How to Get Katy Perry’s Grammy Nails

Katy Perry's Grammy Nails


Did you watch the Grammy’s tonight?  This was the 55th annual Grammy Awards and the biggest trend this year was smokin’ hot nails.  Katy Perry looked to celebrity manicurist, Kimmie Keyes, for help completing her red carpet look.  While I wasn’t a big fan of her dress {I can’t help it, I like modesty!}, I did love her nails.  Kimmie  created her nail design with an affordable brand we all know and love, Sally Hansen.


To get this dreamy nail design at home, use Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in Pink Pong on the nail and Gem Crush Nail Color in Big Money under the tips.

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  1. I can never get my nails to look like that. They are always smudged!

  2. Pretty! I don’t paint my nails often because I use my hands so much with typing and the like, the polish always gets destroyed. But this would look good as my pedicure, heheh! 🙂

  3. Brett Martin says

    So pretty! I with I had talent w nails

  4. wow I never thought to use nail color UNDER the tips. But won’t it not show through b/c of the pink on top? Or do you not extend the pink all the way to the tip of the nail? I am learning a LOT about nail art from you! 🙂

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