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If you’re new to Swagbucks, you must be new to this site.  I’m always raving about them and jumping up and down to tell you how awesome they are!  But if you happen to be new to my site or haven’t signed up for Swagbucks yet despite my urging,  I have a free promo code that may convince you to sign up right now!  New members normally get 30 free bucks for signing up and when you add that to the promo code AUGUSTBONUS (50 bucks) you’ll get 80 free swagbucks!  This bonus code ends  Friday August 12th at 8:59pm pst.

If you are wondering what Swagbucks is all about I’ll give you a quick overview.  When you use Swagbucks as your search engine you earn points (swagbucks) which you can later redeem for gift cards (Starbucks, Amazon, Paypal, etc).  You only need 450 swagbucks to receive a $5 Amazon gift card!  Don’t forget you can earn 3 easy bucks daily just by answering the daily poll, opening the survey tab (no need to participate unless you want to take the time to earn more), and share Swagbucks with at least one person through the Share & Earn tab.  You can also earn extra points by watching videos, shopping online and playing games on their site.   I earn around 10-20 bucks daily for using my search engine but I don’t know if that is above or below the average.

If you have a second you can read my Swagbucks: Get Paid to Search Online post for more details and to see what big ticket item I paid for using my Swagbucks!

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