Baby’s First Christmas with Babies R Us + $50 Giveaway #BRUChristmas

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Baby's First Christmas

Christmas is a special time for kids young and old but each child’s first Christmas has to be one of the most remarkable ones!  It’s at this young age that everything is new to them.  This is a picture of my little girl as she is overwhelmed with presents from grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles.  I must have shot a thousand pictures that Christmas!  I loved to see her amazement with the Christmas tree lights, glittery snowmen, and tissue paper.  I’ll always cherish those memories!

Baby's First Christmas

Will this be your baby’s first Christmas?  Well, you’re in luck because Babies R Us has everything you need for your Baby’s First Christmas – from adorable PJ’s to “Baby’s First Christmas” stockings to “Grandma’s Favorite Gift” onesies.  They have it all!  I love this store, I seriously do.  Their kiddo Christmas clothes are the cutest and they have all the matching accessories you could ever ask for.

How would you like to meet other parents with babies born in 2013?  You can do so at a Baby’s First Christmas Event at Babies R Us!  There’s only one left and it’s tomorrow, Dec. 7th.  You can enjoy holiday festivities, giveaways & prizes!  Plus, you get a $10 Babies”R”Us Gift Card just for attending!  How nice are they?  Go to for all the event info.

Oh, and one more thing.  I have a $50 Babies R Us gift card to give away to one lucky reader!!

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  1. Melissa Geyman says


  2. We have such pretty Christmas light shows here. I remember my son’s pure joy of seeing them for the first time.

  3. Natalie Almy says

    I really enjoyed watching my oldest son be amazed by the lights and ornaments on the tree his first Christmas. We are celebrating my 2nd son’s first Christmas this year, and looking forward to seeing his excitement.

  4. I loved seeing her reaction to the lights

  5. This is my third child’s first Christmas! So special each time! 🙂 Memories from each child’s first Christmas are always saved in a special scrapbook.

  6. Jennifer Q. says

    I love Christmas as a time for my kids and I to spend more time with extended family. The grandparents usually spend Christmas with us. We take a ton of photos.

  7. Connie Haack says

    My first son was also my parents first grand child. It was the excitement at Christmas that made it memorable.

  8. Naomi Lucas says

    Really cool. My nephews first Christmas!

  9. Our baby’s first Christmas. Look forward to many wonderful days.

  10. Valerie Johnson says

    My favorite memory from my daughter’s first Christmas was our family photo shoot. She was only about 8 weeks old, but the photographer was able to get her to smile! We had an awesome “First Christmas” family photo and we will cherish it forever. 🙂

  11. We took tons of pictures and celebrated with family.

  12. Samantha Lawson says

    This is my little girls first Christmas 4 month old 🙂

  13. Jessica To says

    My son was more interested in his cousins at his first Christmas than his presents.

  14. opening gifts for the first time

  15. Ellen Thompson says

    I liked picking out stuff to get for her. It was so much easier to shop then. And I really love the memories of first times meeting Santa Clause and getting the picture with her either looking worried or crying.

  16. Jessica frey says

    As many others this would be a blessing to my family foe Christmas

  17. I am looking forward to having my first child and taking pictures of all the firsts.

  18. I am looking forward to extended family meeting her for the first time!

  19. Stephanie Phelps says

    I remember being so excited about his first Christmas and after helping him open his gifts all he wanted was the paper and the boxes it was so cute he was wrapped in bows and paper everywhere

  20. jenna tomaszewski says

    It will be the first, I’ll probably take to many pictures

  21. Seyma Shabbir says

    It snowed on both my sons first christmas! We took pics of snow in background!

  22. Kerrianne Weaver says

    The excitement of her finding cookie crumbs from santa eating the Christmas cookies

  23. BreeAnna M says

    The pictures 😛

  24. pictures! Cause he is too young for everything else

  25. we took family pictures and made a photo calendar

  26. Ruby Yoshi says

    Opening gifts and the excitement about the Christmas lights

  27. My daughter’s first Christmas was amazing! She was born Dec 22nd and because of complications we didn’t make it out of the hospital until Christmas Eve. It was so special to wake up Christmas Morning, be with my family, and my precious new baby girl! I will never forget her first Christmas and the blessing God gave me in her!

  28. Sheila Ingram England says

    Each day of my sons first Christmas I would plug the tree in and say “Look at the pretty tree!” After a while, I plugged it in and forgot to say it and my son at 9 months old said “Pitty Tee!” I treasure that memory!

  29. angelia medlin says

    My favorite memory is having my son laying under the Christmas tree to look at the lights. The smile on his face from seeing all the lights was priceless.

  30. Cathy Naughton says

    I only worry about Christmas once they are old enough to remember it

  31. SippyCupMom says

    I loved watching my son open all his presents! This year is my twins first and can’t wait!

