Disney’s Toy Story Zing ‘Ems Review

Toy Story Zing Ems

When Disney contacted me to review one of their latest toys I jumped at the chance.  When I got the package in the mail I was a little puzzled by what exactly Zing ‘Ems were.  After playing around with the toy myself I quickly found out why they were called that….they zip, ride, and zing along!  Disney phrases it much better though, they say,

“Zing ‘Ems are an action-packed, completely new way to play with everyone’s favorite Toy Story characters, and the Rocket Rumble playset is one of Buzz Lightyear’s most action-filled adventures yet. The galaxy’s greatest Space Ranger needs your help to take on Zurg (figure sold separately). Use the attack launcher to send Buzz zinging and zooming around the playset, crashing through the deadly Zurgbot and tumbling through the treacherous asteroid field. Succeed, and it’s time to take on Zurg! Will you break through the obstacles and save the day? Or will you be defeated by the asteroid field and Zurgbot? Includes play set and 1 exclusive Buzz Lightyear Zing’ems figure. Collect all your favorite Zing’ems figures, each sold separately.”

Buzz Lightyear Zing Toy

Check out how cute Buzz Lightyear is!


Baby with Toy Story Zing Ems

My little girl loved playing with all of the pieces but she especially loved Woody.  He’s always been my favorite too!


Baby and Toy Story Zing Ems

While she’s not big enough yet to pull the lever back that sends them flying (as you’ll see demonstrated in a video later on) she enjoyed pushing the button that made them jump from spot to spot and of course she loved driving them around the track herself.  And around the entire house.  I don’t mind though, I love these little guys.


Woody and Buzz Zing 'Ems

Check em out!  Woody and Buzz, the best of friends!  Each figure rolled easily along with just the slightest push and they always popped back up to standing position.  They kind of remind me of the old Weebles I played with as a kid but better because these roll!

I made a quick  YouTube video to show you exactly how the Toy Story Zing ‘Ems works.  I hope you enjoy this short little YouTube Toy Story Zing ‘Ems demonstration!

You can purchase Toy Story Rocket Rumble Playset & Figure Assortment set for yourself your kids at Amazon.com.  Right now they are selling for $21.99 but as you know, prices could change at anytime!

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  1. Um. I.Love.These!! haha these are TOO Cute! I am a sucker for DISNEY anything!! Thanks!!

  2. Patti Matolyak Purelli says

    These are super cute and look like a fun thing to play with ~ Thank you!!

  3. Danielle F says

    Cute! I will have to check this out for my son!

  4. Those are the cutest toys ever! I love little mini versions of popular things. Why is it that small squished things are so adorable?!

  5. I watched the video; super cute! I would play with this, forget the kids! 🙂

  6. Those are so cute! Toy Story is such a fun movie. Who wouldn’t want a Woody and Buzz?

  7. OH those do sound like fun! I wanna play!

  8. Kim Delatorre says

    we received this too! Your little one is too cute!

  9. Jaime Gutshall says

    these are adorable! my son would love them also.

  10. Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired says

    Oh how cute are these! My kids would have loved them when they were little.

  11. MD Kennedy says

    These look like great fun! Kinda remind me of Weebles…

  12. kSquaredGlamour says

    i have never heard of or seen these before but they look like something the kiddos would love!

  13. Awesome – I immediately thought of the weeble woobles, too, how funny. I like how they roll though, instead of just rock – much more excited. I hope they come out with other characters, too – I am sure they will! Thanks for the review.

  14. How cute! My boys would have liked them too if they had been out when they were little. Thanks for sharing!

  15. How cute! Great for little hands to pick up too!

  16. makes me wish my boy was little again… just turned 8 but would love these because they’re Toy Story… but we have more than enough toddler toys around that he just won’t get rid of. lol

  17. Super cute and the perfect size for little hands.

  18. Weebles were my first thought as well. Those were cool, so I’m sure these are just as fun 🙂

  19. They are SO cute!! My son would have LOVED them when he was younger! They come up with just the cutest ideas!

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