I’m a #Cinchspiration Team Member!



Yay! I’m a #Cinchspiration team member!  I’m excited to have been chosen to join 49 great, inspirational, and funny women in a journey to lose weight.  Yes, I’m fed up with this left over baby weight and I’m ready to get moving and Cinch it!  Cinch a program by Shakelee designed to help women lose inches and not just weight.  I’ll be documenting the highs and lows of my weight loss journey with you and I hope you’ll enjoy following along.


I’ll be honest, I am completely petrified at the idea of being held accountable for losing inches/weight.  It’s not that Shakelee will be upset with me if I don’t lose X inches by a certain date but if I document the journey for you, you’ll know if I fail.  Heaven forbid you find out that I’m not perfect!  Ha!  You already know that, don’t you?  It’s just a bit of extra pressure motivation to stick with it.  Nervous or not, I’m going to do this.  The process will be documented, you will see embarrassing pictures, and you will hear details about my life that you never knew before.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to laugh with me and find a bit of inspiration to reach your goals too.