  32. I remember my daughter’s first Christmas; I worked overnight and nearly slept through it! She was was more excited about boxes and wrapping paper.

  33. Sandra Unangst says

    My 1st baby’s 1st Christmas he slept through it all since he was only 6 weeks old.

  34. My favorite memory from one of my girls’ first christmas was when the wrapping paper got torn off a present and she giggled and giggled until she fell over, lol.

  35. my mom got both my older kids an llbean backpack w their name on it for their first xmas, filled with hardcover books. we have a pic of my oldest IN the backpack on christmas!! LOL

  36. kiamorgansmith says

    I love Christmas and I love when my family visits and all come together. It has a special meaning for me and my kids. Time is precious!

  37. Christmas time is a great time for our family we are all together and we just enjoy every minute!

  38. Tammy_3DifferentDirections says

    Our daughter is 17 so it was so long ago! But I think it would have to have been the gorgeous dress she wore with a little matching headband, she’s not a girly girl any more so I have a special memory of her looking like a princess at least once LOL.

  39. What a sweet photo! My memory has to be my son dressed up in his Santa suit and opening the presents. He was about 10 months old and he he knew exactly what to do with those gifts.

  40. What a cutie you have! I have such fond memories of my little one’s first Christmas!

  41. homemakinghacks says

    There is just something so special about baby’s first Christmas. I even remember my photo that my mom has of me on mine. Precious memories! TY for the giveaway!

  42. Aimee Smith says

    My little guys first christmas he flipped over a wrapped up box of cherrios! It is one of my favorite memories!

  43. I remember my son grabbing for the ribbons & bows! He was only 4 months old for his first Christmas- the new baby will be 11 months old by Christmastime so it’ll be interesting to see the difference between the two!

  44. I have enjoyed spending the first Christmas with each of my children.

  45. I loved my boys first Christmas’s. The girls were tiny. Willow was 3 months old and Serenity was only 3 weeks old

  46. I loved the family time we spent on my daughters first Christmas. she was only 7 months old 🙂 but had a great time observing everything! THANKS for the chance to WIN!

  47. Danielle @ We Have It All says

    Wow, 10 bucks just for attending! Cool! And I could REALLY use this GC – awesome giveaway!

  48. What a great giveaway, very cute picture!

  49. my sons looks so cute in their christmas jammies

  50. Raquel Perez-Espinal says

    I went all out with the tree and gifts, cooking, & games..needless to say my 11 month old slept through most of the Christmas party!

  51. he slept through the whole thing but we got some adorable pics!

  52. My Ava’s first Christmas was last year and I loved that we were back home in Florida with my family, staying on the beach!

  53. well the first christmas was technically the day he was born. Preparing to stick the turkey in the oven for Christmas dinner and went into labor. He was born at 6:25pm a Christmas present to us both

  54. family photos!!

  55. Michelle L Thayer says

    This is our first Christmas and I’m looking forward to watching her open presents.

  56. This is our baby’s first Christmas. I am looking forward to seeing all the magic through his eyes

  57. Lesley Maxey says

    For my son’s first Christmas, he was 3 weeks old and it was the first time meeting many family members, as we lived out of state. It was definitely a great day!

  58. My daughter was born a month before christmas so the following Christmas was more exciting. She loved the boxes! =)

  59. I remember dressing my son up in a Santa suit and taking pictures of him under the Christmas tree.
    Name on rafflecopter: Mary Happymommy

  60. Nicole Leon says

    Oh gosh a baby’s first Christmas is such a special occasion. They get to experience the family’s 1st Christmas traditions.

  61. I remember helping her unwrap her presents and she just kept crawling around in the paper putting everything in her mouth and putting boxes on her head

  62. vickiecouturier says

    just watching them rid off paper an then play with the empty boxes

  63. Allison Downes says

    I love dressing them up in cute Christmas outfits and taking lots of pictures. Thank you for having such a nice giveaway!

  64. So my little ones enjoyed playing with the Christmas wrap and boxes than the actual toy.

  65. Kortney Picker says

    I guess it would be all the adorable outfits and making our first picture Christmas cards (I never did that before we had our daughter)

  66. favorite memory from child’s first Christmas… being OUT of the hospital. He spent his first weeks in the NICU, including his first Christmas. The next year was one of the best Christmases ever, having a healthy baby and not a struggling newborn on oxygen 🙂

  67. I remember my baby being a lot more interested in the wrapping paper and bows instead of the toys!

  68. Noelle Cagle says

    When she sat in every box she could fit herself into.

  69. Paol Trenny says

    it is my youngest first christmas so we rolled out the red carpet for him. He was the first to opened the presents on christmas’ morning

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