those pens forever. They are just so fun!

  18. savoryexperiments says

    I have to use black at work… boring! So at home I always write in brilliant color!

  19. SippyCupMom says

    I love colored pens! I think my favorite might be good ol’ blue though!

  20. mail4rosey says

    My mom used to buy those when I was a kid in school and I always wanted one to take with me, but our teacher wouldn’t allow them in the class. phft. I should buy one now that I’m grown and I can. 😉

  21. Christie says

    My colors change with my mood too! I steer clear of pink, but love a good bright color!

  22. Totally right. Would love to have a pink and purple pink. That would be awesome 😉

  23. Joanna Sormunen says

    I love colors too! And I remember those fat pens back in the days, lol. This looks like a great improvement. Definitely something I would use 🙂

  24. I loved those big pens back in the day. When I was teaching 6th grade, I graded everything in pink and my teaching partner graded everything in purple. It made it easy for parents to know which teacher an assignment was for.

  25. Melissa Vaughn Coleman says

    I love to write with colored pens and BIC are the ones I use, usually pink, purple and light green.

  26. Amanda Her says

    I used colored pens all through high school. I loved matching them to my mood too.

  27. I use different colors sometimes to help me remember important things that I must not forget. A little contrast of color makes a difference for me.

  28. Krissy Higgins says

    I love using different color inks – I have 3 different colors for my planner that I use for my kids. Green for my son, purple for one daughter, red for another. It’s easier to keep track of things that way. ..I also love Bic! Best pens EVER!

  29. Ashley M says

    I like standard black for most things but love to color code my planner. RED is for super important.

  30. Janeane Davis says

    My favorite color to write with is blue. I like the look of blue ink on paper.

  31. pink.i love pink. and fun pens. with color ink.

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