Pur Water Filtration System Giveaway

Pur Water Filter

Pur Water Filtration System for your faucet – Review and Giveaway!!


I’m glad to be teaming up with some fabulous blogging friends of mine to host a giveaway.

A Pur Water Filter System giveaway to be exact!


Here’s Another Cent Saved’s review of the Pur Water Filtration System:

I recently received a Pur Water Filtration System with extra filter to review, and I have to say I’m very happy with the system. Pur water filtration system is a natural water filtration system! The water is cleaned by the activated carbon microfilter. It is then filtered over natural minerals (not some chemical ) to improve the taste. So all you are left behind with is crisp, clear and refreshing water as the filter removes over 99% of many substances from you tap water. Our families are worth it 🙂


Alright, here’s your chance to enter and win a Pur water filter of your own.  Good luck!!


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  1. We drink a lot of bottled water in my house. I’d like to win the pur water filter and save some money.

  2. This would really help save money. Our water doesn’t taste very good and PUR is a trusted brand.

  3. Our water is poor quality and it’d be nice to have good water from the faucet instead of using bottled water.

  4. I would love to have it to have cleaner water that tasted good unlike my city water which tastes like a swimming pool.

  5. I would love to win this because we are a family of 7 and we are constantly buying bottled water in our house because they don’t last and we had a Britta filter pitcher but it was too small for our house size and it ended up breaking … We need and would love this filter please. Thank you

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