Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway! Ends 3/15/12

Dyson giveaway


Update:  This giveaway is now over.  After 103,533 entries our winner is Melissa M.  Congratulations, Melissa!!!


Get a leg-up on your Spring Cleaning and enter to win a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner!


 We have teamed up with some great bloggers to bring you this AWESOME giveaway.  You can win your very own, free, Dyson Vacuum Cleaner!  Good luck!


These are the bloggers who are bringing you this giveaway:


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This contest will run from March 1, at 12:01am EST through March 15, at 12:01EST. This contest is open to the US & Canada. Winner will be chosen at the end of the contest via the Rafflecopter form.

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  1. Any of it!

  2. Michaela R says

    I hate cleaning out the closet/storage closet and sorting through the things we haven’t used or seen within the whole past year.

  3. Kristi Mcmorris says

    I don’t like to clean the outside windows…

  4. Vannessa Kes says

    this is really nice

  5. Kelly Britton says

    I don’t enjoy doing windows or cleaning off the back deck. ugh

  6. robyn paris says

    I don’t like to clean under the fridge

  7. going through clothes and gettn rid of stuff that i dont wear or cant wear anymore and the same for my sons clothes, we have too many

  8. I hate cleaning the windows, except with my new home they can be cleaned mostly from inside but still don’t like it because of the smears that are so hard to get rid of.

  9. swhitaker99 says

    Cleaning out my closet and drawers. I inevitably end up trying on swimsuits and ruining my day!!

  10. Shana_rose1212 says

    Cleaning out closets and cupboards! UGH! So much stuff…I can never decide if I need it or not 🙁

  11. Sarah W. says

    Spring cleaning chore I don’t like to do… Wait — what’s Spring Cleaning??? =)

  12. traymona says

    I don’t like cleaning windows or closets.

  13. Jennifer H says


  14. karen anderson hodges says

    putting away all the winter clothes

  15. Michelle S says


  16. I don’t like washing walls and ironing curtains

  17. Deena Vanbergen says

    I hate window cleaning!!!!!!!

  18. Jennifer Fox says

    I would love a Dyson

  19. Stacynorris says

    I don’t like any of it.

  20. Shannon M says

    Washing the walls

  21. Gina Avila says

    How about any of it?

  22. Debbiefitcher says

    I don’t like cleaning windows!

  23. Becca9916 says

    Putting away winter clothes & bringing out/washing spring clothes – takes forever!

  24. Michele Behlen says

    I have a lot of collectables, junk that cllects dust. Spring cleaning means moving it, dusting it and putting it back.

  25. cleaning out the garage!! so much seems to accumulate over the winter!!!!

  26. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    Cleaning the basement is my most hated chore.

  27. shelly sawicki lash neuhouser says

    Cleaning out the garage

  28. Washing the windows and curtains.

  29. Sandra Unangst says

    I hate to dust, it’s a never ending job.

  30. A better question – wait Spring Cleaning chore do I like to do? lol
    I’d have to say anything involving a toilet is high on my list of least favorites.

  31. Cbiksacky says


  32. M Valmonte says

    CLEANING OUT MY WARDROBE!! I don’t want to part with it

  33. I don’t like washing the windows and screens.

  34. Jennifer B. says

    Digging in and cleaning out closets…and even worse, cleaning under my desk.

  35. i dont like cleaning windows

  36. I don’t like dusting at all! Especially in the spring when all of the allergens are out and when I’m dusting I usually end up sneezing a bunch! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  37. Alison Bowen Flores says

    I hate the dusting!

  38. Stefanie Gladden says

    I hate cleaning out my closet!!

  39. Lilnursejen says

    I hate dusting!
    Jennifer Marie
    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

  40. I hate windows!

  41. Cleaning really isn’t much fun, but I’m sure vacuuming would be better with a dyson.

  42. Linabeana1 says

    Just finishing my first trimester has put me way behind on all cleaning. This spring cleaning will be especially bad b/c we just remodeled the basement and I get to fight with drywall dust all season!

  43. Asia moore says

    i hate cleaning out the closets and putting away winter stuff

  44. I hate cleaning the baseboards. It seems endless.

  45. I don’t like to do any spring cleaning

  46. Kristinaschmidt says

    washing window screens and cleaning closet floors. :/ But, when spring comes to MN it’s worth it! 🙂

  47. Ashley N. says

    I hate doing any outdoor work… that’s why I have a husband!

  48. Gabriela McNiel says

    The spring cleaning that i don’t like so much is shampooing the carpets, but it is something i really need to to with 4 boys in the house! : )

  49. Heidi N Garin says

    Cleaning to top of ceiling fans!

  50. Heatherbicknell says

    Cleaning out my closet and dusting ceiling fans.

  51. Heather O says

    Windows and Blinds

  52. Cristyannie says


  53. Dani Coons says

    washing the walls

  54. We don’t have Spring in Florida, hence NO SPRING CLEANING. Doors and windows have been open all winter this year. However my vacuum died last week. The old retired vacuum just doesn’t pick up the dog hair very well.

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