HUGE Nail Polish Giveaway – Ends April 15, 2013

Nail Polish Giveaway Ends April 15th

Spring has officially sprung!  However, if you live in a place like me you aren’t exactly seeing the trees blossom and hearing the birds sing just yet.  In order to help get us in the mood for spring I’m hosting a HUGE nail polish giveaway!  These fun colors will help boost your spirits and get your toes ready for sandal weather.  This giveaway will last for a few weeks and then it will end on the most dreaded day of the year.  That’s right, April 15th.  There will only be one winner but hopefully it will make someone’s April 15th fabulous.  Even if you don’t win, this gorgeous 35 piece nail polish set is very affordable so you might just want to order your own set.

What we’re giving away:

  • A 32 piece set of vibrant nail color.  0.34 oz each.  This set contains glitter, metallic, & neon shades!
  • 3 scented nail polish remover pads.


We love you!  That’s right, you!  Our readers are what keeps us doing what we’re doing day in and day out here in the blogosphere and we want to take a moment and say thank you!  We truly appreciate you.

How to enter:

Enter via the Rafflecopter below.  This giveaway is open to those who have a US shipping address or anyone who is okay receiving an Amazon gift card worth equal value.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. OliviaRubin says

    Teal / turquoise is my favorite

  2. Essie – Lollipop!

  3. Revlon – Pink Lingerie

  4. Jennifer The Quirky Momma says

    Hot pink! Seriously, it’s my favorite color and I think it goes with all my black and pink clothes!

  5. My go-to polish color is definitely blue!

  6. Definitely red for my toes!!

  7. I like really dark colors, like a reddish-brown. However, my girls have gotten me to branch out a bit lately. I’m wearing purple with a glittery overcoat right now 🙂

  8. Kresta Underwood says

    I like purples and pink shades.

  9. I love red

  10. April Griffus says


  11. makeupbymerry says

    Its really a large collection of nail colors and I think I will be so confused about what to wear?

  12. Jennifer O'Brien says

    red-orange or hot pink!

  13. I love a bright pink

  14. All Shades of Blue

  15. French manicure

  16. Sandra U. says

    Blue is my favorite go to color, any shade.

  17. I love to keep my toes vibrant and pretty so my go to color is always a bright orange or green…anything bright!

  18. Bright red all the way!!

  19. Christina Foley says

    Usually tts pinks or browns…. lately its been a green though, a nice spring green

  20. Mechele Johnson says

    I usually pick a light pink or black.

  21. definitely hot pink!!

  22. a light pink for me. thanks

  23. i love brown nail polish

  24. Kalona Elaine says

    sally hansen tough as nails

  25. pink

  26. agordon10 says

    neon orange

  27. Red

  28. blue

  29. Andrea Dorn says

    I love a pearlescent color.

  30. Usually Mauve.

  31. Blues

  32. Jayden Elizabeth says

    Dark Purple!

  33. pink

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  34. Michelle T. says


  35. Shannon M says

    I love pinks! Usually brights/neons in the summer-spring and pales in the winter-fall! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  36. I typically go for a darker pink/rose color.

  37. usually pink

  38. Mauve

  39. my go to colour is black

  40. Elizabeth Curson says


  41. pink

  42. Amber Harmon says

    Sinful Colors’s Social Ladder! It’s a gorgeous pearly white/beige.

  43. Elizabeth says

    My signature nail polish is any shade of blue. I like to keep it funky. 🙂

  44. Bright girly pink:)

  45. Anastasia says

    I like a nice, coral pink 🙂

  46. Baby Pink

  47. My fave is light pink or a cream color.

  48. I haven’t had new nail polish in forever! My favorite ones are the girly pinks or the greys.

  49. Go to is pink

  50. I like nice cool lilacs.

  51. Alfred Reyes says

    I don’t know… I really want this set for mu wife. She is obsesses with nail polishes!

  52. Sarah Hirsch says

    pale pink

  53. Blue.

  54. My go to colors are silver and bronze

  55. Mary Calabrese says

    OPI’s “I’m not really a waitress” red

  56. My go-to color is Red.

  57. Red

  58. My go to nail polish is bright pink

  59. colleen boudreau says

    China Glaze – Shocking Pink


    Essie Ballet Slippers

  61. My go to color is light pink.

  62. Charlotte Padgett says

    I only use a natural

  63. Rebecca Shockley says

    Orange and Pink

  64. True red!

  65. I am a nail polish fanatic!! I paint my nails at least 3 times a week. I am always trying new colors but I will always go back to cherry red.

  66. Jennifer Short says

    Egg shell blue

  67. Black

  68. brandy g. says

    Ruby Red!

