How To Clean Crayon Scribbles

How to Clean Crayon Scribbles


This morning was like any other morning; my kids were up at 7 am, breakfast, TV, playtime while mommy cleans and checks emails. While I was cleaning the kitchen from breakfast I noticed the kids were being really well behaved. (That should have told me right there they were not!) Instead I thought little about it and kept on with the dishes. After the dishes I went to my next spot to clean which was the living room. The kids have a table and two chairs in there that they sit at to eat meals and draw. The table was covered in black crayon. I was a little upset and told them both that’s not how we played with crayons and cleaned it up. (Soap and warm water did the trick.)


Five minutes later I walked further into my living room, where it turns into my dining room, and noticed that the time out bench was out of it’s place. I turned it right side up to put it back where it belonged and what did I find…..BLACK CRAYON! I was very upset at this point! They both got time out and we again talked about how we play with crayons. Then I went on with cleaning (soap and water again got the few marks off).


As I am turning around from putting the time out bench back what do I find??? Their slide (that usually looks like it is brand new) COVERED in black crayon marks!!!! I was furious! The WHOLE slide is covered and I am not sure how to get it out! My soap and water trick from earlier did nothing! I am freaking out because I cannot get the crayon marks off and this was a present to them from their Nana!


I wracked my brain, searched the net, and asked friends… I was told many tricks that may have worked but nothing I had here at my home! Finally, one of my fans on my Facebook page, Infant and Toddler Mommies, said baking soda and water! They said to make a thick paste; take a clean damp rag, and SCRUB! The slide was completely clean in fewer than 15 minutes!!!! Oh and while I was scrubbing my kids had to sit in floor and watch me until I was done. They tried to get up a few times but when they realized how upset I was they sat patiently and watched.


One big thing I learned out of this: MAKE SURE TO BUY WASHABLE CRAYONS!


PS: I later found large crayon marks on their bedroom door and still have not located the black crayon.


This post was contributed by my friend, Linda. She’s a busy mom of twins who always has a smile on her face. I feel blessed to know her!

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  1. Awh, the joys of motherhood!!! It’s interesting now when I look back because I did the same thing to my mom with the crayons… It’s such a frustrating thing as a mom but such a fun thing for the kid!!! Keep up the good work Linda, it looks like you are doing a great job!!!

    • I don’t remember horror stories of me going crazy with the crayons. There were plenty others though…me cutting my hair for example! I’m curious now though, I’ll have to call my mom and ask. 🙂

  2. Jessica Clemons Frey says

    Keep up the good work Linda!!!! Your doing a great Job and thanks for the post..ill keep this in mind…

  3. I have crayon/pen marks all over the furniture now, I will try this baking soda trick, thanks for sharing!

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