Banana Boat’s New Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion Review & Giveaway!

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When I hear the name Banana Boat I immediately think of their Dark Tanning Oil that I used for many years.  I loved the stuff!  My mother has never believed in sunscreen.  Sure she would put it on me as a kid as I cringed and complained {I hated that greasy feel!} but every year after I got a tan she didn’t see any need for it.  I kept this idea until I married my husband who has a history of melanoma in his family.   He’s very cautious of the sun…and rightly so!


Since we’ve been married I’ve pretty much avoided the sun.  My husband is a fan of Banana Boat’s spray on sunscreen.  I admit that it’s handy in that it’s quick to apply and I can take it with us on an outing and not have to worry about it leaking in my bag.  Honestly though, I’ve never tried it.  I keep hearing my mom’s voice talking about the negative effects of sunscreen.




Now that summer is here and I need sunscreen for my little girl I’ve been reading labels like a mad woman.  Researching words I can’t pronounce.  All in hopes of finding a safe sunscreen for her sensitive skin.  When Mom Central approached me about a campaign for Banana Boat I was all on board!  Get it?  All on board?  Ha!


Banana Boat Natural Reflect

I was not only able to research Banana Boat’s new Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion but also try it out myself.  Banana Boat said that this lotion “contains 100% naturally-sourced mineral sunscreens with proven protection against sunburn and prevention against long-term skin damage”.  Sounds pretty great, right?  They have a sunscreen formula for adults, children, and babies.


Banana Boat Party


Banana Boat didn’t just give me a bottle of sunscreen, I was given enough supplies to host a Banana Boat party!  We enjoyed a cookout with our friends; we chatted while the kids played in the pool, tossed a Frisbee, hit a t-ball, played in the sprinkler, and played with bubbles. They had a blast and we could rest assured that they were safe from the sun!




Here’s a little more about the about Banana Boat’s Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion:
•  100% naturally sourced mineral sunscreen active with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide!
•  Oxybenzone free!
•  Paraben free!
•  Gentle on sensitive and delicate skin
•  Proven effective against sunburn and to help prevent!long-term skin damage
•  Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
•  Water resistant
•  Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation


Banana Boat doesn’t want people hiding indoors {like I was doing}!  To get families out and playing together they’ve created a fun 101 Days of Summer Play activity guide.  If you go to Banana Boat’s Facebook page you can pledge to play and download their activity guide.  To learn more about the Banana Boat brand you can visit


My thoughts:


I’ll admit I was very hesitant to try to the sunscreen because I had awful flashbacks to the goopy film, also known as sunscreen, that my Mom would put on me as a kid.  I have to say that this new Banana Boat wasn’t bad!  It took longer to rub in than regular lotion but I suppose that’s normal of any sunscreen.  After a few minutes I couldn’t remember I had put it on!  My little girl doesn’t mind it and my husband gives it his approval.  If you’ve tried it already, what are your thoughts?


If you haven’t tried it yet, how would you like to?


Banana Boat Giveaway:


One lucky Embracing Beauty winner will receive a Banana Boat kit!  To enter fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!
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I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of BananaBoat® Sun Care and received a party kit to facilitate my review, party kits to give to my guests, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  7. Our favorite outdoor activity is swimming! Saw this product on display as I was rushing through wal mart yesterday. We desperately need to find a sunscreen that doesn’t cause 2 of my boys to break out in hives. Even the sensitive skin stuff has not helped. We use all natural body lotions after each bath and my boys do fine. I think a natural product like this is exactly what we need. This review was perfect timing for me!

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