  69. Meghan Vedders says

    Pale pink.

  70. lepullyard says


  71. think_outloud says

    red. the kind that would look great on a sports car or a pair of shoes.

  72. Anything pastel, preferably blue or pink ❤

    It’s just so inspiring and feminine. I tend to mix a bit of white nail polish with Sinful Color’s Cinderella to achieve a really pretty robin’s egg blue with a hint of shimmer.

  73. Pastel colors.

  74. I use a medium pink color.

  75. My go to color is garnet.

  76. alvina castro says


  77. Lisa ledford says

    Earth tones and navy blue.

  78. maroon/deep reds

  79. I would have to say green

  80. glittery pink

  81. Neutral. Usually ELF’s Desert Haze.

  82. It’s normally Be-Claus I Said So Sephora by OPI.

  83. Pink

  84. A Mauve pinkish color

  85. Any shade of coral/orange

  86. black is my go to but i like to mix it up with neons

  87. Midnight Blue!

  88. my go to is a greenish color, but it changes to purple, pink, blue and silver depending on the light

  89. joanna hacker says

    my go to color is usually a racey red!

  90. my go 2 color is black! usually Zoya raven or their new pixiedust london

  91. My go to color is Green!!!

  92. any shade of coral suits me

  93. Laura McCabe says

    I would have to say TEAL with GLITTER!!

  94. Diane Gustafson says


  95. Kia Thomas says

    My go to color is definitely blue! In spring times i go with lighter fun shades and in winter deep navys

  96. Need some pretty piggies for sandles season.

  97. Kat Whiten says

    My go to color is always some sort of mint green

  98. Purple

  99. Ashley73 says

    Neon Pink for Spring/Summer, and any Neutral for Fall/Winter!

  100. That is actually pretty hard since I’m constantly changing colors… but for some reason I always have a blue on my toes? haha.

  101. Cassandra says

    Purple! 🙂

  102. Ashley S. says

    OPI “Mod about You” 🙂

  103. Denise F says

    Red is my go to color!

  104. Purple creme

  105. Diane M. Gooding says

    Black, neutral or red

  106. Erin Ortiz says

    Mint or nude.

  107. Laura Garrett says

    Red! <3

  108. Love all things blue and tan 🙂

  109. Stephanie from ALittlePolish says

    I love pinks and dark vampy colors!

  110. Greens and pinks

  111. I like bright pinks!
    momof3chaos at gmail dot com

  112. I like pinks.

  113. Vicky Harris says

    Natural pinks.

  114. Holly M. Sivley says

    I have two go-to colors: hot hot pink & black. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  115. Definitely Black!

  116. It used to be clear, but now I think its blue and pink 🙂

  117. Firekitty says

    My go to nail color is Zoya Jade

  118. hot pink

  119. Britnee Love says


  120. Green 🙂

  121. Anna Lewis says

    My go-to is usually green or blue. I like bright colors!

  122. Blue blue blue!

  123. Ariel Casner says

    light pink!!!

  124. My go to color is always black. You can dress it up in so many ways from grungy to elegant.

  125. Lunalula says


  126. Jena Whipking says

    Black or different kinds of blues

  127. Julie Matek says

    any shade of pink. usually a bright pink:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  128. Usually purples or greens! Thanks so much!

  129. Pink!

  130. my go to color is grey

  131. Shifrah Friedman says

    My color is purple!!

  132. Michelle Ramos says

    My go-to color is red. My red polishes are the only ones that show serious use.

  133. Tiana Golisano says

    I love a pale coral

  134. Light pink is my go to nail polish.

  135. Angie Scott says

    My go to color is purple. Thank you for hosting this give-away!

  136. Purple, always <3 🙂

  137. Lately my go to color is blue!

  138. Red or Pink! 🙂

  139. Cindy Schultz says

    fingers-purple toes-blue

  140. Michelle Teves says

    My go-to shade is always some kind of mint/aqua 😀

  141. Awesome nail colors! I like the pink & red nail colors!

  142. Pretty sure I have almost every pink possible thank goodness cause that’s my go to color…

  143. Purple seems to be my go to color lately. My three year old gets me to buy a different shade every time we go to the store.

  144. pastels are my go to! They look so nice on me! I hope I win! 😀

  145. Bubsgizmo says

    Barbie pink or any blue

  146. Lavender Chamomile says


  147. I’ve always been a fan of metallics particularly gold/copper colors.

  148. Suzanne Denys says

    I love a color called denim blue

  149. grey

  150. love pinks

  151. Dark purple or hot pink

  152. Lorisa Pauli says

    I love bright colors on my feet and on my hands a little lighter but I am always mixing it up. I would love this!

