How to Get Wavy Hair

My hair is as straight as a board so I’m always looking for a new way to curl my hair.  It may be because it reminds me of summer but lately, I’ve been in love with the wavy look.  There are about a million different ways to curl your hair to achieve wavy locks but this five-step process has proven to work the best for me.

1. Use a curling iron that gets really hot.

2. Wrap hair around the curling iron and away from your face.  Don’t use the clamp and hold it there for about 15 seconds.

3. Repeat this all over your head using small sections of hair.

4. Spray hair with a shine serum that has a little hold or a light hairspray that adds shine.

5. Scrunch hair to mess it up slightly so your curls look natural and not perfect!

Give it a try and let me know what you think or if you have any wavy hair suggestions please feel free to share them!

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