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I first saw IntelliGender when I was shopping at Target for a pregnancy test.  I thought the idea of predicting your baby’s gender sounded fun but there was no way it could work.  I went on and forgot about it until I was asked by IntelliGender to review and giveaway a free test to my readers.  I was excited!  I felt like my doctor had me wait forever to find out my baby’s gender so I couldn’t wait to try IntelliGender.

I thought it would be fun to take even if it ended up not being correct.  My husband on the other hand thought it was a complete waste of time.  He KNEW that it was a boy and nothing was going to change his mind!  He kept saying that it has a 50% chance of guessing right and a 50% chance of being wrong.  The morning after my IntelliGender arrived in the mail I woke up eagerly to take the test.  It took about 10 minutes for the results to be in and *drum roll please* it was a girl!!!  Now the big question is what did my ultrasound said?  It agreed!  We’re having a little girl. : )  By the way, my husband is elated to have a little girl!  He will be wrapped around her little finger in no time.

Does this sound like fun and something you would like to try?  We’re giving away 1 IntelliGender kit to one lucky Embracing Beauty reader.

Check out IntelliGender’s blog for all sorts of baby fun.IntelliGender

IntelliGender Features:

  • Designed for easy home use by expectant mothers who are curious about their baby’s gender
  • Simple-to-use urine test can be performed as early as 6 weeks following the first day of a missed period
  • Retails for $34.95
  • Results Ready In: 10 Min.

How to win an IntelliGender kit:

–   Join the Beauty4Moms community on Facebook (leave your FB display name in your comment).

The above entry is mandatory. If you would like additional entries, you may do any or all of the following:

  • Subscribe to the Embracing Beauty’s email newsletter: Enter your email address here.  All entries will be verified to ensure the email address is confirmed.
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  • Follow @Beauty4Moms on Twitter and tweet exactly the following: I just entered to #win a IntelliGender giveaway @Beauty4Moms http://bit.ly/fGg356 #Giveaway You can do this once per day, just leave a separate comment with your Twitter ID and a link to your tweet in your comment.
  • Follow @IntelliGender on Twitter.
  • Join IntelliGender’s Facebook community.

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Contest Details: Contest ends on 3/2/2011. United States residents only. Valid email address is required. All entries without a valid email address will be disqualified.  Winning email notification must be responded to within 48 hours or that winner will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be selected. Winner will be selected with Random.org. Winner will be notified via email.

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