  153. I love blues! Any kind of blue, neon or dark, or anything 🙂

  154. Pastels!

  155. Pretty pastels and sparkles!

  156. Amanda McCabe says

    I usually use black or blue!

  157. I love browns and tans

  158. S Carter says

    Turquoise is my go-to polish. Love it

  159. blue’s usually for me….other times it’s red or purple though

  160. stephanie s says

    Shiney Brown

  161. I love Pinks.

  162. I love turquoise!! & Purple 🙂

  163. ImaGoinCrazy says

    sheer irridescent

  164. I love the pinks. or naturals

  165. Katharina S says

    My go-to colors in nail polish are the pinks and lavenders. ~Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  166. I don’t have a go-to color, its just whatever I am in the mood for that day (or what my daughter is in the mood for since she likes to pick my polish).

  167. Taylor Russell says

    any color of pink is my go to poish!

  168. Margaret says


  169. animediva84 says


  170. leftyduck says

    I love purple and glitter!

  171. Carrie Strege says

    Anything with glitter

  172. Anything purple!!! 🙂

  173. Courtney Kroyer-Warren says

    Anything BRIGHT PINK! But pretty much anything Neon colored is a “go-to” color! =]

  174. i generally wear a dark purple

  175. A nice pastel pink with a little sparkle.

  176. It depends on my mood and what color I wore most recently.

  177. Jennifer Bova says

    I love neon colors during spring and summer during fall and winter its dark colors or nude colors.

  178. all shades of pink! ferriza2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  179. Renée Chapman says

    my go to color is white – french tip or full with stickers

  180. My go to color is a pale ivory.
    Thanks for the chance.

  181. gun metal!

  182. Slađana Sušilović says

    I love purple and glitter!

  183. Love my mint polish <3

  184. andy saighman says

    any pinks or a nude!

  185. Nude colors

  186. Rachel C. says

    Whatever mood I’m in most of the time matches my nail polish. I see it as an artist way to show you emotions, and people have no idea. I love neon colors in the summer and but dark colors work for me all year round!

  187. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    a soft red
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  188. Ballet Pink

  189. Michelle Fosnaugh says

    Pink or light blue

  190. Anything with a flakie!

  191. Krazekatlady says


  192. hot pink!

  193. Rebecca Peters says

    I love blues and bright pink

  194. pink, mint, violet!! spring is in the air!:)

  195. I love gray

  196. I always go for a red, blue based usually… that or a nude color. Tried the Revlon Nail art’s and the Nude color was a fantastic match!

    -Chrissy of

  197. Amanda Lawson says

    Red or any fast drying ones. 😀

  198. Jessica Rose says

    I usually go dark! So Black or Dark Purple

  199. pink

  200. Margie Young says

    Pink !!

  201. Pink =)

  202. shayne livingston says

    ruby slippers

  203. Bright pink

  204. sparkly pink

  205. Peach/coral.

  206. Melanie Elizabeth Dauterive says

    I like bright pink
    Melanie Montgomery

  207. Derek Timm says

    I don’t use nail polish I am a guy, but my girlfriend loves blue!

  208. I like reds and pinks

  209. Heather Garcia says

    Usually a orange color

  210. Holley Bugg says

    Sugar & Spice is my goto currently, which is a pink color! I’m an equal opportunist with my nail colors…i like to wear them all 😉
    Thanks for the chance to win & Good Luck to All!

  211. Michelle W says

    My go-to is silver

  212. Silver is the color I use the most.

  213. metallic blue-green

  214. For me, it’s OPI red

  215. I don’t wear any but I paint my two daughters and wife’s nails and I always go for a fun blue sparkle polish…

  216. Julia Goldberg says

    My go to is sparkly reds and purples. love sparkly colors

  217. HSingMama says

    My go-to color is red

  218. Goldfinger OPI Skyfall series right now.

  219. peggy rydzewski says

    I am drawn to the mauve colors

  220. Teresa Koedyker says

    I love pink. Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  221. usually it’s the pinks

  222. Dawn Monroe says


  223. Lisa Pecora says

    Gold is my go to color

  224. kathy pease says

    I love pink

  225. Jennafer211 says

    I like to wear bright pink. Thanks!!

  226. jandsfox_143 says

    I like purple

  227. A nice wine color!

  228. A nice orange!

  229. Black

  230. I love blue colors.

  231. I love medium pink the best.

  232. pink

  233. Turquoise or baby blue

  234. Howard House Reviews says

    i’m into mint and blush right now!

  235. Anitra Elmore says

    Right now, green!

  236. I always go to pink!

  237. Rebecca Parsons says

    My favorite colors for nail polish are pinks.

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