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Dohmie Sound Machine

The science of it, the delicate balance of a hundred factors, the tightly clenched fingers-crossed, and bitten lip, and prayers whispered.   Hundreds of books have been written on…what am I talking about?  Sleep.  More specifically baby and toddler sleep.  There are so many things that can make or break a good nap {or nighttime sleeping routine} and a mom wants to do everything possible to ensure that her baby rests properly.  And I mean anything!  Preparing for another newborn of my own I’ve been reminiscing a lot about my daughter’s first few months of developing a sleep schedule.  Boy, were those rough days and nights.

Myth: Babies can sleep through anything.
Fact: After babies pass the stage of sleeping all the time, they wake up to just about any sound.

We had always heard “let them get used to noise and they’ll sleep anywhere.”  Oh, how I hate this lie!  In fact, I’m sure it was started by the Devil himself.

Very few people can sleep through anything {I happen to be one of them but that’s another story}.  Most people will wake up when they hear a phone ring or a vacuum turn on, right?  Why should babies be any different?  Do we really want them to be?

To this day I still have family members telling me that if I’ll only turn on a TV for background noise that my daughter will sleep well and will learn to sleep through anything.  Why?  For crying out loud, whhhyyyyy?  First off, I don’t have a TV station in mind where I could completely trust what it’s saying 100% of the time.  Do I want her to listen to cursing and God’s name taken in vain?  Absolutely not!  Second, is it good for kids to hear conversation after conversation as they fall asleep?  I’m not a specialist but I wouldn’t think so.  Third and most importantly, my daughter sleeps fine with white noise, why mess with a good thing?

I know some friends of mine who had their daughter hooked on a Frank Sanatra CD and she couldn’t go to bed without it.  I think that’s fine but for me I would rather tote around a tiny noise machine instead of a CD player and CD {of course now there are iPods but they have to be charged}.

Which White Noise Machine to Buy?

We own a handful of white noise machines.  Some make lovely rain sounds but they turn off after 20 or 40 minutes.  Others rotate between ocean waves and what is suppose to be the sound of whales.  I’ve never found the sound of whales soothing but that’s just me.

All the machines we own fall flat because of one or more of these reasons:

  • – They’re obnoxious {There is only one we have that falls into this category but it’s so bad that it’s worth noting.  Jungle sounds that are calm and soothing with an occasional squawking bird turns out to be not so soothing.}
  • – They are on a timer and turn off after a set length of time.  {They end abruptly too, not even with a descending sound.}
  • – The sounds are clearly on a loop.  Meaning that you can tell when it begins and when it ends.  It’s not pieced together seamlessly so the sound gets quieter towards the end, then loud again at the beginning. {This brand should get together with the one above who ends their sound sequence abruptly.}
  • – They are bulky and have 101 sound options {I usually like options but it can get overwhelming.}
  • – I overused it and it died.  Okay, so it was a fan and wasn’t meant to be a white noise machine.  {Not to mention a fan isn’t very safe for little fingers!}

Why I Love My Dohmie:

  • – The sound is gentle and with a slight twist you can change the pitch of the noise.  Perfect!!!
  • – The sound is endless, there are no loops and will stay on till you turn it off. {It uses electromechanical technology to create the natural sound of rushing air.}
  • – It’s simple to use.  One switch which can be flipped to quiet, off, or louder.  {This easy to use feature is great for baby sitters!}
  • – It’s lightweight which makes it great for travel.
  • – It’s attractive and fits discretely in my daughter’s room.


Ever since my husband tried out our Dohmie he has been asking for one for himself to put in our room.  Which reminds me, that would be a nice Christmas gift…I’ll have to remember that!  We use to sleep with a fan for white noise but it’s just too cold in winter to do that so this is a great solution.  We’ve already registered for another Dohmie for our new little one’s room {Can you believe I’m having another one in January? I can’t!!}.

If you’re looking for a sound machine for you or your little one, look no further.  The Marpac Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle retails for $59.99 at Toys ‘R Us and includes the Dohmie sound machine, a “Buddy the Bee Finds His Z’s” storybook, and a Sleep 101 publication from the National Sleep Foundation.

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What tips or tricks did you use to get some serious sleep when your little ones were little?

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  1. vickiecouturier says

    I have a sound machine I use when my husband is working nights so I don’t hear every little thing,I love it

  2. Jennifer Soltys says

    This sounds very nice!! I could use some light sounds while sleeping.

  3. SippyCupMom says

    We have one of these and it’s so wonderful! It helps my twins sleep through the night!

  4. Tammy_3DifferentDirections says

    It’s interesting the difference in what people can hear or what soothes them. I had a machine like this but I just couldn’t fall asleep with it! On the other hand if you play a soundtrack like gentle rain falling, I’ll be asleep in minutes 🙂

  5. We had a sound machine… but we killed it. Maybe we used it too much? So we need another one, thanks for sharing this!

  6. we absolutely needed a sound machine for all 3 kids for years!! love them

  7. Jennifer @ My Sweet Sanity says

    This is interesting. For me though it would drive me nuts. I need my room pitch black and no sound or as little as possible. Slightest sounds wake me up.

  8. Amy @ MI Savings Mama says

    my hubby and i were just talking about white noise – My SD (12yrs old) has not been able to sleep well at her new house… but sleeps like the dead when shes at our house..> But her room is right next to the furnace and the deepfreezer is in the closet… Sooo I’m thinking thats the “white noise” that helps her sleep

  9. A Mom's Take says

    I like that it’s not annoying nursery rhymes in endless loops, this just makes sense do do a natural noise!

  10. Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack says

    My husband would love this. He needs that kind of noise to go to sleep.

  11. Emily_faliLV says

    I want one of them to block out my husband’s snoring!! 😉

  12. Amanda West says

    Both of my kids have white noise machines in their room, but they keep breaking. I will have to look into this one.

  13. I have to sleep with a constant noise too. I normally use a fan but I like the idea of one of these noise machines.

  14. MelissaSayWhat says

    I have one of these on my wish lists. Hopefully it will make enough noise to replace the desktop fan that runs year round. I’m tired of running a space heater on the other side of the bed because my boyfriend has to have noise.

  15. i absolutely have to sleep with white noise. thanks for the review!

  16. TwiHeartOnMySleeve says

    i always need some kind of white noise to fall asleep. these days, relaxing music sounds help too

  17. White noise machines are brilliant devices for babies and kids especially. I haven’t thought about trying one for myself though… Maybe I should put it on my wish list!

    Following you on Twitter – maybe see you there soon!

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