Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

It’s that time of year again- the beginning of summer, which means lots of barbecues, graduation parties, beach trips, and of course, Father’s Day. It’s coming up this Sunday, which means you have a little less than a week to get everything together for your husband, father, or other important man in your life. So what to get Dad on a tight schedule? Here are some great last minute gift ideas!


1. Tickets to a Sporting Event

Does your Dad or husband love sports? Then tickets to a baseball or soccer game would be a perfect gift! (Bonus points if you also love sports and would accompany him to the event)! There’s nothing quite like a relaxing day at the ballpark, so give your man the gift of sports. Throw in some team merchandise, like a jersey or baseball cap, to add even more value to the gift and help Dad show his support for the home team. If you’re worried about tickets taking too long in the mail, many websites have a print-at-home option that will give you tickets in hand in 30 seconds.


2. A Solid Watch

WatchEvery man needs a versatile, stylish, yet classic watch that can be worn for both work and play. Look for a great mid-range watch that will stand up over the years yet also be affordable for you. Deep Blue watches, like the one pictured right, range in price from about $200 to $700 and are noted for their incredible durability. Invicta is another superb brand in that price range. Shop around online at sites like ShopNBC to gauge prices, read reviews, and ensure a quick delivery. No matter what watch you decide, Dad is sure to relish such a thoughtful and useful gift!


3. Golf Equipment/Attire

Golf clubGot a golfing fanatic on your hands? There’s no better place to shop than a retailer like Golfsmith, where you can get golf clubs, apparel, and anything else he’ll need on the course. Indulge his inner golf pro with a unique gift. If you have siblings, see if they’ll go in on a new set of clubs with you to give the ultimate golf gift.


Whatever you choose, your father or husband will be sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort behind any gift. But if you’re quickly running out of time and ideas, try one of the above suggestions for an unforgettable (and quick!) Father’s Day present.

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  1. all very good choices! I am always at a loss for good Father’s Day gifts! 🙂 You know what my old church used to give the dads? A dozen gourmet bagels and cream cheese! LOL – I kinda always thought that was sorta fun in a way though! 🙂

  2. i love that watch!! my husband has one i can’t stand but it was from work and he needs the gps components and he wont wear a diff one. sigh.

  3. Good gift ideas – I like the suggestion of attending a game with your hubby if he’s a sports fan. Taking time to involve yourself in your spouse’s interests is a really fun way to have quality time!

  4. Great gift ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those are great ideas! My husband loves to golf so anything golf related is always a hit with him.

  6. Great gift ideas! I always wanted to get my dad a sporting event pass/tickets. He loves his sports!

  7. Those are some great gift ideas.

  8. My husband would love the golf equipment!

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