Wedding Money Saving Tips

I’m excited to announce that my best friend was recently engaged.  Yay!  Even though I’ve been married for a little while now I still enjoy looking at the different wedding accessories out there.  I think there’s something in women that makes us love weddings, big or small, formal or informal.  We love the thought of true romance and a couple having happily ever after fairy-tale bliss, don’t we?

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Sometimes planning your own wedding, however, can be more stressful than delightful.  My husband and I had a short engagement and a small wedding so I didn’t have the months of planning headaches that some women do.  Even with a small wedding there is a lot of things to take into consideration.  Finding a wedding planning book is a great place to get started.  Once you have it you can fill your mind with a ton of cake, dress, table decor, and wedding invitation ideas.  Not to forget, the newly popular wedding websites!

My friend and her groom-to-be are trying to stay within a small wedding budget {as I’m sure most people are today}.  She’s gone to bridal shows and has been discouraged by the different numbers quoted to her.  She was told that she should expect to pay anywhere from $20,000-$30,000 for a simple church wedding.  I don’t know about you but that number seems very high to me!


What do you think?  Does that sound like a reasonable amount to spend? Do you have any good tips for saving money on a wedding or honeymoon?  Thank you in advance for any ideas you have to share with her!



Cake image is from WeddingCakeZone.  Dress image is from TingBridal.